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Period wheels (1963-1976)

In those days, there was a good choice of both wheels and tyres in 12 in. diameter, because not just Imps, but Escorts and Vivas used them, too. 13 in. were used by Cortina, Anglia, etc.


Boler, David & Co.



Cobra logo


Cobra Supaslots 

Cobra Automotive Products Ltd.
Heslop, Halesfield 23, Telford, Salop, England

1975: 5 x 12; 5½ x 13; 6 x 13

Cosmic Car Accessories Ltd.

Cosmic Mk2 road wheel 5x12   

Cosmic Mk 2 road wheel

material: die cast aluminium alloy (L.M.25); heat treated (W)
wheel sizes: the 12 in. diameter comes in a variety of widths
range: 1971: 5 x 12"; 5½ x 13"; 6 x 13"; etc.

In 1971 Cosmic continued to be the leading brand. A 1971 advert said: "The Cosmic Experience stems from 7 years of pioneering in the manufacture of aluminium wheels, exacting laboratory tests and road tests far in excess of any likely road, rallying or racing conditions. Cast in our own foundries. Designed for performance and peerless good looks - by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts."


Dunlop Company Ltd.
Wheel Division
Coventry CV6 4AA

Avaliable from Dunlop tyre distributors like Marsham, Briggs and Gorrills

Dunlop alloy wheels Formula D1  

Formula D1

Dunlop Formula 'D' wheels
Material: light alloy

From a Febr. 1971 advert. 
Dunlop alloy wheels Formula D4   

Formula D4

Dunlop Formula 'D' wheels
Material: Alloy/steel composite
From a Febr. 1971 advert.
Dunlop alloy wheels Formula D1 style B  

Formula D1 style B

Dunlop made alloy wheels in 1971 (and also a wide range of steel and wire wheels).
Dunlop Formula 'D' wheels
material: light alloy

70s: Dunlop make 75% of production car wheels in England. Rubery Owen (known from their 'Rostyle') make most of the others.


Exacton alloy wheel    Exacton (Aluminium Bronze Co.) was still fairly new on the wheel market in 1971, though they were already making a name for themselves.
size: 5½ in. x 13 in.
material: alloy
Price: £ 8.7.6d each

GP Speedshop

GT Wheels & Accessories



1975: 5 x 12; 5½ x 13


1975: 6 x 13


Mamba Developments

Midland Metallics

Midland Metallics Mk1   

Mk 1

So new in January 1971, that they had still no name, apart from a 'Mk1' .
size: 5 x 12; 5 ½ x 12; 5 ½ x 13; 5 ½ x 14;
material: aluminium alloy
Price: from £ 10.10s

Mill Accessory Group

Mill Accessory Group - GT rim   

Mk 3 GT

The Mk 3 GT rim. (here with a three stud fitting for Renault)
material: alluminium

J.A. Pearce Engineering Ltd.

Magna Mk.1  

Magna Mk.1

Size: a.o. 5½in. x 12in.; 5in. x 13in.; 5½in. x 13in.
Complete with chrome nuts and caps. No spacers required.

1966: John Pearce used to work for Warwick Car several years ago. He then moved first to Cooper's and then to Lawrence Tune.
Working as a welder, he built the Le Mans Deep Sanderson for Chris Lawrence, and later put together the Twinny-Mini. Then, a few years back, he decided to go into business for his own and almost from the start has tended to specialise in wheels and tyres.

At the 1966 Racing Car Show Pearce introduced a new range of his own cast-aluminium Magna wheels, and these are forming a major part of the business today.

One of the production sidelines is cheap but good glass fibre body parts, also for the Imp.

J.A. Pearce, Magna   


Used widely in racing.
material: magnesium alloy (therefore use special nuts when fitting)


Radbourne Accessories

Revolution Wheels


1975: 5½ x 13; 6 x 13


1975: 5½ x 13; 6 x 13; 6½ x 13; 7 x 13; 7½ x 13;

Ton Tyres

Ton Tyres wheels

Tech Del Ltd.

Tech Dell Minilites   


material: magnesium alloy (therefore use special nuts when fitting)

range: covers most cars.


Weller Racing Wheels

Weller steel wheel 5x12    Weller steel wheel
size: 12 in. x, 5 in. width

Les Weller of Weller Racing Wheels: an Imp can take 6 in. wide wheels without any bodywork modifications necessary.


1975: 5½ x 13; 6 x 13; 7 x 13



Wide wheels & big boots ! / Mark Cole. - Hot Car 1971, Febr. - p.39-42

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