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A Rootes special accessory
Kit 324/2

Fitting instructions for

Luggage Compartment Lock Kit


This kit has been specially designed to replace the original remote control assembly. Record the key number on your vehicle documents. Replacement keys are available through Rootes Dealers.

Open the luggage compartment lid and remove the spare wheel.

Release the trunnion at the release lever and disconnect the inner cable.

Unclip the cable at both the bonnet closing panel and at the wing valance.

Undo the retaining nut and withdraw together with the shakeproof washer.

Feed the cable into the car interior, remove the special retaining washer and retain. Remove and discard the original cable.

Now open out the original hole in the bulkhead to take the increased diameter of the new locking handle body. It is essential to have a flat at the bottom.

It is now necessary to make an elongated hole in the luggage compartment closing panel, as shown in the illustration and also to drill a 1/8 in. (3 mm) hole in the release lever.

Remove the nut and washer from the new locking cable assembly and offer the cable into position, feed the cable into the luggage compartment, place the special washer into position to retain the parcel shelf vertical wall.

Now feed the washer, shakeproof washer and nut on to the cable and secure the assembly to the bulkhead.

Retain the cable in the wing valance and the closing panel clips and secure the inner cable with the original trunnion. It may be necessary to dress up the end of the cable and also to open out the hole in the trunnion.

Fit the spring as shown, test the operation of the remote control and the function of the lock.

Refit the spare wheel.

Fit the lock, Fig. 7342

Kit 324/2


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