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A Rootes special accessory
Kit 315/2

Fitting instructions for

Heater Blower

Disconnect the battery.

Remove the front grille panel.

Disconnect the air hose at the air box.

Remove the adaptor ring and discard, save the four nuts, spring washers, and the gauze. Clean around each hole to ensure a good earth connection.

Offer the blower into position together with the gauze and secure with the original nuts and spring washers.

Shorten the air hose 4 in. (10 cm.), bind the hose with masking tape to prevent fraying during cutting.

Refit the air hose and secure with the original clip.

Route the green cable with the harness and through the bulkhead grommet to the car interior.

Fit the blower switch panel below the parcel shelf rail, the outer side to be flush with the end of the heater casing, as shown. Drill two 3/16" (5 mm.) holes in the parcel shelf rail and two 1/8" (3 mm.) holes (No.31 drill), in the heater case. Fit a fixing over each hole in the rail and secure the assembly.

Connect the green cable from the blower to the upper terminal of the switch. Now connect the short cable between the other terminal of the switch and terminal 4 of the ignition switch, or extend (if necessary) and connect to the centre section of the Auxiliary Terminal Block.

Fit and secure the switch.

Reconnect the battery, start clock (if fitted) and test the blower.

Refit the grille panel.

Reconnect battery and start clock (if fitted).

Blower switch panel, Fig. 7906


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