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A Rootes special accessory
Kit 338

Fitting instructions for

Auxiliary switch panel, switch and monoplug

This accessory is similar to the switch panel provided for the blower switch. Each will accommodate two special switches, Part number 1800546; and a 'Monoplug' socket (Capacity 8 amps.), Part number 7105063. Extra plugs are available under part number 7080162, (See separate instructions with each accessory).

To fit the panel

Offer the auxiliary panel into position on the left-hand side of the heater, (right-hand side on L.H.D. models), so that the outer edge is in line with the side of the heater casing.

Mark the parcel shelf rail and heater casing for the securing screw holes.

Drill two 3/16 in. (5 mm.) holes in the parcel shelf rail and two 1/8 in. (3 mm. ) holes (No. 31 drill) in the heater case. Place a fixing over each hole in the rail and secure the assembly. (Take care when drilling heater casing not to penetrate inner metal).

To fit the switch
(Part number 1800546)

Connect the cable from the accessory to one terminal of the switch. Connect one end of the feed wire to the other terminal. Offer the switch into the appropriate aperture and secure with the wave washer and nut.

Io fit t he 'Monoplug' Socket
(Part number 7105063)

In order to add the socket to the auxiliary switch panel, it is necessary to pierce the finisher panel.

From behind mark the rear face of the finisher panel and cut a 7/16 in. (11 mm.) hole.

Remove the nut and washer, offer the plug and cable into position and secure.

Electrical connections

Disconnect battery.

Special instructions are included for connections to the plug, these should be carefully followed.

Route the monoplug cable via the main harness and grommet to the luggage compartment and connect to the Auxiliary Terminal Block group with the brown feed lead, No. 3. (Right-hand side viewed from the front).

To gain access to the terminal block, first remove the luggage compartment trim, refit on completion.

Connect accessory switch feed(s) to the appropriate terminal group. (See separate instruction issued with each accessory).

Reconnect battery and start clock (if fitted).

auxiliary switch panel; blower switch panel. Fig. 7105


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