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Badge Bars

Badge Bars

Chromium Plate finished and designed to carry a number of badges for which suitable clips are also available.

A   Super Imp; Chamois; Chamois Sport; and Sunbeam Imp Sport £1  16   0
B   Imp de luxe £1    5   0
Badge clip (screw fitting) £0    3   6
Badge clip (pillar stud fitting) £0    5   3


These incorporate a central hard rubber contact section, affording additional protection.


Set of 4 £3  15   0


Available for fitment to either L.H. or R.h. door pocket in neat black finish and fully adjustable. Gives additional comfort particularly on long journeys.



£1  19   6
fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

For added safety a neat and efficient fire extinguisher is available in three sizes. Supplied with all necessary fixing clips.

4 oz. £2   5   0
8 oz. £3   0   0
16 oz. £4   5   0


Aftermarket Rootes clock Aftermarket Rootes coil Aftermarket Rootes headlamp Aftermarket Rootes sidemirror

Popular Motoring of October 1973 says on page 44 that Chrysler dealers had a left hand auxiliary panel available for the standard Imp. This is DBJ 24C outfitted with one:

left hand instrument panel by Chrysler
mm   Zell-em
New Type anti-mist panel
May be removed and refitted
Silver surround
Instructions for fitting panel in English, Français, Nederlands, Deutsch, Svenska
mm   Genuine Parts & Accessories
Anti Mist Panel
R.T.P. Act S.25
Made in Britain

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