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Part Numbers

  1. Engine and auxilliaries
  2. Transaxle and gearchange
  3. Carburettor
  4. Carburettor controls
  5. Petrol system
  6. Electrical components and dashboard miscellaneous
  7. Clutch and controls
  8. Front suspension
  9. Brakes and controls
  10. Steering
  11. Rear suspension
  12. Wheels
  13. Saloon body and fittings
  14. Coupe body and fittings - see also saloon
  15. Van and Husky body and fittings - see also saloon
  16. Special accessories

1. Engine and auxilliaries


part no.  description

CHC	  cyl. head rebuilt to lead-free spec	to order  POA*

Valve gear

part no.  description

PFP8622	  cup inlet valve spring std
PFP8625	  cup exhaust valve spring or sport
PFP8438	  cotter valve stem
7050151	  dual spring sport valve set of 8
7050151	  dual spring sport valve single
7050151	  spring sport valve inner only
7054094	  guide valve
7054204	  seat insert inlet valve
7100045	  Mkl inlet valve
7100046	  Mkl exhaust valve
7100308	  inlet valve spring cup late
7100465	  valve inlet MklI
7100466	  valve exhaust MkII
9207019	  circlip valve guide

Cam and timing chain

part no.  description

7100057	  camshaft timing sprocket
7100058	  lock washer sprocket
7100066	  chain tensioner spring pin
7100072	  chain runner-damper plate
7100073	  chain tensioner shoe runer
7100157	  camshaft L6 and sport
7100235	  stud-dowel for camshaft bearing cap
7100261	  timing pointer
7100325	  cam carrier locating dowel
PFP8629	    washer thick for camshaft sprocket
PFP8626   bolt camshaft sprocket
PFP8617   shoe chain tensioner
PFP8610   lock washer chain tensioner
	  bolt to block

Pistons, rings etc.

part no.  description

7054040	  gudgeon pin early
7054140	  gudgeon pin Sport
7054041	  gudgeon pin late
PFP8420	  L6 HC pistons std complete with rings
PFP8421	  compression ring std
PFP8421/1 compression ring right-hand side ?
PFP8421/2 compression ring right-hand side ?
PFP8423   scraper ring std
PFP8423   scraper ring right-hand side ?

Crankshaft and bearings

part no.  description

7054045	  b/e bearing shell set std
7054045	  b/e bearing shell set right-hand side +.040"
7054056	  thrust bearing pair std
7054056	  thrust bearing pair right-hand side +.005"
7054050	  main bearing shell set std
7100017	  starter ring gear only
7100105	  b/e bearing cap lock washer set of 8
7100441	  flywheel complete with starter ring gear
7100631	  b/e bearing cap (conrod) bolt
77054264  crankshaft
PFP8578   main bearing cap bolt


part no.  description

1228004	  flame trap, black
7080144	  domed nut for oil filter canister
7095018	  distributor and oil pump drive gear late
7100121	  dynamo rear support bracket
7100184	  special thick washer for crank pulley
7100254	  cover and filter for oil pump early
7100218	  distributor vacuum pipe
7100239	  air filter std
7100280	  oil breather cap
7100298	  dynamo adjusting bracket late
7100312	  Solex manifold late
7100327	  Solex inlet manifold drain pipe
7100394	  oil filler cap (sealed)
7100592	  metal breather tube between flame trap
	  and Solex MkII
7101038	  hose, air cleaner to flame trap
7200771	  oil pressure gauge to block connector
7100882	  plug oil way
7100325	  dowel
7100458	  union oil drain to head
9077675	  Dowty seals for 7100458
79214001  drain tap
S24/G16   3/8" dowel crankshaft/bellhousing ?
PFP8465   thermostat 88 degree
PFP8621   pin distributor drive ?
PFP8707   stud long manifold clamp or
	  sport oil filter block
PFP8708   stud short manifold
PFP8709   dowel head/manifold
PFP8597   stud 7/16" short
PFP8584   7/16" stud oil pump to block
	  could machine to fit cam carrier


part no.  description

7080036	  seating ring for std air filter
	  (early cardboard type)
7095000	  timing cover
7100062	  oil filler to cam cover
7100158	  hose to block union
7100367	  head Payen type
7100367	  head Reinz type
7100416	  thermostat housing
9107026	  timing cover "o" ring
9102085	  crankshaft oil seal pulley end
VGR106	  cambox
PFP8169	  manifold
?	  "o" ring head gasket
PFP8155	  oil pump to block
PFP8156	  sump
PFP8623	  valve spring cup
PFP8624	  inlet valve spring stem seal
PFP8706	  asbestos thick solex to inlet manifold

Aluminium castings and related misc.

part no.  description

7010086	  oil filler neck,
	  early no breather tube
7100012	  cam cover
7100741	  sump late
77054265  cylinder head L6
EMB1	  engine mounting bush, reconditioned
PFP8580	  timing cover

2. Transaxle and gearchange

Gear change etc.

part no.  description

7102163	  clip for gear shift knob
7102263	  gear change under-floor dust excluder
7102373	  spring for gear lever rubber ball
NB1	  gear lever replacement nylon ball
7104070	  stud holds clutch release bearing
	  yoke clip to transaxle casing
7104075	  ring dowel for transaxle housing
7104133	  inspection cover
7104220	  spring ring for inspection cover
9107099	  "o" ring for inspection cover

Bearings and shims

part no.  description

7104007	  shims pinion head bearing 0.003"
7104006	  shims pinion head bearing 0.005"
7104045	  roller bearing inner race input shaft
7104076	  shim pinion tail bearing 0.003"
9133160	  tolerance ring for muff sleeve
9192003	  taper bearing main shaft reverse end
9192118	  differential assembly output inner bearing
9196029	  roller bearing input shaft

Gears, washers, bushes and synchro hubs

part no.  description

7104012	  1st gear early
7104023	  2nd gear
7104034	  28 tooth 3rd gear early MkI
7104037	  4th gear early
7104091	  reverse gear
7104156	  washer 1st speed 0.092" (red)
7104157	  washer 1st speed 0.094" (white)
7104158	  washer 1st speed 0.096" (blue)
7104159	  washer 1st speed 0.098" (yellow)
7104160	  washer lst speed 0.100" (black)
7104161	  washer 1st speed 0.102" (green)
7104166	  washer 4th speed 0.219" (yellow)
7104167	  washer 4th speed 0.217" (black)
7104168	  washer 4th speed 0.215" (green)
7104203	  synchro pring cap for spring/ball type
7104207	  27 tooth 3rd gear early
7104218	  baulk ring (early ?)
7104287	  synchro hub an sleeve 1/2nd speed late
7104288	  synchro hub an sleeve 3/4th speed early
7104293	  reverse pinion on input shaft
7104295	  reverse idler late
7104351	  2nd gear late
7104353	  4th gear late
7104370	  1st gearlate
7104374	  3rd gear late
7104431	  synchro hub an sleeve 3/4th speed late
77050208  bush 4th gear

Shafts and pinions

part no.  description

7104047	  threaded stud connects
	  primary shaft to input shaft
7104049	  primary (clutch) shaft for
	  bush type spigot
7104051	  input shaft very early
7104208	  input shaft early
7104416	  input shaft late


part no.  description

7095009	  interlock plate late
7104078	  reverse gear plunger
7104184	  selector detent spring
7104285	  1/2nd selector fork assembly (late)
7104286	  3/4th selector fork assembly (late)
7104327	  reverse selector shaft late
7104463	  reverse lever late

Differential and output shafts

part no.  description

7104107	  tab washer differential assembly crown wheel
	  bolt to carrier
7104114	  differential assembly inner adjustment deeve
7104125	  differential assembly output shaft nut MkI
7104390	  splined output spider late
9207031	  circlip dng lock for splined sleeve
9107043	  "o" ring for differential assembly ?
9107089	  "o" ring for differential assembly shaft
9205009	  circlip for differential assembly output gear MkI
9207098	  spring ring for differential assembly adjuster sleeve

Aluminium castings and misc

part no.  description

?	  reverse gear cover no breather
GMB1	  Gearbox mounting bush

3. Carburettor

part no.  description

7080074	  cover for bi-metal coil on
	  auto-choke Solex
7080080	  pump membrane
7080174	  Solex fuel pump control rod
7080335	  Stromberg quadrant return spring
	  front carb
7080396	  Solex choke spindle late
7102723	  Solex throttle return spring

4. Carburettor controls

part no.  description

7095020   inner throttle cable MkI
	  with no clevis at front
7096077   choke inner wire cable
7102596   gasket MkI accelerator cable
	  aluminium abutement to car body
7102772   cap for choke operating lever
	  MkI and Van

5. Petrol system

part no.  description

7102223	  tank outlet pipe adaptor union
7102229   gasket early filler neck
	  flange to body
7102583   filler cap (which?)
7102805	  petrol-filler neck early
	  screws on to front panel

6. Electrical components and dashboard miscellaneous

part no.  description

1800176	  switch lighting type 575A
5039493	  lamp type L691 gasket
5059885	  brush set spring and lucar
	  for 16AC alternator
7080041	  fuel gauge Roote
7080050	  side-indicator lamp gasket
708005B	  numberplate lens glass Van
7080058	  rear number plate lamp gasket van
7080092	  inner speedo cable screw-on (length?)
7080093	  bulb holder for early dashboard lights
7080196	  R/H front side lens early
70B0198	  L/H front side lens early
7080199	  L/H front indicator lens early
7080463	  speedo MPH Chrysler
7080465	  fuel gauge Chrysler .
7100154	  spark plug lead terminal cap
7105027	  dip headlamp switch Rootes saloon
7105103	  battery lead, +ve earth to earth (Mk I)
7105199	  L/H side-indicator lamp assembly
	  (black - kit car)
7105328	  fuel gauge Stiletto
7105436	  interior lamp body late
71271994  R/H side-indicator lamp assembly late
71271995  L/H side-indicator lamp assembly late
7210880	  micro switch rev light on L6
75066180  R/H side-indicator lens late
77080522  lens screw-on stop-tail
77080523  lens screw-on orange
77080525  R/H side-indicator lamp body late
77080530  fuel tank sender unit late
77080539  felt pad - can be fitted in place of the upper steering bush; it has more positive fit and is permanent
K26168	  number plate lens glass Stiletto
VRP102	  oil premure switch

7. Clutch and controls

part no.  description

7102667	  pedal return spring
7100131	  5½" MkI clutch cover assembly
9163306	  reservoir pipe 24.5" long
9163454	  reservoir pipe 29" long
CC1	  re-conditioned 6½" clutch cover,
	  exchange, specify type
CP1	  re-lined 6½" clutch plate, exchange, specify material
	  asbestos or asbestos free
??	  release-bearing

8. Front suspension

part no.  description

7080003	  retainer spring lower to shock absorber
7102065	  bolt shock absorber
7102068	  bush inner wishbone pivot
7102102	  nylon hub drive for speedo cable
7102104	  rubber seal for hub end of
	  speedo cable
7102106	  hub complete with whed studs
7102325	  nut holds hub and bearing to shaft
7103494	  bracket wishbone inner pivot and
	  steering rack mounting
7103635	  pair shock absorbers van
FSB4	  re-manufactured front suspension bush	soon

9. Brakes and controls

part no.  description

1801568	  fluid reservoir
5042678	  0.625 master cylinder repair kit late,
	  also fits clutch
7080019	  wheel cylinderfront R/H std
7080026	  seal front cylinderto back plate
7080281	  wheel cylinder front R/H van
7080014	  front brake pull-off spring
7080016	  rear brake pull-off spring, top
7102055	  brake drum
7102146	  handbrake ratchet
7102147	  handbrake pawl
7102148	  handbrake operating button spring
7102149	  rivet for handbrake lever
7102155	  handbrake cable adjuster spring
7102251	  pedal return spring
7103201	  L/H handbrake cable early with brackets
7103202	  R/H handbrake cable early with brackets
9003045	  bolt back plate to front stub axle
FBS4	  front brake shoes axle set reconditioned
	  asbestos or asbestos free
RBS4	  rear brake shoes axle set reconditioned
	  asbestos or asbestos free

10. Steering

part no.  description

7102110	  lock plate, tie rod bolts on rack
7102118	  bolt, tie rod to rack
7102119	  plate, tierods, bolt link
7102123	  bush, tie rod, rack end
7102319	  clip holds MkI 'Hillman' etc. badge
	  on steering wheel centre
7102538	  gasket columnto toe flange
7103354	  left-hand side (long) drag link
7103662	  upper steering bush - has been deleted by Talbot early 1987. See: 77080539
7103664	  plastic steering column cover upper late1
7103676	  R/H steering arm 0.5" UNF thread
SSKP2	  Stainless Kingpin axle set

11. Rear suspension

?	shock absorbers rear, pair
7080002	spline drive shaft, wheel end
7102037	rubber insulator spring top
7103560	spacer tube for rear wheel bearings late
RSB4	re-manufactured rear suspension bush

12. Wheels

part no.  description

7095001   thin trim for 4Jx12 (MK I) wheels
7102606   thick trim for 4.5x12 wheels
7103402   sport wheel trim (which?)
71239807  wheel stud late

13. Saloon body and fittings

9178589 CLIP FOR ABOVE '6        
7204072 DOOR-WINDOW OUTER        
9130041 CLIP FOR ABOVE '6        
7206695 GLASS RUN each        
7206696 Door top        
7204126 Bonnet Front edge        
part no.  description
7080083	  mirror stem
7080242	  mirror head early
7210086	  mirror head clamping collar
7080234	  ¼ light hinge pin
7080372	  mirror stem Chrysler
7096069	  ashtray early Super
7100741	  engine mount bracket upper part of transam supplied separate
7200013	  L/H headlamp mounting yoke
7200015	  headlamp mounting bracket stop MkI
7200170	  windscreen washer 'T' piece
7200342	  over-rider less rubber L4
7200364	  engine cover chrome rubbing strip
7200455	  door hinge
7200762	  over-rider complete N.America and Spring Special
7200861	  plug button Rootes fascia (?)
7200935	  ashtray later Mkl Imp and Super facia top
7201463	  L/H petrol tank support bracket
7202508	  cover, pedal unit, early
7202530	  bonnet release mounting bracket
7203338	  bracket R/H front bumper early
7203339	  bracket L/H front bumper early
7204000	  bonnet hinge
7204019	  number plate surround moulding R/H
7204031	  escutcheon black plastic for
	  door handle
7204045	  engine lid buffer round rubber grommet
7204052	  window regulator R/H 1970
7204059	  door striker L/H early
7204072	  door outer seal to glass
7204113	  bonnet lock return spring
7204117	  rubber retainer for bonnet stay
7204127	  pin holds interior door handle
   rear window staying hinge; new type
Somebody showed these new type staying hinges to me on his car. But I forgot to ask the proper name as well as the price as well as where to shop for them.
7205018 gasket behind rear hatch lock assembly 7205034 escutcheon chrome engine compartment handle 7205056 R/H front chassis rail and bracket late 7205057 L/H front chassis rail and bracket late 7205064 bracket front chassis rail R/N late 7205065 bracket front chassis rail L/H late 7205133 windscreen rubber late 7205172 handle interior door late 7207394 handle winder late 7207404 engine lid stay late 7207463 door lock incl. remote control (early) L/H 7207464 door lock incl. remote control (early) R/H 7208019 MkI small moulding between edge of windscreen valance and front wing 7208020 number plate surround moulding L/H 7208133 end cap moulding R/H Chamois front grille 7208134 end cap moulding L/H Chamois front grille 7208292 ashtray support bracket and heater MkI and MkII Chamois and Chamois Sport 7208930 ashtray 1969 saloon 7209136 R/H-bezel for twin headlamp 7209137 L/H bezel for twin headlamp 7209211 ashtray, 1969 models 7209274 pressed aluminium 'Hillman' letter badge with black back 7209274 R/H moulding Imp Sport front panel (Stiletto ?) 7210018 ashtray late Rootes 7210305 panel grille Rootes Super 72240550 door striker R/H iate 72240551 door-striker L/H late 75063838 washer 'T' piece L4 75243737 washer operating 'nipple' 77096059 ¼ light glass R/H saloon late 77209079 glove box lock Chrysler 77211427 L/H window regulator complete 77211890 cable assembly bonnet release 77211996 part of tailgate lock chrome body 9034097 fastner for engine lid rubbing strips, nut only ? 'Hillman' aluminium full-width front moulding Chrysler ? assorted door cappings etc. for Rootes cars ? assorted mouldings ? Front Grille panel ? left-hand side front wing ? right-hand side full sill ? right-hand side rear chassis member with brackets H89382 locking ¼ light handle R/H H89383 locking ¼ light handle L/H K23792 pin l/4 light handle RG1 Rear hatch complete with glass, hinges and handle

14. Coupe body and fittings - see also saloon

7210587   ashtray for Californian

15. Van and Husky body and fittings - see also saloon

7204111   bonnet lock return spring
7206355   tailgate lock assembly
7210130   rear bumperbracket
7211153   red/blue heater quadrant

16. Special accessories


7100703	  auto to manual choke conversion - Kit 432: Auto-choke override very early
7103727	  temp gauge Chrysler
7200355	  heater blower Kit 315/2
7200368	  bracket for heater blower switch installation / Aux. switch panel, switch and monoplug Kit 338
7200472	  Rootes rear ashtray
7200497	  bonnet lock with cable / Luggage Compartment Lock Kit 324/2
7200546	  auxilliary terminal block


5058891	  rectangular auxilliary driving light
	  unit only
7102438	  seat belt anchorage plate early
7104302	  dual control clutch pedal for driving school
	  (can be used to repair standard pedals)
7200455	  solid air duct early heater intake
7211207	  heater matrix Mk I with bleed tap
7211226	  heater knob (extended type)
77102308  wheel trim
18005646  blower switch


Abbreviations used:

O/S or R/H	offside = right-hand side of car
N/S or L/H	nearside = left-hand side of car
Sport		twin carburettor engine fitted to Sport an Stiletto
std		'standard' engine, i.e. MkI, MkII or MkIII but not Sport
van		van or husky

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