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Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois models. Deeply dished 15 inch wheel gives maximum comfort behind the wheel and much improved vision. The wheel is lighter than the standard fitting.

Avanti wheels are manufactured from deeply polished high tensile aluminium alloy to aircraft standards. A beautiful natural mahogany rim is bonded and rivetted to the aluminium frame for maximum comfort and appearance.

wood rimDia. Type Price
Imp/ Chamois15"D/DL G.31£9 9 6
leather coveredDia. Type Price
Imp/ Chamois15"A.54/L£9 9 6
Imp/ Chamois13"K.54/L£9 9 6
1st Sep. 1965

All our wheels can be fitted in minutes and accept the standard manufacturers fitments.

Competition wheels
To meet demands of the serious competition driver all wheels can be supplied with a special non-reflective black anodised finish to the spokes and boss - Price extra 30/-

Manufactured by:
Frederick Butler & Son (Medway) Ltd.
35 Watts Avenue
Rochester, Kent, England



Sidewinders by Frederick Butler, 29s. 6d. per pair
Castles (CUD), walnut veneer facia and door fillets - £8 12s. 6d.

Castles (CUD), hinged, padded armrests in washable, hard-wearing black plastics - £1 17s. 6d.
 Cosmic deep dish steering wheel
Cosmic deep dish steering wheel - £6 19s. 6d.

Castles Unit Development (CUD)

An advert in Autocar of 2 Oct. 1964 shows designs by Castles Unit Development Ltd. from Church Gate, Leicester


Cosmic Car Accessories

Cosmic Car Accessories list a range of accessories for the Imp less concerned with performance, but very handy to have nevertheless.
The range includes:

office address: Bridgeman Street, Walsali, Staffs. Most speed and accessory shops stock their equipment.

Mada Accessories

Mada Accessories made an Imp dash panel, advertised October 1973.

Impanel Mada accessories

Motor Books and Accessories supply a range of special equipment for the Imp, including their own MamBa exhaust manifold and silencer, a range of American Iskenderina camshafts, Appropriate Formula steering wheels and their new MamBa car seat.
Address: 33 St. Martins Court, St. Martins Lane, London, London W.C.2.


Motortune (of Kensington) could supply a special Imp steering wheel with a wood­rim.

J.A. Pearce Engineering Ltd.

J.A. Pearce Engineering Limited (March 1967) sold Magna wheels for the Imp 5½ x 12in., complete with chrome nuts and caps; no spacers required. Leather steeing wheels. And Glass fibre panels: Imp bonnet lid £6; Imp boot lid £5.
10 Western Road, Southall, Middlesex

Ross Racing

Ross Racing made a rally seat-cover, which covers the Imp as well as other makes.
Address: 264 Belsize Road, Kilburn High Road, N.W.6.

jets farther forward

An electric washer conversion with new jets fitted much farther forward.


Imp Improvements. - Cars & Car Conversions 1966, September

Make the most of your Imp / Brian Smith. - Popular Motoring 1973, October. - p.44-45
vinyl roof; striping; extra lights; wing mirrors; grille; camber conversion; lowering; wider wheels; bucket seats; smaller steering wheel; auxiliary instrument panel; rear window heater; reversing lights'bigger carb + manifold; oil cooler; removing engine lid handles; felt underneath mats; washers; door trim; felt in engine compartment; pedal position; choke


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