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Richard Haste and his friend Tony Whitehead used a Hillman Imp to build their own GT, because:

At the time the Hot Car article was written, there was one runner - the white WH Imp in the photos, and the second was being built - it was estimated to be rolling by February 1971. A third was planned: a more spartan lightweight WH Imp, to be used in Hill Climbs and Sprints. Plus they had an intention to market bodies and chassis.

The body is glass fibre. The moulds were formed on a wood and plaster mock-up model. The engine cover is 18 SWG aluminium.

Hours of work   January - July 1970  
Constructing the body   ?
Money spent   ?
Weight   ?
Speed   ?
Dimensions   ?
Chassis   a strong space frame, constructed from 1 inch square tubing, which is nickel-bronze welded. The floor panels are from marine ply, skinned with glass fibre, both for added strength and resistance to water, stones and muck.  
Shock absorbers   Spax
both height and camber can be adjusted by means of spacers inserted between the springs and the seatings  
Carburettion   standard Imp?
Exhaust manifold   standard Imp?
Doors   ?
Windscreen   Viva HB 
Side windows   3/16th Perspex 
Lights   ?
Tyres   Avon low profile crossplies
wheels: 5.5 in. x 2 in. steel
The body can take 13 in. diameter wheels for racing.  
Camber   ?

Imp suspension; standard rate springs; Imp drum brakes with anti-fade lining at the front;
Normal Imp engine and transmission;  

Imp steering was modified to make it adjustable for rake.
A univeral joint has been fitted into the column to allow an adjuster bracket of the type sold for Minis to be fitted to give whatever angle is required.  

Whitehead - Haste Imp special - the interior   Instrumentation comes from the Imp Sport. All the dials are right in front of the driver.
Whitehead - Haste Imp special - the back   Behind the two seats is an extensive luggage platform.

The 5th door lifts (the engine cover and window) to allow access to both the luggage and the engine compartment.

Whitehead - Haste Imp special - front compartment   The radiator is placed up front, along with an electric fan. The radiator is a special cross flow, made by Marston Radiator Services. It uses 1 in. diameter copper piping to carry the coolant from the rear mounted header tank.

Cooling air is taken in through the nose and then ducted out through a slot just in front of the windscreen.

Whitehead - Haste Imp special - rear view   VHE 586H

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Improvers ! - Hot Car vol. 3 (1971), no. 11 (February). - p.58-59
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