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The Scrimp / the Cub

The car was built by a company called Wilkinson Automotive Developments in Hertfordshire in 1965-66. It was commissioned by Alan Fraser with the view to producing a production sports car built from Rootes bits. Apparantly Alan Fraser had commisioned several prototypes at this time, his chosen car was designed by Tom Killeen (the K9?).

This is what Neil Beadle (Colchester, England) told me [21 June 2011]. He is looking for more information about this Imp-based prototype car a friend of his built in the mid 1960's.

He answered my questions and gave me permission to put these photos on my site for the purpose of gaining information.

Scrimp was a nickname given to the car by Mr Wilkinson, it was never an official name, I don't think the car ever had a proper name.
Yes, Mr Wilkinson who built the car is a very good friend of mine.
Mr. Wilkinson had a small number of staff working for him at the time as far as I know. I will ask him for more details when I see him next.
The car was delivered to Mr. Fraser as a non runner, as far as I know. One of his engine people made the engine run backwards as the Imp engine and box was reversed in the car (i.e mid engined instead of rear engined).
The car has a steel monocoque chassis with aluminium panels.
It was British Racing Green.
The wheels I think are Hillman Imp, although I may be wrong. The rear lights were Hillman Hunter. I think the brief was to use as much from the Rootes parts bin as possible. I will ask Mr. Wilkinson more about where the parts came from when I see him.
Mr. Wilkinson and I would love to know what happened to the car. It does seem as if no one has heard of it.

  The Scrimp - Wilkinson Automotive Developments 1965-1966
  The Scrimp - Wilkinson Automotive Developments 1965-1966

Robin Human says [August 2011]

  1. Mr Fraser referred to this car as the 'CUB'.
    Robin supposes this was because it was Alan Fraser's small car project compared to his other 'Monster Tigers'.
  2. Robin believes the car ended up in Tenerife along with some of the Imps / Tigers.
  3. Robin has a diary of John Barton's, mechanic in Alan Fraser's employment. It describes in detail the work he did on this car, including visits to Mr Wilkinsons workshop to assist with the initial build.
  4. The car was delivered to Fraser's as a rolling shell with numerous major design errors, which were rectified by a gentleman by the name of John Barton.
  5. John Barton completed the car after it was delivered to Mr Fraser.
  6. When completed it was test driven by Ray Calcutt around Hildenborough in Kent.
  7. Guess who is allowed to borrow the diary ;-)
    It will be a while before I get my grubby little hands on it (after Beaulieu).
    Ah well, plenty left to do.


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