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Martin Ogilvie's Imp based special (WAD 256J) is a plain two seater, designed by himself. He made some scale models first.
He used the Imp mechanicals of a written-off Hillman Imp van; rebuilt engine; modified suspension; normal Imp cooling, but with a Kenlowe electric fan.

The worst head-ache of the whole project was dealing with the local licensing department to get it registered.

Hours of work   1000, over an 18 month period
Constructing the body   nearly 8 months
Money spent   £ 450
Weight   10 CWT exactly
Speed   0 - 50mph in 9.5 sec.
Dimensions   length: 11 ft.
width: 56 ins
height: 41.5 ins.
Chassis   a combination frame/ monocoque made from inch square tubing with a centre section constructed from bonded and riveted aluminium sheet in the form of a pontoon hull
Shock absorbers   adjustable Armstrong
Carburettion   twin SU carbs
to be replace by 1.25 Strombergs along with a higher lift camshaft
Exhaust manifold   four branch
Doors   alloy ? aluminium?
doors need strength to take the hinges, locks and the framework for the windows
Windscreen   Triumph Gt6
Side windows   Perspex
Lights   4 dipping QI headlamps
Tyres   Dunlop SP 68 radials
Camber   a bit negative


Ogilvie GT rear   The Imp engine is kept at its original 45° tilt. This allows for a striking design above the rear decking.  
Ogilvie Imp special interior  
  • Padded leather-cloth with dark blue seats and door trim
  • All the instruments are heavily cowled
  • Tachometer right in front of the driver
Ogilvie Imp special - front compartment   The complete front section of the body hinges forward to give access to the fuel tank, hydraulic cylinders and suspension units.
Ogilvie Imp special - nose   The original idea was to fit twin radiators at the front. But this would require a change in de body line, the normal rear-mounted radiator was used.

Retractable pods were considered, but seen as an unnecessary complication.

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Improvers ! - Hot Car 1971, February. - p.58-59
2 Imp Specials. Here's two readers who like their GT power Imp shaped

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