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Philip Robinson built his own Imp-engined car. The sportscar was finished in 1994. He used it in December 1997 for the Le Jog Rally: Lands End to John O'Groats. In four years it did 20,000 miles.

For the chassis he used a backbone type of a 1966 Triumph Spitfire, which he stripped and shortened. This he fitted with his own outriggers and lightweight tubular spaceframe, and a modified suspension.
The alloy body he fabricated with the aid of a wheeling machine.
A Chrysler Sunbeam donated the engine and the gearbox. The 930cc was rebuilt by Ray Payne of Hartwell to 1040cc. He also fitted a Sport cylinder head and an R20 camshaft. The several other modifications include twin 40 Webers. The gearbox (Avenger-based) was given close-ratio gears by Malcolm Anderson.

Through the gears:
1st: 40mph
2nd: 70mph
3rd: 90mph
4th: 120mph

FOG 47D: Birmingham C.B.C., 1966

(Impressions January 1999. - pp. 24-25)

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