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Pulsar 2

Mirage Pulsar 2

1978 -

    Pulsar 2

Just after the Mark 2 Centaur had been launched, it was passed into the hands of Mirage. And Mirage Developments of Biggin Hill in Kent changed its name into the Pulsar 2.
Imp engine and running gear were the standard option, although Ford and Mini units were offered. It had 2+2 seating. And it was overall more practical: it had conventional doors and a rear window, albeit a three-quarterlight. Its windscreen was from a Vauxhall Ventora. It was well made and drove pretty well, too.

OBD 966P: Northamptonshire C.C., 1975


Mirage Developments Ltd.
Pulsar 2 folder
  pulsar 2 folder front
Pulsar 2 folder, the inside  

For The Individual

Pulsar 2 is a dream car - the sort of fabulous styling exercise that gleams from the covers of glossy magazines and draws crowds at the shows and in the street.

That's the first thing you notice about the Pulsar 2, the sensational styling.

But there is more to it than that - much more.

Pulsar 2 is designed for the individual, hand-built and tailored to each customer's requirements.

So from the moment you slide into the tailored, deep contoured seat, fasten your harness and accelerate away, you and your Pulsar 2 become a single unit.

You will feel the car respond to your touch as firm support, finger-tip-switches, immediate response from the arm length wheel combine with superb road holding and acceleration to provide a new dimension in motoring.

And the envious looks make even a traffic jam an ego boost!

But quality is important too, and Pulsar 2 aims for the highest standards in style, perfor¬mance and pleasure It means a luxurious interior and solid exterior. It means 100 + mph performance and 50 mpg economy.

Above all in kit form it means a jig drill chassis, all mounting points fitted, no exotic hard-to-obtain parts. It means we take the trouble to ensure you enjoy building your Pulsar 2 as much as driving it.


Basic Kit   comprising GRP/steel monocoque bodysheil, boot, bonnet, doors, windscreen, side and rear screens, Tunnel cover and all suspension and engine mounting points.       Engine
  Chrysler Imp 875cc or 998cc.
Front and rear suspension units from Chrysler Imp.
Price   £550 including all taxes.       Wheels   Front:-10" Dia.
Rear.-13" Dia.
    Various accessories and optional extras are available. See attached price list.       Steering   Modified Chrysler Imp unit.
    Further work will be carried out to customer's requirements upon request.       Dimensions   Wheelbase
Front Track
Rear Track
Overall Length
Stop Press   PU LSAR 3 now available,
identical to PU LSAR 2 except a restyled boot/bootlid in louvred design and incorporating two extra airscoops Also, FORD conversion kit enabling a Ford engine to be used instead of Imp to be available soon.
(with 875cc enginel
  Max. Speed 100 + mph.
Fuel Consumption 45-55 mpg.

Mirage Developments Ltd. reserve the right to change proces and specifications at any time without prior notice.

Mirage Developments Ltd.
47 Melody Road
Biggin Hill, Kent
Ide Hill 450

Mirage Pulsar 3

Pulsar 3   

A Pulsar 3 existed: it didn't have the rear seats nor the rear window. It too was standard based on the Imp, but Ford and Mini based kits were available.

It had a sloping tail and the hatchback opened in one piece. The front end remained the same.

In 1980 (1979?) Pulsar was passed on to MR Developments ltd. in Trowbridge (Wiltshire), but in 1982 already it was killed off. Some thirty were made.


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