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In Modern Motoring and Travel of February 1964, the Hoverbout is mentioned on page 9 in an article called 'The Second Sport':

Family sized verion of the Hovercraft, the Hoverbout is powered by a standard Hillman Imp engine. Built by C.E. Clark (Cowes) Ltd., it was on view at the Boat Show. 16 ft. long and 10 ft. wide, it will cost about £ 1,500 when in production.

The show would have been the International Boat Show at Earls Court.

It says: "The inboard engine is often a converion of a well-known car engine, only complicated by such additional devices as pumps, special cooling and exhaust systems." The 3½ page article makes no further mention of the Imp engine.

Rootes Marine at Maidstone made inboard as well as outboard engines.

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