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October 19999 Spadge Hopkins of Cottage Classics Ltd asked me if I had ever heard of a Blimp. He said it is a front engined 50s racer replica with Imp power. Lola nose and Cooper rear. Steel monocoque with Aluminium nose and tail.
I said something like "yeah yeah, sure sure" but he insisted. He said he'd send me a picture and I said "you do that". I'm sure he thought I was incorrigeable - he did not bother to send a photo. ;-)

Then, February 2000, Saiki Wada sent me a message telling me again of a Blimp. He describes it as follows:

It looks more less like a Lotus 11, Lola Mk1 or perhaps a Bolwell.

The car was neither finished nor road registered, and it still needs completion. But generally it is built in a high standard.
I believe someone already spent a fortune on it. Most of the movement parts are using rose joint and the brake hoses are aero-equip strainless stuff. The one off body panels are of high quality and must have been expensive to build!

As far as I know:
A man in Scotland started building this Blimp, intending it to be a kit car production. He never finished it and then sold it to the next owner.
The second owner carried out some work to make it a hillclimb racer, but gave up. (I managed to trace this man, but he didn't remember exactly where or whom he bought the car from.)
The third owner spotted this car, as it had a lot of goodies (such as Midget LSD, genuine Minilites, competition tyres etc...). He took these off and sold them.

The car now has steel wheels and road tyres and a standard Midget axle, but it is still in shape.

Although it was so attractive and sensibly priced, I didn't buy this car... I thought the SVA test will make registering this car difficult. I wanted to use the car both on track and road.

If Mr. Richard Parkins hasn't not sold it yet, he could tell you some of its history: 01773 - 591-281
I don't think he would mind an enquiry - he is in trade.

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