weren't wasting any time
    after nont Sarah's
    Starting  la 'Le Mans'
    Martin at the wheel - 1
    Martin at the wheel - 2
    Wales by night
photos courtesy of:
Speedsports Motorsport Photo Agency
- Ruthin, N Wales

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Mike Marsh & Martin Bristow

LEJOG: The Land's End to John O'Groats Reliability & Touring Trial

Mike Marsh and Martin Bristow participated in the LeJog in their Singer Chamois 1970 and they came first in Class E1.

2-5 December 2000: the 7th LeJog Reliability Trial & Touring Trial
1st in Class E1: Michael Marsh/ Martin Bristow in a 1970 Singer Chamois, 930cc
The catagories are divided by the age of the vehicles, category E means 'models first made between 1 Jan. 1960 and 31 Dec 1967' - Class E1 means Saloons/tourers of up to 1,250cc. The other two cars in the class were an Anglia 105E and Peter Arnold/Richard Murtha's 1970 Sunbeam Stiletto.

Mike: "But we did it... on a reasonable budget, spent the money on the important things, not cosmetics, and just a couple more days preparation time and we would have had that water pump sorted and been very much in contention for a medal. Still, I was specially glad to have proved that Imps can do it, and that the original Imp design was verified.
We had no turbo, disc brakes, front rad, or any of that, almost standard Imp Sport except for the brake linings, high capacity rad and the R17."

LeJog in a Chamois

A letter by Mike Marsh to Tim Haynes' IMPlode, newsflyer of Imp Register Australia !

HERO (Historic Endurance Rally Organisation) runs its LeJog most years. Said to be the toughest motor rally in Great Britain. 1600 miles over 3½ days, very little sleep, etc. etc. You can read about it on the site. 2000 event was Dec. 2-5. Martin Bristow (from Imp Club UK, found on Imps@Yahoo mailing list) and myself entered a 1970 Singer Chamois Sport.

Another pair of intrepid Englishman Peter Arnold and Richard Murtha entered a Sunbeam Stiletto, but unfortunately didn't get past day one. Two M***s were entered, but neither finished the grueling event.

hearing bagpipes   

Martin and I, despite changing the waterpump on a Welsh mountain in the middle of the first night, eventually made it to the finish to win our class. The Chamois became the first Imp to finish LeJog, and Mike the first Australian to finish.

Afterwards the Chammy went on a pilgrimage to Linwood and was photographed on the bare site, which is now in the process of having a new industrial complex built on it.

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