'Tiny' Lewis at Silverstone in 1965

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'Tiny' Lewis

Mr. I.D. or I.D.L.(?) or J.D.L.? Lewis was one of the Works drivers for Rootes.


Tulip Rally; 1964, April 21-23
Tiny Lewis and Robin Turvey drove a Hillman Imp. They retired due to an accident.

In 1964 one of the WesBac Rallies went to the works Hillman Imp of Tiny Lewis and Robin Turvey. WesBac was the combined force of BAC (Bristol Aeroplane Company) MC and Weston-super-Mare MC.

Monte Carlo Rally, 1964, January
I.D. Lewis / D. Pollard started in Paris in an Hillman Imp. They retired due to an accident

RAC Rally (the international rally of Great Britain)

3670km, finish at London airport
Tiny Lewis and Robin Turvey drove a Hillman Imp with comp.no. 18.

Welsh Rally

1964, January 3rd - 5th
1st in class: 'Tiny' Lewis
8th overall: I.D. Lewis / R. Turvey in a Hillman Imp

    'Tiny' Lewis, Scottish Rally, 1965

Lewis' twin-Weber Imp didn't reach Rennes
Road & Track 1964 (v.16) - p.77


Gulf Rally

comp.no. 10 Tiny Lewis/Robin Turvey class 5 Hillman Imp

1965, January 15 - 20; 34th Monte Carlo Rally.
'Tiny' Lewis with no. 124 retired with engine problems.

Scottish Rally

A fine second overall for 'Tiny' Lewis and Robin Turvey in the International Scottish Rally helped to further the growing reputation of the Imp as an effective rally car. This rough forestry track was typical of the conditions encountered on this very tough event.

Grand Touring cars up to 1300cc - 1st: Ian 'Tiny' Lewis, Robin Turvey
Overall - 2nd: 'Tiny' Lewis / Robin Turvey, Hillman Imp 4526 KV with comp.no. 9. 3708 points
And Lewis received the Scottish Daily Record trophy for driving the highest placed Scottish car.
Only 40 of the 102 participants made it to the finish.

Irish Rally / International Circuit of Ireland Rally

1965, 16 - 20th April
One of the Imps on the event - all entered in the GT up to 1300 class - was #15 Tiny Lewis / Robin Turvey

in class up to 1300cc, GT
(14 started, 6 finished, 4 of these were Imps)
2nd: 'Tiny' Lewis
General placement
8th: 'Tiny' Lewis

21st-25th November 1965; 14th RAC Rally

     Lewis and Turvey, RAC Rally 1966

By 1965/1966 the works Imps were becoming increasingly modified. An example was the Imp driven in this rally by Rosemary Smith. EDU 710C was road-tested by Autocar soon after the event.

This RAC was particularly tough. Rootes and only one other factory team out of nine starters finished intact. All three works Imps survived, and Rootes received the manufacturers' Team prize. Due to snow, ice, fog and pouring rain, only 62 out of 162 participants finished.
The three Works Imps in this rally: 4525 KV (Andrew Cowan / Brian Coyle); EDU 710C (Rosemary Smith / Susan Reeves); 4526 KV ('Tiny' Lewis / Robin Turvey).

source: TeamDan:
168 entries, 163 starters, 62 finishers
12th overall, comp.no. 48 J.D.L. Lewis / R.Turvey Hillman Imp class 9; time 579m53

    7742 KV; Ref no. R53138

Tulip Rally, 1965, April 26-30
2nd overall: 'Tiny' Lewis / David Pollard in 7742 KV with no. 36
Both Imps (Rosemary Smith / Valerie Domleo drove the other one) were on standard SP41 tyres (a bit deflated) and took the snow drifts in stride.

Rootes Group P.R.:

International Tulip Rally. 26th to 30th April, 1965

'Tiny' Lewis and David Pollard in their Hillman Imp were placed 2nd overall close on the heels of the outright winners - Rosemary Smith and Valerie Domleo - also driving a Hillman Imp. These competitiors were placed 1st and 2nd in the G.T. Category and 1st and 2nd in the 850 - 1150cc class G.T.

R. 53138


1966, January: 35th Monte Carlo Rally
Up to 1000cc modified production touring cars - 1st: 'Tiny' Lewis / Timothy Bosence in FRW 307C with no. 146

RAC 1966
Both 'Tiny' Lewis and Andrew Cowan had to retire due to transaxle problems.

Tulip Rally, 1966
1st in class (up to 1,150cc , G.T.): 'Tiny' Lewis (Bristol) and Tim Bosence

Scottish Rally 1965
hanging about
The Cork Screw, in between special stages
Scottish pebbles and flint stones 1
Scottish pebbles and flint stones 2
open door
yellow bushes 1
yellow bushes 2

At the start of the Scottish Rally 1965

Tiny Lewis RAC Rally 1965
RAC Rally 1965
Tiny Lewis in Works Imp

7742 KV on display at a dealer

7742 KV - the Imp in which Tiny Lewis and David Pollard came 2nd overall on the Tulip Rally in 1965.
1965 International Tulip Rally
Imp Outright Winner
Proved again

Posted by: Mike and Tich Marsh - permission to publish given (Dec 5, 2009)
Date: Tue Nov 10, 2009

I went to see a young feller-me-lad the other day about fabricating some
works-style footrests for me. [...]

"Hillman Imp", says this lad, "well, I haven't seen one of those for years.
Used to work for someone who drove them for Rootes."
After some conversation, he continued "...and Tiny Lewis lives only over
the hill there"

You could have knocked me down with a feather, as they say. I followed it
up, got a phone number, and rang up last night. Apparently Tiny is still
alive and well - in his eighties now - but doesn't do English winters, so is
abroad till the summer comes. I'm told he isn't usually interested in folks
pestering him to write books or articles and such, but sometimes agrees to
pull out some old photos and reminisce a little with an enthusiast.

Next summer, I'll give it a go.

Mr. Lewis lives near Bristol.

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Non-Imp info

Of the British national races 1953, he won the National Castle Combe [S 1.2, 4th April] in a Cooper Riley, comp.#38. In the National Castle Combe [Handicap, 4th April] he came 3rd.
Then on 3rd August in the National Thruxton [S1.2]+[S1.5] he drove a Riley with comp.#32 and came 2nd in Grp S1.1. Also he had the fastest lap of 114,102 km/h - Winner's average speed: 119,285 km/h.
5 days later at National Silverstone [1.2], he came 3rd in his Riley with comp.#108.

He did the Tulip Rally of 1957 for his club, the Bristol Motor Cycle and Light Car Club (BMCLCC) in a Standard Ten, together with H.A.R. Nash. They came 71st.

In the Alpine Rally of 1959 he steered a Herald to a Coupe des Alpes.

Lewis won his class with works support in the 1960 R.A.C. International Rally (the first that included special stages) in a Triumph Herald 948 Coupe with competition # 156. The original registration for this Herald was TL5, later 8166 DU.

'Tiny' LEWIS and David POLLARD with their works Sunbeam Tiger were first in their class at the GENEVA RALLY of 1964, followed second and third by the two other Tigers in the team.
Tigers in the Geneva Rally, Tiny Lewis, Peter Riley & Rosemary Smith on a video published by STOC in collaboration with Peugeot.