Maus Gatsonides, 1964
Monte Carlo Rally 1964

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Maus Gatsonides
(Gombong, Java 14 February 1911 - 29 November 1998)

Drive safely, be courteous, give your utmost !

With the utmost pleasure, I'm letting it be known world wide that the best ever Dutch rally and racing driver 'Gatso' did once use an Imp !

Maurice Gatsonides competed in approximately 150 Dutch national and over 200 international events, beginning in 1931 on two wheels, continuing for a short period on three, and for many years on four wheels. Some 140 rallies, 60 races plus some 20 hill climbs.
In 1950 he won the small sportscar class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

23 Monte Carlo rallies of which three not finished, one won - 1953 in a Ford Zephyr.

   Maus Gatsonides and Hillman Imp
The Hague, 26 Nov. 1964

Monte Carlo 1964

For the 1964 edition of the Monte, Mr. K.E. van Leur, president of the Haagsche Auto Unie, Dutch (BeNeLux ?) distributor for the Rootes Group offered an Imp. Albert Ilcken (one of the Vredestein tyre company's presidents - the Publicity Manager) had arranged to be codriver / navigator for Gatsonides.

Soon after starting off in Monte Carlo a lot of snow fell, and many competitors were forced to quit. Gatsonides and Ilcken only made 72nd place - still the best Dutch equipe. (Another source states they finished 27th overall - perhaps a confusion with the TR2 in the 1954 Mille Miglia.)

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