Markku & Jukka Kuosmanen
Finnish Winter Rally 1996/1997

M. Kuosmanen bought this 1969 Imp in 1994. It had been unused for maybe two years, but it did have all the required parts and it was ready to race.
Specifications: it has a 998, a twin Dellorto carburettor, a modified cylinder head and an R22 camshaft. The gearbox is a special, with the 3rd and 4th gear modified. The brakes are modified, too: they're larger than standard. It has RAC springs and Koni shock absorbers. The radiator has been moved to the front.
Markku has been rallying every winter since 1994 and he did a few summer events, too. His Imp is not too keen on summer heat, though. He has been doing both rallies and rally sprints. His co-driver is his brother Jukka Kuosmanen. During the winter (Jan.,Feb.,Mar.,Apr.) they race about two races per month if everything is fine with both car and crew. They only do events in the south of Finland.
His is the only Imp he knows of in Finnish rallies. There is Jukka Hankonen's Rallye Imp, but he does the Historic Rally.
In Finnish rally sprint competition there are many Imps (5-10 maybe more); there are also a few Imps in ice-racing and other ralies and races.
(Rally Sprint = where you run your car alone, no co-driver; on only one special stage; and the best time settles the position)

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