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in Historical Competition, the Imp is still doing well. The number of Imps engaged in competition today [Imps at YouTube] is surprising (not!). And it isn't just all in the U.K. either: the Imp is eg. quite popular in Finland.

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Classic racing / Old school racing

Index of yesteryear racing Impers

This is a mention of some more contemporary racing Impers, who race(d) their Imps in present day historic / classic races (say 90s and onwards) for old school cars. These folk presumably are happily publishing their successes on facebook and whatnot. You don't need this site to cheer you on. However, if you feel that it would be nice to get listed on this page (maybe even get a page with a photo), for information's sake, do send me what you think ought to be on The Imp Site. (Find my address on the homepage)

If you send me an address to link to, you implicitly promiss to let me know if the url changes.
Also: if you stop publishing your Imp Racing practices, the information ought to get moved to a page on this site. If you already made the effort to write about it, you may as well let this site use your texts.

  • The Classic Saloon Car Club of Great Britain runs, in conjunction with the British Automobile Racing Club, three separate Championships for Pre 66, Pre 74 and Pre 83 Touring Cars.

  • Castle Combe
  • Donington Park
     - Historic Cars - Historic Sports CC
     - Flockhart and Seaman Trophies - Vintage SCC
  • Brands Hatch
     - Historic Raceday (HSCC)
     - International Historic Superprix - HSCC
  • Silverstone
     - Coys International Historic Festival
  • Croft Circuit
     - Classic Car Meeting / Concourse Festival
     - Classic and Historic
  • Mallory Park
     - Historic Cars - Historic Sports CC
     - International Classic Post TT - New Era
     - Bob Gerrard Memorial - Vintage SCC
  • Lydden - Classic Vintage Practice Day
  • Oulton Park - Historic Touring Cars - BARC
  • Cadwell Park - Historic Touring Cars - BARC
  • Pembrey - The Pembrey Classic - BARC
  • Snetterton - Historic Race Day - MSCC

  • Mosport International Raceway, Canada - VARAC Vintage Festival
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Historic races / Vintage races / Classic races / Old School races

Historic Racing Saloon Register launched a new series in January 1996: Alfred Blackmore or Alexander Forbes Historic Racing Saloon Championship.
Parcipants in Hillman Imps in 2001: Ron Parker; Adrian Oliver; Peter Upton, all in class E.

Nisula Reijo drives a Hillman Imp Rallye (comp. #4) in the HRF Historic-Class Racecars, class D (periods E-F, up to 1300 cc).
Saaristo Jussi does the same in his Hillman Imp Rallye with comp. #9.
Reijo Halonen's Hillman Imp Rallye has comp. #81 (same class)

Tommi Leino finished 8th with his Sunbeam Imp in the Historic Grand Race of 18 August 2001 in the Race 1 Roadsport C with competition number 316. In the second race, the following day, he finished 5th.
In the same race, but in class SS1300 both Ilkka Jutila (#603) and Juhani Jaakkola (#601) participated with their Sunbeam Stilettos. They finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the first race and again in the second race.
Again the same race (oh for to live in Finland...) Jussi Saaristo (#71) took part in the Historic GT/ D class. He drove his 1971 998 Hillman Imp the first day to finish 3rd (behind two Abarths) and on the second day 4th (behind four Abarts). Kari Olkinuora in another 998 Hillman Imp (but of 1964) finished 5th in the first race. Reijo Halonen in his Hillman Imp Rallye did not finish in the first race.

Historic Touring Car Championship

Photographer Toni P1 on Flicker took some photos on Silverstone of the HSCC on May 11, 2008 of four racing Hillman Imps:
no. 1: bright blue, two white stripes lengthwise over entire car; RYF 118E
no. 86: Singer Chamois (1965) blue with grey top; Andy Jones
no. 91: Hillman Imp (1963) red with yellow top; Welsh; Mimilites; Vince Frost
no. 93: white with green top; Singer; name in gold: Graham Martin.
Photographer Albert S. Bite (Martin Alford) took photos of the Silverstone HSCC 'ByBox' on March 28, 2010 of
No. 86; blue Imp, silver top; Andy Jones; Revolutions; Singer Chamois (1965)
no. 91: Hillman Imp (1963) red with yellow top; Welsh; Mimilites; Vince Frost

HRSR: Silverstone GP, 16th May 2010
10 Imps on the grid; 2 Imps did just the Practice Session
  1. Mr Gunton - blue & yellow Imp; class win
  2. Shrigley Engineering - Hillman Imp; misfire; 2nd in class
  3. Simon Benoy - broke down on lap 5; had out-qualified Shrigley in Practice

Silverstone, March 28, 2010
Historic Touring Car Championship
Class winner: Simon Benoy in his 1967 998cc Hillman Imp finished in the Top 10, beating many more powerful cars.
Andy Jones, Shrigley Engineering, 86

Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC): International Trophy, a 13 race meeting
Silverstone, 15-16th May 2010
Historic Touring Car Championship
12. Colin Gunton – Hillman Imp (Class E winner)

Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) Historic Saloon Cars Championship - pre-1966 production cars
Silverstone, October 17th, 2009 (final round)
Class win: Simon Benoy - RYF 118E - bright blue, twin white stripes lengthwise over Imp; 87
Graham Martin, white Imp, green top, 93
Andy Jones; Shrigley Engineering

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