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Hillclimbing is often referred to as uphill sprinting. For both you need a set of wheels (most upwards of 160 sprints in the coming season. Hillclimbs are over in less than a minute and your satisfaction comes from a good neat climb and the keenness of sharp competition.

Bouley Bay


Doune, Scotland

In my deceased guestbook I found [June 2007] a now equally deceased link to a 1:46 min. movie that I enjoyed. The text with it:

GWJ in his IMP at Doune Sept 2006. 1040cc roadgoing Imp, 2 times British Hill Climb Champion, no Predator, but a big grin.


Harewood Hillclimb

Stockton Farm, Harewood Avenue near Leeds
R.A.C. British Hill Climb - Yorkshire BARC championship meeting 10 September 1967 (25th Harewood Hill Climb)


Loton Park


Prescott Hillclimb

A difficult hill in Gloucestershire. Since 1978 it has a spare light and timing channel 64 ft after the startline (very slightly uphill). Anything covering 64 ft in 2 sec.s is equaling the force of gravity (1G).

Hillclimb Imp

The Retro Rides Gathering 2011 at the Prescott Hillclimb, Sunday 21st August 2011 featured a number of guest cars, one of which a red spaceframed Hillclimb Imp:
Kevin Cole's motorcycle engined Imp - very fast, combining super light weight, revvy engine and fantastic handling. This is really a special car!
There's a video on YouTube: Kevin Cole's 1040cc Hillman Imp (

Prescott Hillclimb timings over the first 64 ft. (September 1981)

Special Saloons
up to 1300cc
John Meredith Maguire ImpHartwell 1200 Imp 1.89Only man to break 2 sec.s
in his class
Special Saloons
over 1300cc
Wilfred Powell Mini Cooper 'S'1400 BL2.54 fastest mini
GT and Mod. Sports
over 1300cc
Roland JonesPorsche Carrera 3000cc1.95barely holding off
two other Porsches at 1.96
Racing Cars
over 1600cc
Ted WilliamsPilbeam MP402500 Hart1.76fastest ever recorded


Imp Hillclimbers

Hillclimbing Imp of Practical ClassicsPractical Classics - Hillman Imp on the Rolling Road - Video; Nov 09
some footage from PC's workshop of their Hillman Imp Hillclimb project on the rollers. It didn't do too badly, either...

Hartwell Imp engines:

The Hillclimb & Sprint Association have a magazine: "Sportscene". Steve Wilkinson is a regular reporter.

Hillclimbing at Fintry House, Aberdeenshire, during a round of the Scottish Hillclimb Championships: Aonghus Drummond his Imp; and those of Mike Duncan and Jim Westwater.

During 1966/68 John Nichols used a Hillman Imp, fitted with a Jack Knight close ratio gearbox to compete in sprints and hill climbs. He attended a racing drivers school at Brands Hatch and at Silverstone where he drove aLotus 51 Formula Ford 1600. He was at Silverstone school the day that Jim Clarke died at Hockenhiem. There was a silence throughout the pit/paddock area.
Having tasted a single seater he was determined to change from the Imp.


The Bristol MC promote a sprint at Castle Combe, two at RAF Colerne (quite near Combe) and a weekend of hillclimbs at Wiscombe Park in Devon. Colerne is a wonderful venue...
Mark Chater attends this club's competition in his Imp Davrian and would welcome another Imp nut in the club.

See the YouTube footage at Prescott Hill: p_ejzr5ERPg

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