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Roger Gill

From: Roger Gill
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 12:45:44 +0100
Subject: [imps] Beating the M***s

I was racing at the weekend in a sport called Autograss. I travelled down to Somerset along with Malcolm Cross (York ACO) as my Mechanic, to compete in our National Autograss Championships.
Cars from the UK & Eire do regional qualifying. From that, the top 40 cars from each class, 10 classes with 400 cars in total, compete in the Championship.

When I arrived I was disappointed to find that I was the only Imp to qualify. All the rest, barr a Yugo, were M***s.
The track is a 440 yard oval on grass; and we normally have 5 lap heats.
I won the first heat by at least half a straight.
I also won my second heat, but on a very rough track I was on a damage limitation exercise, and was being pressured on the last lap by the front wheel drive brigade.
On Sunday for the Finals, the heavens opened and the track was awash with mud and splurge, but after 3 restarts I won the 8 lap final by a few car lengths, to beat all the odds with my 1120cc Stiletto.
The second placed driver came over and congratulated me and said that he couldn't get near me due to the fact I sprayed him with mud all the way round. His tear off's were useless and when he lifted his visor, I plastered his glasses as well.
I told them all I was happy to spoil their 40th birthday celebrations and anyway, why use such an old car, with the engine at the wrong end.
Finally I would like to publicly thank Mal Cross for all the help, work and enthusiasm in bringing off what I have been trying to win since 1980. I couldn't have done it without his support, even down to shielding me from the rain in the thunderstorm whilst waiting for my re-run.

Roger (110 BHP) Gill

From: Roger Gill
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 23:35:10 +0100
Subject: Re: [imps] Beating the M***s

Funnily enough our class didn't have a good entry at a club meeting the other week, so they put us in with the class 7's. They are (briefly): rear wheel drive; any engine & box fitted anywhere in the chassis; with unlimited mods incl. super and turbochargers. In both Qualifying heats they handicapped the 7's back down the track some 70 yards. I beat all three M***s and the V8 mid mounted Golf, and twin bike 1100cc Peugeot 205.
In the final they put us all on a straight line start. I thought 'this will be fun' - the track was by now getting slippy due to the rain. I beat the guy in the 205 off the line for about 3/4 of the first straight and then he went flying by, only to overshoot the corner. This went on for the five laps until I managed to open a little gap and take the flag.
Unbeknown to me, this car had won the North Of England Championships at York a few weeks before. So I was really chuffed.
I think that race also prepared me for last weekend.


Motoring News of 11 August 1999 had a short write up about how the Minis were unable to compete, plus an action photo on the results page.

York Club Easter Monday Meeting
Results of 5th April 1999
Class 4   Up to 1130cc, modified vehicles
2nd: Roger Gill (car: YD1)

British Autograss Series (BAS) 1999.
Results up to round four:
1st round
2nd round
3rd round
4th round
: -
: -
: 48
: 60
: 108, which is the 12th position

Roger Gill of the York area centre impers is a very serious autograsser with the Yorkshire Dales autograss club.
He has just put together an 1120cc. Basically it involved a special crank, a head spacer and a block strengthening kit (there is a lot more to it than that, no doubt...). He has only just put it together, but I've heard that he is getting 110bhp at the wheels... So all the mini's better watch out. (I believe that in his class he is now up against the likes of 1400cc mini's, so now desperately needs more power to stay competetive). [Paul Waites, 7 Aug 1998]

Grass track
Competitive Impers
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Yorkshire Finals, 1st July 2001
Scarborough Autograss Club: East Coast Autograss
In class 4 YD1 Roger Gill came out on top after stepping up his challenge after he had been using the meeting as a test day for forth coming events finishing in front of Y12 Alan Parker.
In class 4 Y12 Alan Parker and Y30 continued where they had left off after YD1 Roger Gill pulled off with Alan taking the flag 1st with S66Y John Higgs in 3rd.

British National Autograss Sport Association Ltd.

Class 4
This is the smallest capacity modified engine class, ideal for those who want to squeeze more power than anyone else out of a small engine. The car used must be a Front or Rear Wheel Drive saloon, hatchback, van or pick up. The engine must be of a maximum of 1130cc capacity, be of the type originally fitted to the car and must remain in its original position. There are unlimited tuning modifications allowed.
This is a popular class and consists of mainly Mini's with a few Imps and Fiats. The class is ideal for the latest generation of under 1130cc cars such as the Citroen Visa, AX, VW Polo, Vauxhall Nova, Nissan Micra, Peugeot 106 & 205 Fiat Uno 60, Strada 60 and Rover 111.

27th \ 28th May 2001 - Scarborough
Roger Gill (YD1) won Class 4

14th & 15th July 2001 - North of England
Roger Gill (YD1) won Class 4

Autograss / PetrolHead

Class 4 is a modified class, with engine capacities allowed upto 1099cc. The major battles in this class take place between Austin Minis and Hillman Imps. Both old cars, but nothing since has been built that can compete with the lightness and tuneability of these cars. Any engine modification is allowed, except turbo and super charging. This is a class not for the shallow of pocket, engines are extensively modified to bring them to a competitive level, as a specific of the rules is that the original engine and position are retained.

1999 Dales League Championship final positions, Class 4

  1. YD 1 Roger Gill
  2. YD 67 Peter Brown
  3. YD 122 Richard English
It would have been a surprise if Roger hadn't added to his Nationals success this year.

17th October 1999: Class 4 Final YD1 Roger Gill Y12 Alan Parker WR400 Trevor Frost
12th September 1999: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill YD122 Richard English YD67 Peter Brown
1st August 1999: Class 4 YD122 Richard English, YD67 Peter Brown
17th & 18th July 1999: Class Four - YD1 Roger Gill, Y301 Paul Wilson, YD122 Richard English
20th June 1999. Rash Racing Yorkshire Challenge : Class Four - YD122 Richard English, YD67 Peter Brown
23rd May 1999: Class 4 final - YD1 Roger Gill, Y19 Ian Thompson, YD122 Richard English
3rd May 1999 (Stu Nicholls Memorial Trophy): Class 4 Final - YD122 Richard English
18th April 1999: Class four final - YD1 Roger Gill, YD122 Richard English, YD67 Peter Brown
4th April 1999: Class Four - YD1 Roger Gill, YD67 Peter Brown, NOF.

Need For Speed Northern Challenge 2000, Final Results
(Total points scored from rounds at York, Yorkshire Dales, Whiterose, Scarborough and Solway)
Class 4:

  1. YD1 Roger Gill
  2. Y12 Alan Parker
  3. YD67 Peter Brown

Yorkshire Dales Autograss Club 2000 Results
Yorkshire Open 22 & 23 July 2000: Class 4 Y301 Paul Wilson Y424 Malcolm Bowes YD67 Peter Brown
2 July 2000: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill YD72 Paul Janes
11 June 2000: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill YD67 Peter Brown
21 May 2000: Class 4 Y12 Alan Parker YD67 Peter Brown YD2 Roger Gill
The Stu Nicholls Memorial Trophy Meeting 1 May 2000: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill SN300 Jeffrey Parrish Y424 Malc Bowes
2 April 2000: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill YD72 Paul Janes YD67 Peter Brown
19 March 2000: Class 4 YD1 Roger Gill YD67 Peter Brown YD 72 Paul Janes

Final Results for 2000, Class 4:

  1. YD1 Roger Gill
  2. YD67 Peter Brown
  3. YD72 Paul Janes

2000 British Autograss Series:
Class 4: 7th = Roger Gill (shared position with Neil Griffiths), 48 points
Previous races: 24, 24