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Roger Gill competed in the National Autograss Championships of 1999.

From: Mike Hanna
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009

[...] My history with Imps started when I was at school. I learnt to drive on a Ferguson tractor working on dads farm in Northern Ireland. (My grandfather had the first Ferguson tractor in Northern Ireland, delivered by Harry Ferguson himself). At school my best friends mum had a Hillman Imp Deluxe 1965 in Foam Grey with red trim. My friend and I used to drive it around his uncle's farm. Great fun and so much faster than the Ferguson!!!
I left school and eventually went to Germany, where I got to work on several Imps and I ended up with one, in exchange for work on another. Moved back to England in 1975 (with Imp) and got a job in a garage and got to know the local Imp specialists Imparts.
I helped one of the partners to sort his Autograss Imp into a winner. He won the National class 4 title that year.
I then started to build an Imp for class 2 (up to 1200cc; unmodified). It had a standard 998cc engine with a single Solex carb. The first meeting I went to was an Evesham Autograss Club event. (I was in the Gloucester club). I won both my heats by about ¾ of a lap, and after both heats the scrutineers came over with accusations of cheating, but on checking my car could not fault it. I led the final until the last bend, to come second to an Evesham car by a few feet. I later saw this car in the pits with the bonnet up and on looking at it discovered he was cheating!
I said nothing and moved on to rallying.
The guy who bought the autograss Imp from me won the National championship with it.
More next time. Regards. Mike

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1999: Roger Newbould in a Stiletto participated

Castleton, North Yorkshire, Sept. 1984 photos: R. Faulkner

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