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Keith Dunn
Hydroplane, World Water Speed 1000 cc class record 1978
Hartwell Imp engine

Johnny Gibbons
hydroplane, World Water Speed 1000cc class record 1979, world record 102.19 mph. Fastest run 104.089 mph.
Hartwell Imp engine

   Y Class:
Modified Class - 48ci/850cc/1 litre Modified/1.5-litre Modified

Richard Delsener of Eastpointe, Michigan
Owner of South Paw Y-6: 850cc class hull with Sunbeam Imp engine. Built in 1978 by Lauterbach.
National Champion - 1982
High Point Champion - 1984
World Champion - 1984. In 1984, the South Paw won 17 of 24 events. The last conventional hull to win an APBA sanctioned event in 1994 at Rocky Fork, Ohio.

Steve David
world record holder: Set the record in the Kilos in 1981 in Moorehaven, Florida at 102.257.
Century 21 Special Y-3Steve won over 50 races with Century 21 Special Y-3: a 850 cc class hull with Sunbeam Imp 4 cyl Built in 1979 by Don Kelson & Modern Pattern, Seattle

Harrison Quirk (Hoddy) of Ware, Massachusetts

   Terry Collins, Y-41
Terry Collins in Imp-engined Y-41

Terry Collins The Noone Family
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