Norman Beechey

A factory Imp was imported by Norm Beechey, a top Australian Touring car driver in the sixties. Or perhaps the car belonged to Rootes Australia and they hired Beechey to drive it for them...
The Victorian driver broke a few records with his Imp.


The Beechey Imp

The Templestowe Hillclimb


Sports Car Class up to 1100cc; 1st: N. Beechey
Sedan Car Class up to 1100cc; 1st: N. Beechey

The Hillman Imp shown breasting the rise is no ordinary vehicle. It is the Competition Imp, recently imported from England for use by Norm Beechey, the very successful Victorian driver (who is seen at the wheel). Wherever it has gone, the Competition Imp has caused quite a sensation, particularly at the Templestowe (Vic.) Hillclimb in June (its first), when it broke the existing class record for sedan cars and went on to smash the record for sports cars under 1100 c.c. which had been set 9 years ago by a Lotus. In addition, on its first run on a race track (at Sandown, Victoria) it unofficially broke the track record for its class.
- Chrysler Chronicle



Sports Car Class up to 1100cc; 1st: N. Beechey
Touring Car Class up to 1100cc; 1st: N. Beechey

On Sunday, July 10th, at Templestowe the Beechey Imp won both Sports Car Class and Touring Car Class for Cars under 1100 c.c. by a comfortable margin. During the afternoon, it's times bettered those of famous sports cars, both large and small. Out of 80 competitors, only two highpowered racing cars improved the Imp's figures.
- Chrysler Chronicle

The Beechey Imp wins again

Victorian Hillclimb Championship


Saloon cars, overall - 1st: N. Beechey
Touring Car Class up to 1100cc - 1st: N. Beechey

In the heat of the Victorian Hillclimb Championship at Templestowe on 11th September, Norm Beechey's Imp shattered yet another record. Our photo shows the Imp on it's record breaking run of 56.9 seconds. As well as setting a new record in the 'under 1100 c.c. touring car' class, and in spite of being one of the smallest cars competing, the Imp was fastest saloon car up the tortuous track. Even the most powerful and expensive saloons could not match the Imp's performance.
- Chrysler Chronicle

The car was not raced in the Australian touring car championship nor in the ATCC.