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Red Imp in competition

Nation: Ireland (Eire)
Year: 2001
Text: Hillman Imp - Tulip Rally
Artwork: drawing (crayon?), not a very good likeness
Print: leafs of 4 x 4 stamps
Value: 32; 41 cents Code: 1340 / 43
Catalogue worth: 6 euro

Hillman Imp postal stamp - Tulip rally

Sunbeam Stiletto on a Stamp

Jersey issued a series of stamps commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club. One of the stamps shows a white Sunbeam Stiletto with two Minis.

catalogue number: JER1980 G24; SG 233-237

7 p
9 p
13½ p
15 p
17½ p
Three Lap Event
Jersey International Road Race
Sand Racing Saloon Cars
National Hill Climb

Stamp size
Color & Printing Method
24th July 1980
Anthony Theobald
Imprimerie Courvoisier
36mm x 26mm
Multicolored Photogravure

The designer

Tony Theobald is still designing Jersey stamps. He is a designer from Crown Agents with many fine works behind him. (Crown Agents have produced stamps since 1847.)

According to Jersey Post records, Tony Theobald has been commissioned to design for Jersey Post since 1975 when his first set of Jersey stamps celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA). During 1975-2001 Tony designed 23 stamp projects. He has produced designs for a varied range of subjects, but the bulk of his design work is aviation orientated.

I can't seem to find too much information on sand racing on Jersey. Nor too much on stamp design and how large these philatelic designers start their designs. I wonder what size this stamp started out and if mr. Theobald still keeps it. Wonder where he got his inspiration. I'd like a few photos of sand racing Imps!

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