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Translated Imp
(little devil; small demon; mischievous child)
smådjävul; liten djävul; busfrö; rackarunge
pikkupiru; pieni paholainen
duiveltje; deugniet
Teufelchen; Kobold; Knirps
lutin; petit diable
foletto; diavoletto; bambino foletto
diablillo; bribó; duende; duendo chico; trasgo; nino impertinente
demonio; vento; diabo; ares; menino travesso

In the Roundworld language closest to Llamedosian, Imp y Celyn means 'bud of the holly' - roundworld as in: not Terry Pratchett's discworld.
impactrallycross Imp/ Dodgem Imp
impalea white Imp
impairtwo imps
impartiala neutral imp
impassableMartyn Jones' imp
impassionedan excited imp
impassiveold lady's Imp
impatientan imp that won't wait
impeccablea concours imp
impecuniousa poor Imp
impedimenta blown head gasket
impelleran Imp engine
impenetrablea locked imp
imperceptiblean invisable imp
imperfecta dented Imp
imperialThe Queen's Imp
imperishablea waxoyled Imp
impermeablean Imp which does not leak
imperviousa concrete Imp
implantImp in the garden
implausiblea 200mph Imp
impliedsaying your Imp does 170mph
implode (imp-load)five people in an Imp
implements  an Imp tool kit
impolitea rude Imp
importharbour Imp
impossiblea 300mph Imp
impostera Mini
impotenta slow Imp
impudentshameless Imp (imp-U-dent: rallycross Imp)
impressarioan Imp owner
impressivea good Imp
improvementan Imp with solex carb exchanged for Strombergs
imprudentsecond-hand head gaskets
impunitythe Chief Constable's Imp
nImphoMinihackanything goes

What's an Imp ?
Many people write the Imp's name in capitals: IMP, like you would do were it an acronym. If it actually was one, what would it stand for ? A list of all the bothersome stuff when you're searching the web for information on Imps.

source: Bob Hawes and others

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