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If you don't cover a vast mileage, a limited mileage policy with a classic car insurance may be what you want.

Great Britain

Reputable U.K. companies:

Colin Kirkwood looked at insurance companies and came across one which he thought has a lot of merit: AON Risk Services, Automotive Division This is for classic cars and has the following features

This has all the usual features of guaranteed values and choice of mileage. The quote was only £84. Fully Comp.
Telephone 01384 - 455011
(AON bought Bain Hogg)

Then he went and insured two cars with Lynbrook Insurance on 01704 - 822 661. They bettered the price and the cover was similar including 30 odd days abroad free.


A list of online NL companies can be found at the (third column, at the bottom).

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