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     ARU 616K at Arctic Circle
[Click to enlarge] Supplied by Ed Rhys - Sep 2013

Arctic circle

Crossing the arctic circle in the Swedish/ Norwegian border area - nearest town: Arjeploy, Sweden. Imp de Luxe ARU 616K going places. Rhys Alderley. August 1978.

The map on the billboard is Norrbotten County ('Norrbottens Län'), the topmost county of Sweden

Giants' Causeway

   Hillman Imp Super

Irish Imp Super (register CIB 36) at the Giants' Causeway in Nothern Ireland.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site - Google Maps
Robert Allan:

yes I was there, but I think the car was Grania McKie's. She arranged for us to get special permission to go down onto the Causway. We had 2x cars at a time and the local press from Belfast took photos. It was one of several nice Northern Ireland trips that we did.

Grania Mackie
Fr. 21 Dec. 2012

Just saw my little Imp on
I still have it, although SORNed and a little scruffy looking.
We had some great trips in N.I. with the Imp club.

Tower Bridge, London

London: Tower Bridge    

Rootes Ltd. advertised their service 'Rootes Hire' in the sixties. This photo is from Modern Motoring and Travel, December 1966, under the heading of 'See Britain and Europe the best way - Rootes Hire way!'.

Just telephone Rootes or the Cable office, tell us your requirements and one of the latest Humber, Hillman or Singer cars will be ready for you to drive away on a comfortable, carefree tour of Britain or Europe. Drive yourself or be chauffeur-driven by the hour, day or week.
Costs are moderate and include maintenance and insurance. If you wish, we will meet your ship or 'plane.

And there's the Rootes dealer network in Britain and Europe at your service wherever and whenever you need it.

Best Hire - Rootes Hire

Rootes Ltd.
Abbey Hall, Abbey Road, London N.W.8
Birmingham 3, 90 Charlotte Street
Manchester, Olympia, Knott Mill

Humber Bridge

Sunbeam Stiletto at Humber Bridge  Coming back from Imp 12, from Matlock to the ferry at Hull, we decided to take the slightly longer route via the Humber Bridge. We had a break at the foot on the south side and took some photos.
Sunbeam Stiletto at Humber Bridge  76-10-PN going places.

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