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If you would like to get yourself an Imp, then you should do so. They are terrific little cars!

Initially Imps suffered from troubles with the water pump, automatic choke and pneumatic throttle. But these parts were changed and ever since the car has been reliable. Over the many years it has proved to be a success.

Have no fear about its handling due to the rear engine, because it has been designed really well. But don't vary the advised front wheel camber, or use a tyre pressure less than advised.

Servicing will present no problems for the DIY owner, and no special tools are required.
As for engine work - it does have an OHC and the valve clearances are adjusted with shims. And because the engine is aluminium: do be mindful of the threads as they can be stripped very easily. A torque wrench is a good investment, so you won't overtighten the bolts.
To prevent corrosion use anti-freeze all year round.
An Imp is sensitive to maladjusted ignition timing.

Tall drivers can move the seat back to a second floor-fixing hole.

A neglected Imp will rust - no news there... It's the case with many cars.
Particular attention should be paid to:

It may prove difficult to find original trim components in good condition.


Grown up Scalextric : The technically advanced Imp went head to head with the mighty Mini - and sadly lost / words Iain Wakefield (managing editor). - Classics Monthly 2016, February (issue 238). - p.106-108. - [Survivor's Guide: Hillman Imp]
Singer Chamois coupé GJK 147H; Hillman Californian SRE 880G

Guide prices:
£2500 - £10,000
£1500 - £6000
£400 - £3000

Hillman Imp : 1963-1976 : Rear-engined fun for all the family / Richard Dredge; photos: John Colley. - Practical Classics 2015, Spring. - p.82-86. - [Buying Guide]
Cover: In-depth Imp guide : How to buy the best; Contents: Market Place: How to bag a beautiful Hillman Imp
Shown example: Hillman Imp FNT 481D
Practical Classics thank: James Henderson, Dick Tompkins, Graham Traxson, et al.

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