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Rootes Build in Scotland

Rootes (Scotland) limited

The eighth chapter (p. 16) in a full colour booklet about the new factory in Linwood to make the Hillman Imp. The booklet was made for the official opening of 'Linwood' in May 1963. It has 16 pages.

The world-wide activities of the Rootes Group

Behind every Hillman Imp that emerges from Linwood stands one of Britain's great organisations. Through a network of hand-picked Distributors and Dealers all over the world, Rootes motorists can depend on efficient and reliable maintenance and service, backed up by mechanics trained in the Group's Service Schools, and by constant supply of genuine factory parts. The Rootes Parts Division, centralised at Birmingham, had for their collection or urgent despatch by sea, rail or air. The Rootes Group handles a million details a day in production and sales and service in the job of selling Britain to the world.


Head Offices

Rootes Motors Ltd.
Devonshire House
Piccadilly, W.1

Car Manfacturing Division

Humber Ltd.
Hillman Motor Car Co. Ltd.
Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd.
Singer Motors Ltd.


Rootes (Scotland) Ltd.

Luton & Dunsdale
Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Division

Commer Cars Ltd.
Karrier Motors Ltd.

Centralised storage and distribution of parts for the Group

Rootes Motors (Parts) Ltd.

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from a 16 page 1963 booklet:
"Rootes Build in Scotland"
page 15: Rootes Group

© Franka

The scans of this booklet were supplied on August 1, 2005, amongst many other informational gems, to by Mr. Barry Massey (Chief Buyer at Linwood) via his son: Guy Massey.