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Estimate 6073

by the
Pressed Steel Company Limited
Cowley Oxford

Apex Project
Humber Limited

Cover of the Pressed Steel estimate


This is the estimate of August 1960 that Pressed Steel made at the request of Humber Ltd.
This information was given by Mr. Barry Massey, Chief Buyer at the Linwood plant to Unfortunately the actual figures were lost over time.


Apex Saloon

This model is a rear engined, 2 door saloon, shipped in a painted and trimmed condition.

Body in white

It is an all steel body of integral construction, with the exception of the rear body lower panel which is a bolted on unit forming the Rear Engine Mounting Assembly. The body is produced from the following main units:

Allowance is made for sealing between flanges where necessary, also for zinc dust primer to be appied to the inside of all box sections of the underframe unit. Normal anti-drum pads are included for the door and tonneau outside panels.

Overal Dimensions:

Length : 128 "
Height : 47 1/8 "
Width : 58 1/2 "



This estimate is based on high production line ups, with full scrap cutting and mechanisation in tools from 72 S/A type press upwards. Flow line method will be used on presses and tools are made of high quality material.


Static fixtures with air clamps for all sub assemblies. Underframe Complete Assembly (incorporating Front & Rear End Assemblies) Body Less Doors and Body Complete Assemblies to be conveyorised using three assembly lines and four finishing lines, together with duplication of Jigs where necessary.

Multi welding methods will be used where possible.


Apex Saloon

Paint and Trim

Bodies will be painted in a range of Monotone colours. This estimate covers full painting system, but the Sealer Coat is deleted as requested by Humber Ltd. Trim includes the folowing major items:

Hardware included:

Dust sealing is covered by crack sealing of joints in the Dash, Forward Luggage Compartment and Floors which are exposed to the road.

Shipped Loose Items

The following major items are painted and shipped loose:

August 1960


These pictures are derived from photos (not scans) of the thick leaves of the Pressed Steel prospectus. The leaves were not lying flat, and the photos were taken at an angle, hence non of the straight lines are straight and the images are taller than they are on paper.
The numbers with the photos refer to the image file numbers of Guy Massey (GM), Barry Massey's son, who supplied this information.


Shipping Condition


Body Shell


Split up of Skin Panels




Luggage Compartment


Bonnet (showing reinforcement)


Detail of Door and Interior


Detail of Door and Interior


Engine Compartment


Engine Compartment Lid (showing reinforments)


Detail of Seats


Trim Pads


Floor and Rear Squab Mats




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