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Laurels IV: The 1966 Acropolis Rally / Tomahawk Films ltd.
Features the Works Rootes teams, With Rosemary Smith doing really well. But the film is of the Pathe Newsreel type, not like todays BBC Grandstand covering.

Rootes Group Films

Rootes took part in many sporting events, and recorded their participation by having them filmed in 16mm format. From 1950 onwards they used Stanley Schofield Productions to carry out the filming.
Many Rootes Group films are in the ARCC archive (archivist: David Staff).

The dates shown are the dates the film was registered at the BFI, London and may not be the same as the year of the event.

Imp. - 1963. - 19.0 mins.
A stage by stage description of how a new light car is conceived, designed and tested, and how it eventually goes into mass production and showing for the first time the advanced new Rootes Die-Casting Division, where the aluminium engine parts are made, and the thoroughness of testing under varied conditions.

DirectorWELSH, David
Production Company  Glasgow Films
Sponsor Rootes
Producer WELSH, David
Script BAXTER, Raymond
Commentator BAXTER, Raymond  

Mountain Imp. - 1964. - 18-19 min.
The story of 8 Scottish mountaineers, who use two Imps to travel from Glasgow to Southern Turkey, climb their selected mountain, then back home - all in a day's work for the two trusty Imps. The ascent of Demir Kazik in the Taurus mountains is shown.

Director SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company   Stanley Schofield Productions  
Sponsor Rootes
Script VAUGHAN-THOMAS, Wynford
Photography CHALMERS, Robin
Editor EAVES, Robert
Commentator URQUHART, James

Hillman Imp. - 19 min.
Predominantly Linwood factory footage, portraying Imp development, production and testing. Clearly shown aredesign studies, models, full-size clays and pre-production procedures, plus HRH Prince Philip's opening of Linwood and Imp test drive.

Imp. - 40 mins.
Imp Club video title 5 (ref 2027):
Mountian Imp (19 min.)
Hillman Imp (19 min.)
plus advertising inserts.

TitleYoung in heart
Alternative nameYoung at heart
SynopsisLooks at the development and production of the Hillman Imp at the Linwood industrial plant in Scotland.
Describes the return of motor car manufacture to Scotland. It recalls the early pioneering cars once made in Scotland and traces the stages in the connection, design and testing of the Hillman Imp at Linwood, a new site near Paisley.
Length24 min.
Length35mm Film, 863 Feet
Cast the girl: YUILL, Elizabeth; the boy: SIMPSON, Bill
Production Company Glasgow Films 
Year of production 1963 or 1964?
Commentary Cliff Hanley 
SponsorsFilms of Scotland Committee
Rootes Group
DistributorScottish Screen Archive
ProducerWELSH, David
Production ManagerDOUGLAS, Johnston
ScriptHANLEY, Clifford
PhotographyANDERSON, Robert
PhotographyMcCONNELL, Edward
MusicHEDGES, Anthony
CommentatorMURDOCH, Bryden
AvailabilityVHS, PAL
Sale; 1999 sale: £12.99 (inc. VAT +p&p)
Films of Scotland Collection 1954-1982, Series

Highland Imp: the 1965 Scottish Rally / an original film from the Rootes Group. - PS Video Productions; in conjunction with the ARCC and the STAR, 1990. - vol. 23
26 min.s; VHS. - Ref 1023
The usual Imp promotional shots are folowed by a look back to Imp successes in 1964 and 1965. However the bulk of the film covers the 1965 Scottish rally.
The success of the Hillman Imp in international events since 1963, showing the International Tulip Rally and the International Scottish Rally with 'Tiny' Lewis a nd Rosemary Smith.

Director SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes
Photography OLLERENSHAW, Derek
Editor EAVES, Robert
Commentator BAXTER, Raymond

Miss Smith and her Imp: the 1965 Alpine Rally / Stanley Schofield; an original film from the Rootes Group, 1966. - PS Video Productions; in conjunction with the ARCC and the STAR, 1990. - vol. 22
19 min.s; VHS. - Ref 1022
The Alpine Rally as seen by Rosemary Smith, a rally driver and dress designer. The Alpine rally as seen by a contestant.

Director SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes
Script BAXTER, Raymond
Editor EAVES, Robert
Commentator SMITH, Rosemary

Record Breaking Imp. - 1966. - 23-25 minutes
The Hillman Imp taking part in a variety of races and rallies over 1965/6
The achievements over a 12 month period of the Hillman Imp in breaking records, including Operation Europe, involving the R.A.F.
It opens with some Imp factory production shots, then goes on to review the Rootes-supported rally and endurance events of 1965 and 1966, to demonstrate to Imp's reliability and ruggedness. Examples are Florida to Alaska in a week; Oslo to Spain and back; etc. All with standard vehicles. Rosemary Smith is competing in various of the shown rallies.

Director SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes
Editor EAVES, Robert
Sound PITT, Gordon
Sound MORGAN, John
Commentator ASPEL, Michael

Monte Carlo Imp. - 1967. - 22 minutes
The Monte Carlo Rally of 1967 (includes Tiger)
The sponsor's Sunbeam Imps winning two class prizes in the rally

Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes Group
ScriptRICHARDS, Robin
CommentatorASPEL, Michael

North American Imp. - 1967 or 1966?. - 20 minutes
The week long journey of 6,162 miles from Miami, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska in an Imp, and another journey from Toronto to the mountains on the Pacific coast

Producer SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes
Editor EAVES, Robert
Commentator ASPEL, Michael

Special Section - 1965. - 16mm Film. - 20.0 mins.
Dramatisation showing the specialist skills of high speed driving in one of the special sections of the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally and the successful performance of the Sunbeam Tigers and Hillman Imps

Director SCHOFIELD, Stanley
Production Company  Stanley Schofield Productions 
Sponsor Rootes
Photography OLLERENSHAW, Derek
Photography EAVES, Robert
Sound PITT, Gordon
Commentator BAXTER, Raymond


News Films

Title Scotland - Europe's Newest
Date submitted 2 May 1963
Date released 6 May 1963
Description Just outside Glasgow the new Hillman Imp is being made at Rootes new factory. Opened by the Duke of Edinburgh, the new factory is now the most modern car-assembly works in the world. The Imp has plenty of luggage space and has a top speed of 75 miles-per-hour, and 40-45 per gallon. The engine-block is of die-cast aluminium and the whole car incorporates the latest engineering techniques.
Shotlist Key scene. MLS Duke of Edinburgh looks at Rootes stand. MS pan - same.
MS Duke walks round Rootes factory.
MS machine at work. MCU officials shows Duke part of car.
MS Duke walks round, same looks at machinery at work (2 shots). TS same.
MS the new Hillman Imp. MS Duke gets into Imp. MS same drives off.
MS Imp, man lifts up boot and shows engine (2 shots).
MS people into Imp. MS same drives off. Steering column (2 shots).
Imp along road (tracking shot) (2 shots)
Keywords Royalty; Buildings and structures; Vehicles; Ceremonies
Locations  Scotland; Linwood
Footage sources Templar Films
Commentator Leslie Mitchell
Link   Movietone (British Movietone News)
Length of story (in time) 79 secs
Length of story (in feet) 125


Title Rootes Factory in Scotland
Description COI synopsis: Opening of the new Rootes factory in Scotland by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and the qualities of the Hillman Imp which is being made there.
Keywords Industry and manufacture; Motor vehicles
Locations London; Scotland; Paisley; Linwood
Written sources The National Archives INF 6   /138 - used for synopsis
COI Catalogue Cards [BFI National Archive] - COI Reference: MI 976/63
Commentator  Carlos Cotrin / Sponsors: Central Office of Information (COI); Commonwealth Relations Office; Foreign Office
Frederick MacFarlane / Director & Producer: John Hall
Leonard Martin / Director & Producer: Raylton Fleming
Link   record only
Date Released 1963
Length of story (in feet) 462; Story No.7 within this issue of 9 stories

Materials to inform dealers

Rootes Dealer Briefing Filmstrips. - Rootes Group, 1963 February.
A sales pack to give information to dealers on the new Hillman Imp. Contained a 12" 33rpm record and two 35mm filmstrips (for a filmstrip projector). The strip runs for 30 minutes with about 170 slides (photos, graphics, cartoons). The filmstrips were intended to be shown on a filmstrip projector with the soundtrack on a record, with 'bleeps' to indicate when to move on to the next slide.

    Titels of the presentation:
  1. Hillman Imp: a new car, a new market
  2. It's a pleasure to serve
  3. Selling against competition
  4. Selling the new Hillman Imp

Imp 66 Briefing. - Rootes Group, 1966 February
A record with filmstrips.

     Marketing Division: Sell the Imp with confidence

"Sell the Imp with confidence" / Chrysler Rootes; Marketing Division. - Visulex Production 569 : 2.66
a small tin (2 in. diameter) with a filmstrip with (at a guess) perhaps 60 slides


Linwood no More

The Car's the star / BBC
Youtube wlrycExSDfw

Youtube HYnbtEPi6zU

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