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The Imp Club

Formed 1980

Honorary President
Founder Member
: Rosemary Smith
: Richard Knight
: Graham Beddoe

The Imp Club promotes the enjoyment and preservation of the Imp range and all Imp-powered vehicles. We offer

Keeping the Imp alive !

In January 1996 I received permission to use the half car logo and since then I published these pages as the official web site of The Imp Club (within The Imp Site). You will find no 'members only' information here, as this site is obviously accessible to all. However the committee of The Imp Club decided at a meeting in September 2000 that they needed a new official site and they appointed two IT-officers.

Now Simon and Steve are working to build the new site and get the information on these club pages updated and into web pages on the new official club site. Where the new pages are ready, this site links to those pages, in stead of my old ones.