The Imp Club is a founder member of

The Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC)

The ARCC is the umbrella organisation for the car clubs of marques witin the Rootes Group, twelve clubs so far. Formed in the early 80s, the ARCC represents the interests of Rootes Group cars clubs, some 5,000 members total. Such is a basis for negotiating discount with various organisations. An example is the Third party Public Liability Insurance. Another is agreed Value Classic Car Insurance: the ARCC scheme gives members a 30% discount.
Another advantage of the association is that it gives the member clubs a central body through which to approach Peugeot.
The Imp Club pays an annual subscription to be part of the ARCC.

ARCC is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).

The association is made up of (ideally) five representatives of each of its constituent clubs, and a committee of eight:
  • chairman
  • vice-chairman
  • honorary secretary
  • honorary treasurer
  • honorary press officer
  • honorary communications officer
  • honorary exhibitions & events co-ordinator
  • honorary archivist
ARCC committee meetings occur four or five times a year, at Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxon, and Eathorpe, Warwickshire. The AGM is held every year in March, at which event its committee is elected. Minutes are sent to club Representatives and Secretaries.
Dave Dickinson is The Imp Club's contact for the ARCC (see inside front cover of Impressions for address). He is one of five active reps for The Imp Club.

The original (i.e. 1983) aims and objectives were as follows:
  • To establish and maintain good relations with Talbot
  • To cooperate regarding spares
    1. the joint purchase of redundant stock
    2. the re-manufacture of common parts
    3. to facilitate the sale of spares between interested clubs through spares secretaries
  • To hold a National Rootes Day
  • To encourage the exchange of information between the clubs (eg. magazine exchange)
  • To encourage cooperation between the clubs at local level, in respect of meetings/events
  • To produce a yearbook
  • To assist the preservation of the archives held at Coventry

Member Clubs

    The constituent clubs of the ARCC:
  1. Rootes
  2. Commer
  3. Hillman
  4. Humber
  5. Karrier
  6. Singer
  7. Sunbeam
  8. Sunbeam Talbot

Clubs affiliated to the ARCC:

Rootes Weekend

Another aim of the ARCC is good inter-club relations. A 'Rootes Weekend' is organised every year. This is an informal gathering for the members of all Rootes Car Clubs.

2000The Millennium Meeting - held at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxford. ARCC booked an area for 300-400 cars on 5/6th August 2000.
1999The Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts held the Moffat Classic Car rally for the second year. A weekend event, 26th - 27th June, which included a scenic run.
1998The Spanish Association of Rootes Group Cars organized the "6th meeting of Rootes cars in Spain" on 30 & 31 May 1998 (mountain area near Madrid (Segovia, San Ildefonso etc.). Organization: Asociacion Espanola de Automoviles Grupo Rootes
1997Shuttleworth Aerodome, Sunday 7th September
1993Peugeot Talbot's Ryton Plant at Coventry, 11th-12th September
Over 600 cars visited, vehicles from all marques of the Rootes Group. The 30th birthday of the Imp was marked by 16 Imps on a sponsored run from Linwood to Ryton. Rootes Clubs from Denmark and Sweden were also represented.
198410th June, Coventry area. That year there was an ARCC year book, with articles by all the Clubs. Provided free to all members of affiliated clubs.

ARCC web site:
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See the 'Rootes Group club directory' on Russell Maddock's Sunbeam site.

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