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The Imp is essentially a solitary creature, until mating season (late July, August, early September). Migratory packs will travel from all over the world to converge on mating grounds. As the yearly event is not often in the same venue, it has long been a mystery how they know where to go. Research has discovered that a force, refered to as Impressions, makes them aware.
Once gathered, they indulge in what is believed to be an ancient courtship dance around bright orange road cones. After mating has taken place, they return to their homelands.

Already the preparations for the next
mating season have been noticed.
For an analysis of the signs, see
the new club website:

No one knows exactly how many Imps still remain. They have few natural predators, but a vicious parasite -the tinworm- can weaken their immune system. And as available sustenance is diminishing, their numbers have sadly depleted.
Watching these little beasts can be a very rewarding hobby for anyone lucky enough to find one of these fast disappearing creatures.