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rear right   door handle
front seats   dashboard
front seats   steering wheel
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The flag is the 'U', which means 'You stand into danger', of course on the other seat the mirror of the flag is used...




FOR MEN ONLY: Designed specifically for men, the new Lord Imp has features such as ship-to-shore radio, a marine compass, ship's bell, air horns and portable bar. It has nautical theme upholstery and the trim inside and out carries forth the boating motif. A prototype of the Lord Imp, which is based on the popular Sunbeam Imp sports sedan, was exhibited by Rootes Motors of England at the New York International Auto Show. It was featured along with a companion "Hers" car, the Lady Imp complete with hair dryer, Princess phone and cosmetic console. Price of either car is placed at about $3,700.


Rootes Motors Inc.
505 Park Avenue
New York 22, N.Y.
PL 3-0710
Lyman Gaylord


At the National Weekend of 2012, Clark Dawson told me he has the Lord Imp. It came back from Sacramento.

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