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This Imp was intended for the American market:

front left   door handle
rear seats   front seats
Text on the white capped bottles: 'Wild Willow' and 'Evening Jasmine'
The paint on the gear stick is already damaged.
There is a plate with information about the design on the sill and a badge on the glove box. The same badge - or rather: two badges are used on the front left wing and the front:
detail of front badge
  British Royal Coat of Arms on the hubcaps, the steering wheel and the C-post.
wheel cap

These photos came from the Rootes Factory in Coventry. An employee collected them when Rootes were taken over by Chrysler and a lot of promotional materials were discarded.




LADIES' CAR: A new car a man wouldn't want to drive, but would be more than happy to give to his wife - as the "ultimate present" is this Lady Imp, exhibited by Rootes Motors of England at the New York International Auto Show. The Lady Imp comes complete with such totally feminine features as a hair dryer, Princess mobile telephone and cosmetic perfume console. It is richly upholstered in a bright and striking floral pattern, and interior and exterior trim are equally feminine.
Price of the Lady Imp, which is based on the popular Sunbeam Imp sports sedan, is about $3,700. It was shown at the New York Auto Show with its equally male counterpart, the Lord Imp, which is decked out in a nautical theme and has features such as ship-to-shore radio.


Rootes Motors Inc.
505 Park Avenue
New York 22, N.Y.
PL 3-0710
Lyman Gaylord


Lady Imp with lady inside, on the 'phone

Daily Review, November 13, 1964, p.17 (newspaper archive):

  Edie Adams Sunbeam Imp; driveway of her Beverly Hills home

Edie Adams stars in Imp ... Edie Adams, popular stage-screen-television star, is first Hollywood personality to acquire the new Sunbeam sportsedan. Edie took a look, called it a 'doll' and ordered one for her personal transportation. Scene here is in driveway of her Beverly Hills home. "I'm delighted with my Imp", says the 'Muriel Girl'.

Lord and Lady Imp

Rootes Motors take a bold step forward November 17-22 at the San Franciso International Imported Car Show in Brooks Mall with introduction of the Lord and Lady Imp, first cars in the world to be built specifically for each sex.

Highly individualized according to gender, the Lord Imp and Lady imp were created especially for those drivers who seek complete identification with their vehicles. Both are built on the popular Sunbeam Imp sportsedan chassis, but each is distinguised by a full ... of masculine or feminine features and accoutrements.

The Lord Imp was designed for masculine devotees of sailing and power-boating, the nation fastest growing outdoor sport. In addition to the custom designed dinghy for the car top, the Lord Imp carries out the nautical theme in all areas.

Among its innovation are ship-to-shore phone, electric shaver, bar, pilot's helm for steering, compass, port and starboard running lights and power horns. The 'Skipper' of the Lord Imp will have a car upholstered in custom signal flag pattern material with rope pattern chrome handles, metal rope trim, brass or chrome metal color, hide-away duffel carrier, anchor hub caps, rope floor mats and other sea-going motifs to complete the masculine theme.

The Lady Imp, oriented to the female of the species will have flower-patterned custom upholstery through-out, all gold chrome trim, white sidewall tires, console equipped with Princess phone, perfum and hair spray. The upholstery's flower motif will be 'picked up' on the dashboard, which will feature white porcelain knobs instead of conventional switches. A built-in vanity and large ... will carry all of Milady's beauty and hair dressing preparations and paraphernalia. Throw pillows and head rests add comfort. A hide-away grocery and parcel carrier is a 'special' for the feminine shopper.

The steering wheel has a floral pattern and a center frame to hold a photograph or errand list. The door panels have carry-all rack space and are color keyed in the interior decor of the Lady Imp.

Accessories also include a hair dryer, custom matching luggage and many other singularly feminine 'handies'.

"Rootes are introducing the Lord and Lady Imp", according to Ian Garad, Western U.S. manager, "because there is a sizable market in the 'in' set for highly distinctive personal cars offering special identification not readily available i standard model manufacturing."

In addition to the Lord and Lady Imp, the Rootes exhibit also features the Sunbeam Tiger V-8, first California created car to go into volume production.

Appearantly the Lady Imp resides in a car museum in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Erik Kuiper of the Dutch Rootes Club visited Dubai (2009) and saw it.

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