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Hillman Stiletto

The very rare Hillman Stiletto was a factory-sanctioned Imp convertible which was unique to Australia. It was developed jointly between Chrysler Australia's Port Melbourne plant and Eiffel Tower Motors in Dandenong.

Roger Foote's Hillman Stiletto at Bathurst
photographer: Bruce Klower

The Hillman Stiletto was built for Chrysler Australia by Eiffel Tower Motors. It was available as a soft top convertible or with a removable hardtop. Various engine options were available, including a 1,020cc 105 bhp version.

At the time when they were first launched, they were going to be called Hillman Imp Sonics. The name was changed to Stiletto shortly after. One embarassing point was that the person who had the badges made up didn't know how to spell Stiletto (it used different badges to the Sunbeam Stiletto). Consequently it went on sale with badges reading "Stilleto"!

Owner of specimen in the photo is Roger Foote, a member of the Hillman Owners Club of Australia and a member of the Sunbeam Owners Club of Australia.
The photo is taken at Bathurst NSW during the annual Sunbeam Car Clubs' Interstate Meet, June 1987. It's in the photo album of the Sunbeam Owners' Club of Queensland.


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