Imp16 - Hatton Country World, Warwick

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The International Rally of The Imp Club

Location: Hatton Country World, Warwick CV35 8XA
Dates: Thursday 4 - Monday 8 August 2014
Organisation:   Lead organisers: Graham Anderson; Chris Clark; Tim Sears
Several of the club's Area Centres
Rally Control: ...; ...;



Programme of Imp16

Rally Control opens at 12 o'clock
Welcome meeting in the marquee at 17:30
Friday 5th August
Run to the British Motor Museum (50 miles) at Gaydon, former Heritage Centre.
The Imp Club Bake-Off in memory of Gill Dunkley
'No way back' : Johannesburg to Coventry in an Imp. Presentation and book launch by Terence Tracey from Cape Town
Saturday 6th August
Scenic run to Stratford-upon-Avon (+100 miles)
Fancy Dress Disco (themes: 'Shakespeare' or 'Hats on at Hatton') party night
Sunday 7th August
Show & Shine - Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
AGM Clan Owners Club
Awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; lead organisers
Annecdotes from Rootes @ Coventry employees: Wynne Mitchell; Brian Wildman; Morris Evans (test driver)
Goodbyes and see you agains

Rally Control

mm;    Rally Control at 1 o'clock on the Thursday






Full names are mentioned where I am fairly certain of the owner not minding being named...

   rally no. registrationmarquetypeyearcolorclassSunday linenamenote
 273No reg  1968 Ky Rawlson Imp
 252???    Gy  
 257???SunbeamStiletto  Fy  
 267???    Jy  
 19326-08-GS SunbeamImp De-Luxe1967white/blue (Fraser-ish)H   Pieter P. 
 93323 LOTHillmanImp1964 A   Les S. 
 340-26-SMSunbeamImp1969 K   Jaap & Annette 
 69461 JIK / 462 JIK?HillmanImp1974 H   John Sheppard 
 55528 SYIHillmanImp Super1976 B   Stephen W. 
 1225767 FMHillmanImp (basic)1963 baby blueA Andy J. 
 23965 BRKHillmanImp Deluxe1963BlueAy  
 3671-48-RASunbeamStiletto1971 F   Tineke Hol 
 B72-85-MSSunbeamImp1970 white, some black B   Ernst-Paul K. 
 1577711 VN 93HillmanImp Super1966white  Andrew Webb  
 2885-01-DESunbeamImp Sport1967 orangy-red w/ blackE   Harm & Jeanette van Dijk 
 10259464 FNHillmanImp1963 A   Vanessa S. 
 15696-61-HTSunbeamImp Californian1969met. greenC   Piet Tromp 
 75ABH 675FSunbeamImp Sport1967 E   Barry C. 
 80ALN 217HSunbeamRally Imp1972     John H. 
 103AM-84-17GinettaG151972redN   Edwin H. 
 86AMW 568BHillmanImp De Luxe1964greenA   Alex T. 
 173APF 162HHillmanImp Super1969dark blueB   Martin B. 
 138ATB 363JSingerChamois coupé1970 D   Dave O. 
 270AWB 273MGinettaG151973WhiteNy  
 158BEA 606JGinettaG151970 N  Andy H. 
 209BEY 957CSingerChamois1965WhiteZy  
 121BRO 299BBSNymph1964blueM   Mike H. 
  BRU 434B          
 191BTC 481EHillmanImp De Luxe Mk2 1967 H   Neil C. 
 144CAB 683BHillmanImp Mk.11964     Steve E. 
 142CAD 662KHillmanImp Super1972     Mark W.  
 163CAG 172CSingerChamois1965 Y  Jason C. 
 53CNA 476CSingerChamois1965 Z Neil M. 
 125CPO 444GHillmanImp Californian 1969 C Philip B.  
 290CUD 180BHillmanZagato Imp1964WhiteMy  
 64CUH 252BSingerChamois1964whiteJyPeter H. 
 169CUX 259CHillmanImp Deluxe1965light greenH Adrian O. 
 98CVX 450GHillmanSuper Imp1969 B Chris C. 
 52CWK 859KHillmanImp Super1972greenB Marion F. 
 68DAA 450KSunbeamImp Sport1971redH Nigel Stringer 
 30DCF 243LGinettaG151973 N  George R. 
 251DGT 675HHillmanImp1970BlueGy  
 38DR-50-83SunbeamStiletto1971met. brownF Robert I. 
 1182DSO 34CSingerChamois dark greenY Jake L. 
 153EAP 146CSingerChamois1965 D  John H. 
 1044EBX 945DHillmanImp Super1966light greenZ Mark S. 
 211EPA 642BHillmanImp1964BlueAy  
 276EPP 16GSingerChamois Coupe1967TurquoiseDy  
 291ETU 182KGinettaG151972YellowNy  
 184EVN 450CHillmanImp Super1965 K M. Parkes 
 120EYU 892JSunbeamImp Sport1971redE Gary M. 
 91EXF 517HHillmanImp1969 Y Matthew W. 
 90FFR 924D - 'Fred'SingerChamois Mk.21966yellow goldD Alan P. 
 108FNT 481DHillmanImp De Luxe1966redA Graham T. 
  FOC 380D Imp Sport1966 J Phillip S. 
 226FRA 33HGinettaG151970BlueNy  
 37FRW 304CHillmanImp1965 Z Richard C. 
  FTB 625FSingerChamois Mk21967blueDy  
 4FTH 302EHillmanImp Super1967 A  James H. 
 265GAV 103MHillmanImp Super1974RedJy  
 175GBC 662D CommerImp van 1966   Dave 'the van' A. 
 74GCH 551JHillmanImp Super1971 blueB Michael L. 
 146GDL 273DHillmanImp Super1966 green, nearly black Z Rob C. 
 24GEH 677DHillmanImp1966 A Shaun G. 
 148GEL 438DSingerChamois1966 D Peter Hanna 
 188GEL 611DHillmanImp Super1966 A Alan H. 
 1175GFD 799D SingerChamois1966   Dave 'the van' A.  
 279GNE 837EHillmanCalifornian1967RedCy  
 281GOU 898NHillmanImp Super1975GreenBy  
 1006GPJ 662NSivaLlama  M Gillian H. 
 6613HAE 797KHillmanImp1976SilverYy  
 118HAY 603LGinettaG151973ice blueN Bruce S. 
 81HET 62NClanCrusader1975 L  James O. 
 172HLY 645KSunbeamSport1972goldE Dave K. 
 92HOC 797DHillmanImp1966 K  Rob C. 
 41JAC 336NSunbeamSport1975 met. bright blueE Vince F. 
 1030JAC 920LGinettaG151972yellowN  Allison R. 
  JAY 516LClanCrusader red    
 269JBB 795NHillman1975TurquoiseBy  
 105JCO 141FHillmanCalifornian1968 matte blackC Steve G. 
 167JCP 839EHillmanSuper Imp Spring Special1967 A Colin G. 
 237JGL 250JGinettaG151970BlackNy  
  84JHR 859ESingerChamois coupé1967met. dark greenD   Chris & Caroline W.  
 5JSL 772HillmanImp Super1973blackA  Bob H. 
 123JUE 463LSunbeamImp Sport1972bright greenK Jon M. 
 127KDO 385FHillmanImp Californian1968greenC Gordon W.  
 182KEL 565EHillmanHusky1967blueGySarah L. 
 160KER 392FSunbeamStiletto1968 F Mark I. 
 276KFR 53FHillmanCalifornian1967GoldCy  
 119KHN 664D Commervan1966green (with yellow)G Nick Webb  
 101KJH 25LGinettaG15  blueN Simon Benoy  
 155KYD 340K         
 151LDW 603ESingerChamois1967     
 131LHF 998LSunbeamStiletto1972 F Nigel L. 
 59LKV 55FSingerChamois coupé1967 D David B.  
 57LLJ 827FHillmanHusky1967 H  Steven F. 
 282LLO 137DHillmanSuper Imp1966BlackAy  
 17LMJ 457GSingerChamois1969    Graham Townsend  
 230LTU 378CHillmanImp Delux1965GreenAy  
 116LUP 62JClanCrusader1970 L Dave Williamson 
 271LUX 125PHillmanCaledonian1975RedBy  
 151LWD 603ESingerChamois1967 J Tim T. 
 253LXE 609ECommerVan1967RedGy  
 132LYT 917DSingerChamois1966 D  Simon & Gillian B.  
  MAL 962KSunbeamStiletto1972whiteFy  
 136MBH 62HSingerChamois oupé1969   Barry K. 
 58MJB 667EHillmanImp pickup1966 M  Robert M. 
 26MJH 756HSingerChamois1969 D Paul P. 
 110MGO 613DHillmanImp Super1966dark greenA Brian S. 
  MGW 815DHillmanImp Super1966GreenAy  
 106MLP 820PHillmanImp De Luxe1976 H Trevor C. 
 76MNU 139JHillmanSuper Imp1971 Y Corey C. 
 171MPM 791FHillmanCalifornian1967 Z Gareth D. 
  MSM 27FSunbeamStiletto1967GreenFy  
 96NDV 39FHillmanHusky1967greenG Rhydian M.vannish
 13NFL 45FHillmanHusky1968 G Ron E. 
 233NJT 559JHillmanSuper1970OrangeJy  
 29NPE 200DHillmanImp1966 A Samantha J. 
 34NPR 270JSunbeamImp Sport1970 dark blueZ Colin M. 
 -NSN 103GSunbeamStiletto1969   Allison C.d.n.a.?
 40NTT 186FSunbeamStiletto1968dark blue-greenF Chris D. 
 11NUT 325FSunbeamStiletto1967 redZ Graham D. 
 115NVL 7LClanCrusader1972 Z James S. 
 154NVN 222MClanCrusader1973 L Ron K. 
 272NVX 664PHillmanImp Deluxe1976RedZy  
 12NWR 677AHillmanImp1963greenA Les & Anne Human 
 262ODM 920LClanRedLy  
 65OFN 446MHillmanSuper Imp1972 B  David C. 
 232OGD 465MClanCrusader1974 Ly  
 2OGH 463ESingerChamois1967 D Dave R. 
 22ONB 499HHillmanSuper Imp1970greyB Mary R. 
 137ONP 985EHillmanImp Californian1967 C Nikki B. 
 48OOY 635LHillmanImp1972blue with yellow bitsH Andy G.Stan the Imp GT
 23OPM 274F SunbeamStiletto1968dark red F Drew T. 
 66OTE 425GSunbeamStiletto19..met. blueF Gordon R. 
 226OTK 211JGinettaG151978RedZy  
  OUC 310LHillman?1972grey-beige    
 155OVC 310L        
 212OUC 915LGinettaG151972WhiteNy  
 35PHF 201MHillmanImp Super1974 B Gordon H.-S. 
 51PKO 814GCommerImp van1969 primer redG Stewart C.Vusky
 20PNX 2FSingerChamois coupé1968 D Ray & Julia S. 
 2182PTR 601GHillmanVusky (van -> Husky)  G Stewart W. 
 79PUE 826FSingerChamois1968 white (mostly) H Peter C. 
 196Q320 OBFClan'Irish'1986 L  John S. 
 107Q672 YNTClanCrusader1993? greenL Scott C. 
 1046Q803 MPDClanIrish Clan1985 L  Peter & Linda W. 
 111RDM 114FSunbeamStiletto1967 K  Julian G. 
 104RFD 493FHillmanHusky1968 G  Brian G. 
 289RGO 783ECommerVan1967BlueGy  
 70RLR 816EHillmanImp Super1967whiteA  Grahame P. 
 16ROD 509RHillmanImp1976 baby blueB Neil G. 
 83RVP 93GHillmanImp van1969blue car, white topZ Pete F. 
 88RZJ 260SunbeamChamois Mk.21967beigeD Michael C. 
 245SBL 676GSunbeamStiletto1968BlueJy  
 220SFM 913FSunbeamStiletto1968blueH   
 45SPA 257FSingerChamois coupé1967bright blueD   Jim F. 
 1009SPE 50FSunbeamStiletto1967 F   Dave D. 
 9SPE 51FSingerChamois coupé1967 D   Lynda D. 
 25SPJ 141FHillmanHusky1968 G   Tim S. 
 10TGC 111ESunbeamSport1967 E   Peter D. 
 113THS 812GSunbeamStiletto1969     Raymond J. 
 102TIJ 7144Clan 1984 L   Chris Benoy 
 149TKH 712HSingerChamois1969 dark blueD y David O. 
 63TMF 104FSunbeamStiletto1968 F   Brian D. 
 72TPD 434MHillmanImp Super1973 B   Nicola S. 
 56TYK 507FSunbeamconvertible1968 J   John H. 
 67TYU 899FHillmanImp Super1968 greenA   John K. 
 44UDV 186HSunbeamChamois1970 D   Mark S. 
 73UFC 950KHillmanImp1971 met. bronzeB Kathy L. 
 284UGF 876FSunbeamStiletto1968GreenFy  
 162UGW 617FHillmanHusky1968 dark pinkG Bernice B. 
  46UNW 362MHillmanSuper Imp1974 B  Peter & Linda W. 
 164UUE 282GHillmanImp Super1969 H Kevin N. 
 150UVF 897HHillmanImp Californian1969 C Karen Benoy 
 1237UXG 853JSunbeamStiletto1970OrangeFy  
 89UYD 580MSunbeamImp Sport1973 mid green  Colin W. 
 147UYU 2FHillmanImp DeLuxe1968 J  Bill Penman 
 42VFE 21ClanCrusader1971whiteL  Richard T. 
  VHN 220GSunbeamStiletto1969blueFy  
 43VPL 814GSunbeamStiletto1968 F  Roger H. 
 82VPO 445FHillmanImp Californian1968 Z Gill F. 
 1137VTB 996MHillmanImp1974 H Simon C. 
 95VYL 3GSunbeamStiletto1968 F John Simister 
 133WAN 902MHillmanImp Super1973 beige w/ black bonnetB Patrick H. 
 1160WBH 985EHillmanSuper Imp1967brown met.Y James I. 
 27WCA 18KSunbeamStiletto1971orangeF Peter L. 
 97WMO 634HHillmanImp Super1969 B Josh M. 
 126WMT 726GHillmanImp van1969 G Richard G. 
 235WNW 787HHillmanVan1970WhiteGy  
 15WYU 913HSingerChamois1969 D  Charlotte T. 
 60WYB 513MHillmanImp Super1974 B Kevin M. 
 85XDN 922JHillmanHusky1971white with blue bitsG   Andy Smith 
 71XFX 914MHillmanImp1974orangeB Keith M. 
 33XKP 773JHillmanImp (basic)1971 B  Fran C. 
 217XLH 725GHillmanImp Super1968 baby blueA   
 290XNP 811MClanCrusader1973YellowLy  
 1085XPA 175GSunbeamStiletto1969 Y  Dom Smith 
 39XPE 542GHillmanHusky1968 G  Colin C. 
 192XTC 567H HillmanImp1970   Dale B. 
 8XWG 720HillmanImp De-Luxe 1964red w/ white roofA Alan B.  
 143YNP 128MHillmanImp1973 B  Tony D. 
 275YNY 114HHillmanDe-luxe1970GoldBy  
 1011YRA 461GHillmanHusky1968 Z Graham D. 
  rally no.registrationmarquetypeyearcolorclass   namenote


Social Imping

Imp16, Hatton, Fridaymorning
Hatton Country World, Imp 16
    Friday morning, gathering for the tour
Imp16, Hatton, Fridaymorning    Friday morning, gathering for the tour
Imp16, Hatton, Fridaymorning  
 One half of half a circle of Imps parked in front of the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, former Heritage Centre

Intermezzo: Rootes annecdotes

Wynne Mitchell   


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Sponsor
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
  The Most Standard Imp (new in 2012)
perpetual award -
Claydon Management Consultancy
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp10 and Imp11   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968)   Merlin Motors
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards)   Rodwell Motor Sports
C Hillman Californian   Speedy Spares Ltd.
D Singer Chamois saloons (incl. Sports) & coupés   Maynard Ltd.
E Sunbeam Imp Sport   Competition Classics
F Sunbeam Stiletto   TransImp
G Husky & van   Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts
H Personalised Imp   Henry's C.A.T.
J Modified Imp   Intelligent Metals
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road)   Corley Conversions
L Clan   The Clan Owners Club
M Imp based vehicles   Higham Auto Services
N Ginetta G15  
R Best Roores car (non-Imp)    
V Best visitors car   Footman James
Y Best Young Club Member's Imp    
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp16   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy


Rosemary's choice

The Rosemary Smith Annual Award 2016  


Die-hards - not wanting to leave just yet

The last few photos I take at Nationals always feel bittersweet. An end to a extended visit with friends.


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