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(inter)National Weekend of The Imp Club U.K.


Location: Blackwell Meadows, Darlington
Dates: Thursday 6 - Monday 10 August 2014
Organisation:   Rally Control: ...; ...; Robin Starkey and Kimberley Benoy


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Sponsor
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award the immaculate air suspension Imp
owned by Rob Cumberbach
perpetual award - ImpSpeed
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
  The Most Standard Imp (new in 2012)
perpetual award -
Claydon Management Consultancy
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp10 and Imp11   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968)   Merlin Motors
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards)   Rodwell Motor Sports
C Hillman Californian   Speedy Spares Ltd.
D Singer Chamois saloons & coupés   Maynard Ltd.
E Sunbeam Imp Sport   Competition Classics
F Sunbeam Stiletto   TransImp
G Husky & van   Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts
H Personalised Imp   Henry's C.A.T.
J Modified Imp   Intelligent Metals
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road)   Corley Conversions
L Clan   The Clan Owners Club
M Imp based vehicles   Higham Auto Services
N Best visitors car   Footman James
P Most used & abused Imp   Cliveyboy
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp15   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy


Programme of Imp 15

Rally Control opens at ...
Fancy Dress (theme: cartoon figures or children's stories) party night. Live music by ...
Show & Shine - Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
AGM Clan Owners Club
Awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; lead organisers
Goodbyes and see you agains






Names are mentioned where I am fairly certain of the owners not minding being named...

   Rally no. registrationmarquetypecolor class name note
  1 FFR 92D Singer Chamois gold D Alan Platten  
  2 UVF 987H Hillman Californian blue green   Robin & Kimberley Starkie  
  3 LMJ 457G Singer Chamois light blue D Graham Townsend looks like a Sport
  4 PNX 2F Singer Chamois coupé orange D    
  5           Bob Allen Club Spares, arriving Wednesday
  6 race Imp   Historic Saloon Race car   Z Simon Benoy  
    UVF 987H Hillman Imp Californian bluegreen C Karen Benoy shield no. 2
  8 40-26-SM Sunbeam Imp orange K Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve  
  9 ZV 88421 Singer Chamois Sport dark green D    
  10 SPE 51F Singer Chamois coupé dark red D    
  11 WCA 18K Sunbeam Stiletto orange Z    
  12 PYA 241P Hillman Imp Caledonian red B Ed & Jane Rhys  
  13 BRO 299B BS Nymph   M Mike Hearne  
  14 TGC 111E Sunbeam Imp Sport   K    
  15 JSL 772 Hillman Imp Super black A Bob Hawes Spares, arriving Wednesday
  16 VPO 445F Hillman Imp Californian orange H Gill Foster  
  19 YRA 461G Hillman Husky blue Z Graham Dewhurst returning the Rosemary Smith Perpetual
    NUT 325F Sunbeam Stiletto red F    
  20 PHF 201M Hillman Imp brown B Sandra & Gordon Hill-Smith  
  21 SVO 105G Singer Chamois coupé black D James Henderson  
  22 EAP 146C Singer Chamois red D John & Kathryn Hall  
  23 DDY 408D Hillman Imp Super red A Roy & Dawn Blunt  
  24 CSF 156B BS Nymph white M Colin Valentine  
  25 OGH 463E Singer Chamois dark blue D    
    VGR 876F Sunbeam Stiletto   F   UGR?
  27 ORB 506K Sunbeam Stiletto dark green F Nigel Stringer Bob Saward Trophy
  28 YNP 128M Hillman Imp dark red B Tony Dowler  
  29           Susan & Andy Ellis; Elaine Baines Regalia, arriving Wednesday
  30 UFC 950K Hillman Imp Super   B   need to change it from Type Unsure
  31 GBC 662D Commer Imp van green G David Andrews  
  32 WYH 915N Hillman Imp Super   B    
  33 HOC 979D   Imp saloon rally car   K Rob Cooper  
    323 LOT   Imp saloon   A Terry Cooper  
  34 SPA 257F Singer Chamois coupé   D Jim Fraser  
  35 LLJ 827F Hillman Husky   H    
    MJB 667E Hillman pick-up gold & black      
  36 NTT 186F Sunbeam Stiletto green metallic F    
  37 JAC 366N Sunbeam Imp Sport   E Vince & Dot Frost  
  38 SFM 913F Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  39 HAE 797K Hillman Imp Super   B    
  40 LNK 635L Sunbeam Imp Sport   E Baz  
  42 LYT 917D Singer Chamois   D    
  43 WYU 913H Singer Chamois   D Charlotte Tambling I have it mistaken for a Chamois Sport
  44 KOR 382F Hillman Husky   G    
  45 KGN 164K? Sunbeam Stiletto   H Graham Cashmore  
  46 HDJ 766K Hillman Imp   K   I have it mistaken for a Super
  47 VTW 307L Hillman Imp   B    
  49 DCF 243L Ginetta G15   N George Ritchie  
    JAC 926L Ginetta G15   N Alison Farrow-Ritchie  
  50 FNT 481D Hillman Imp   A    
  51 B221 LKE Hillman Imp   J Lewis & Adele Welch Kawasaki 1100
  52 DR-50-83 Sunbeam Stiletto   F Robert Immers & Valerie Lodge  
  53 NFL 45F Hillman Husky   G    
  54 PHP 349G Hillman Imp Super   B    
  55 RUP 93G Hillman Imp van   G Pete FitzGerald  
  56 PAP 532F Sunbeam Stiletto white F    
  57 WYB 513M Hillman Imp   B   I have got it down as a Super...
  58 EWO 822L Hillman Imp white B   no bumper; black panel behind reg plate
  59 ROD 218H Sunbeam Stiletto bluegreen F   owner: Val Lodge
  61 VFE21 Clan Crusader   L Richard & Margaret Thompson  
  62 MPO 487J Hillman Imp Super   B John Fenton  
  63 96-61-HT Sunbeam Imp Californian   Z Piet Tromp  
  64 NPR 270J Sunbeam Imp Sport   E    
  65 TYU 888F Hillman Imp Super   A    
  66 EBX 945D Hillman Imp   A   I have got it down as a Super...
  67 461 JIK Hillman Imp   H John Sheppard  
  68 JKE 887N Sunbeam Imp Sport   E Ken & Gill Dunkley  
  69 KRR 300E Hillman Imp Californian   C    
  70 AMW 568B Hillman Imp Deluxe   A    
  72 UNW 362M Hillman Imp   B   (nog uit de Super map halen)
  73 Q627 YNT Clan 'Irish'   L    
  75 ROD 509R Hillman Imp Super   B    
  76 FGK 26J Sunbeam Sport   E Nadine & Philip Mountain  
  77 EXF 517H Hillman Imp   B   I have got it down as a Sport
  78 NUL 932L Hillman Imp   B   I have got it down as a Deluxe
  79 SLM 784F Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  80 AM-84-17 Ginetta G15 rood N Edwin Hofstee  
  82 TJJ 882F Hillman Imp   A    
  83         X    
  84         X    
  85 MBH 62H Singer Chamois   D   It is not a coupé? I've got it down as a coupé
    OXJ 665H Singer Chamois   D    
  86         O    
  87 NYL 7L Clan Crusader   L    
  88 UYU 2F Hillman Imp   K    
  89 HRK 645K Sunbeam Sport   E    
  90 OTE 425G Sunbeam Stiletto   F Gordon Ritchie  
  91 WVS 192 Hillman Imp white A Alan Ramsay mistakenly down as a Super...
  92 MMG 703C Hillman Imp   A Brian Gray  
  93 TPD 434M Hillman Imp   B Nicola Sephton  
  94 OOY 635L Hillman Imp   H Andy Gill  
  95 OUC 915L Ginetta G15   N    
  96 FRW 304C Sunbeam       Richard Claydon  
      Sunbeam Stiletto   F Karen Claydon  
  99 HPB 600K Hillman Imp   B    
  101 BPE 194H Hillman Imp Super brownish red B    
  102           Graham Anderson  
  103 KER 392F Sunbeam Stiletto   F Mark Ibbotson  
    WBH 985E Hillman Imp Super   J James Ibbotson  
  105 TMF 104F Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  107 XWG 720 Hillman Imp Deluxe   H    
  110 AM-82-83 Ginetta G15   N Ernst-Paul Keizer  
  111 G21 1 Hillman Rally Imp   K    
  112 OYD 683F Singer Chamois   D Leslie & Anne Human  
  114 GCH 551J Hillman Imp Super   B   I have it down as a Sport
  116 JHR 859E Singer Chamois coupé   D    
  117 DPO 946L Hillman Imp Super   B Steve & Sylvia Armitage  
  118 OAP 760F Singer Chamois Sport   D Alex Knox  
  119 HET 62N Clan Crusader   L James Orr  
  120         X    
  122 BTC 481E Hillman Imp MkII   A    
  123 LMV 335K Hillman Imp Super   H    
  124         X    
  125 66-76-GX Sunbeam Stiletto   F Frank & Marrianne Schram  
  127 NSF 64G Hillman Imp Super white     extra lights, blue and red accents; across the back silencer
  128 EYU 897J Sunbeam Imp Sport   Z    
  129         X    
  130         X    
  132 RFL 661G Hillman Imp Super   B    
  133 OFN 446M Hillman Imp   B   I have it down as a Super
  134 WAN 902M Hillman Imp Super   B    
  135 RLR 816E Hillman Imp   A   I have it down as a Super
  136 HDF 932N Hillman Imp Super light yellow B   minilites;
  137 UGW 617F Hillman Husky pink/ magenta G   a.k.a. FAB 1
    CAG 172C Singer Chamois red D    
  138 CAN 476C Singer Chamois   D    
  139 7711 VN93 Hillman Imp Super   A Andrew & Sylvie Webb  
  141 82-90-NS Sunbeam Stiletto   F Hans Slenders  
  142 VWX 317L Hillman Imp   B    
  143 EBP 706H Singer Chamois Sport   D Trevor Woods  
  144 VOV 760J Ginetta G15   N Dave Lonsdale  
  145 ABH 675F Sunbeam Imp Sport   E    
  146 MNU 139J Hillman Imp   H   I have it down as a Super
  147 JFD 328L Ginetta G15   N    
  149 APF 162H Hillman Imp Super   B    
  151 DSU 353G Hillman Imp Super       I have it down as an Imp Sport
  152 XPA 175G Sunbeam Stiletto   F Dom Smith  
  153         X    
  154 UWR 330L Clan Crusader   L Chris Aiken  
  155 65 BRK Hillman Imp MkI   A Colin Rooney I have it down as an Imp Deluxe
  156         X    
  157 89 Hillman Imp     Adrian & Pauline Olivier Sunday evening only (HSCC)
  158 SPJ 141F Hillman Husky   F Tim & Vanessa Sears  
  159         x    
  160         X    
  161 GDL 273D Hillman Imp Super   Z Rob Cumberbatch  
  162         X    
  163         X    
  164 BEY 957C Singer ChamoisFoam Grey ZDave Lane  
  165 71-48-RA Sunbeam Stiletto white F Henk & Tineke Hol  
  166         X    
  167 UXG 853J Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  169           Keith Lennox  
  170 CYX 123H Singer Chamois Sport   K    
  171         X    
  172 KHN 664D Commer Imp van   G Nick Webb  
  173 SYA 61R Hillman Imp Deluxe green metallic B    
  174 XAG 620 Hillman Imp   A    
  175         X    
  176 NDL 518G Singer Chamois   D    
  178 TKH 712H Singer Chamois   D    
  179 1-OAY-SSO Sunbeam Chamois   D    
  180 HOF 51L Hillman Imp Super   H    
  181 NLY 918F Davrian Mk6   M    
  182         X    
  183 NVX 664P       J James & Vicky Williams  
  184 PMK 55E   Imp van   G    
  185 LLP 162K   Imp Super   B    
  186         O    
  187         X    
  188         X    
  189 XLH 728G Hillman Imp Mk II Deluxe   A Dick & Chrissy Nikel Oops, I have got it down as a Super
  190         X    
  191         X    
  192 26-08-GS   Sunbeam Imp Deluxe   M Pieter Posthuma  
  193 DAJ 599C Hillman Mk I   A    
  194 MAL 962K Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  196 XTL 567H Hillman Imp   B    
  197 FUR 535K Sunbeam Stiletto   F   ?? reg on a saloon
  198 AC 541 Hillman Imp Super   D   Irish
  199 VTB 996M Hillman Imp Deluxe   B    
    ONP 985E   Californian   C    
  200         x    
  201 ABP 229H Hillman Imp van   G    
  203         X    
  204 KVW 292K Hillman Husky   G    
  205 SEL 450H Hillman Imp Californian   C    
  206 HTU 795G Singer Chamois coupé   D    
  208         X    
  213 HBU 150 Hillman Imp Super   J   mistakenly down as a Sunbeam Sport
    JXJ 175F Hillman Imp Super   J    
    SBL 676G Sunbeam Stiletto   J    
  214 JCO 839E   Spring special        
  215 GAV Clan       Clark Dawson  
  217 AWB 273M Ginetta G15   N    
  219 Q133 CRF Clan Irish   L    
  222 RPK 133F   Rootes Super Imp   H   no html yet, but different photos
  224 SBZ 323 Sunbeam Stiletto   F    
  229 ENL 3221 Ginetta G15        
  230 G893 GNR Clan Irish   L    
  231 JKO 15N   Imp Super   H    
  233 307K Clan          
  234   Clan          
  247   Commer Imp van   Z    
  248 KFR 53F Hillman Imp   C    


Masterclass 2015


Die-hards - not wanting to leave just yet

The last few photos I take at Nationals always feel bittersweet. An end to a extended visit with friends.


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