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(inter)National Weekend of The Imp Club U.K.

On course at Huntingdon

Location: Race Course, Brampton (Huntingdon)
Dates: Thursday 31 July - Monday 4 August 2014
Organisation:   Rally Control: Karen and Kimberley Benoy


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Sponsor Rosemary Smith, president of The Imp Club
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
  The Most Standard Imp (new in 2012)
perpetual award -
Claydon Management Consultancy
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp10 and Imp11   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968)   Merlin Motors
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards)   Rodwell Motor Sports
C Hillman Californian   Speedy Spares Ltd.
D Singer Chamois saloons & coupés   Maynard Ltd.
E Sunbeam Imp Sport   Competition Classics
F Sunbeam Stiletto   TransImp
G Husky & van   Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts
H Personalised Imp   Henry's C.A.T.
J Modified Imp   Intelligent Metals
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road)   Corley Conversions
L Clan   The Clan Owners Club
M Imp based vehicles   Higham Auto Services
N Best visitors car   Footman James
P Most used & abused Imp   Cliveyboy
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp14   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy

Rosemary's speech before the price giving

Rosemary said she was thinking about stepping down to let a younger president take over. But she just likes doing it too much.

Then she said that the quality level of our Imps is higher every year and it gets more and more difficult to decide on the awards. I don't think anyone disagrees.


Programme of Imp 14

Rally Control opens at ...
Fancy Dress (theme: a day at the races) party night. Live music by ...
Show & Shine - Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
AGM Clan Owners Club
Awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; lead organisers
Goodbyes and see you agains


Imp 14; Huntingdon race course, Brampton
A wet Thursday evening

Imp 14; Huntingdon race course, Brampton
A sunny Sunday


Guests of Imp 2014

'Old Rooters'

Guests of Imp 2014


David Allen
Mr. David Allen
"In the 1960s I was the Rootes Sales Representative for the Southern part of Scotland (where Linwood was located).
I finished my career as Director of Product Planning in the early 1970s - after moving back from Scotland in 1966 to the factory in Coventry - where I joined the relatively new Product Planning Department." - read his writings: My time with the Hillman Imp at the Rootes Group and Chrysler UK


Mike Andrews
Mr. Michael (Mike) Andrews


David Lloyd, Engine Development Rootes
Mr. David Lloyd, Engine Development


Scott Glover; 4993
Mr. Scott Glover - read his recollections



 6002 PW  pale blue metallic  
 669 KOFHillmanImpgreenA 37 
 7711  white  
 BEY 957CSingerChamoisgrey with black bootlid  
 BHE 911BHillmanImpFraser 63
 BVC 87KSunbeam Stiletto140/701  
 CLP 210HHillmanImpCaribean Blue  
 CWL 81CHillmanImpwine red, white roof  
 DAV 373HDavrianMk6dark blue  
 DRE 33E  very dark greenK 1.. 
 DSO 34CSingerChamois D 168 
 DUC 9519LGinettaG15white  
 ENV 273K  yellow  
 EUJ 537VCentaur    
 EVN 450CHillmanSuper Imp Mk.2pale green263famous from 'Heartbeat'
 FFR 924D   D 34 
 FUR 535K  red with black bootlidB 209 
 GCH 551JHillman bright blue  
 HDF 932N  yellow  
 JCO 141FHillmanCalifornianblack  
 JAY 516LClan red  
 JKE 887NSunbeamSportorange  
 JUM 628LSunbeam dark blue metallicE 208badge: 998
 KEC 658JSunbeam Stilettowhite  
 KEL 565EHillmanHuskyblue with some white  
 KER 392FSunbeam Stiletto white no vinyl roof
 LFL 516LClan   Pete Richards O Rh+
 LMJ 457GSingerChamois Sportlight blueD 110 
 MGW 815DHillman    
 MPM 791FHillmanImp Californianwhite  
 MSM 27FSunbeam Stilettopale green metallic  
 NUL 932LHillmanImppale metallic green  
 ODM 920LClanCrusaderred  
 OOY 635L Impmetallic bright blue  
 OTK 211JGinettaG15orange  
 OWD 993MClanCrusaderblue  
 PAP 532FSunbeam Stilettowhite  
 Q320 OBPClan silverL 42 
 Q672 YNT Clan dark green  
 RAI 997Sunbeam Sportmetallic bright blue  
 RLR 816E  white  
 ROD 218HSunbeamStilettoblue green  
 TGC 111E  dark blue  
 TLG 489LClan Crusaderlight green  
 UPB 240M  bluegreen metallic  
 VPO 445FHillmanCalifornianorange brownC 13 
 VVX 291LClanCrusaderblue  
  VYL 3GSunbeam Stilettoblue metallic  
 WGH 679GHillmanHuskylight blue  
 XNP 811MClanCrusaderyellow  
 XTC 567HHillmanImp Superorange brown metallic  
 YRA 461GHillmanHuskyblue with whiteG 47 
 ZV 88421SingerChamoisdark green  
 - -   blue, 2 white stripes overK 1Simon Benoy's successful Shrigley racing Imp

the green-white Sunbeam Imp Sport with the enormous headlights and the uncommon alloys has K 56


Imp 14; Huntingdon
Row upon row of impish wee cars. Stilettos in row F.
The marquis nearer the display field held Rally Control; Regalia and the larger trade stands. The enormous marquis further back towards the clubhouse was the social tent.

Imp 14; Huntingdon
Row H: Personalised Imps


Masterclass 2014

Imp 14; Huntingdon


Imp 14; Huntingdon


Imp 14; Huntingdon


Imp 14; Huntingdon


Imp 14; Huntingdon



Die-hards - not wanting to leave just yet

Imp 14; Huntingdon race course
The Sunday show & shine-field thinning out...

Imp 14; Huntingdon race course
Monday 4th August 2014: Almost ready to leave
The last few photos I take at Nationals always feel bittersweet. An end to a extended visit with friends.

Imp 14; Huntingdon race course, dutch contingent
The Dutch were some of the last to leave the site of another fine National.


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