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Imp12: Imp 2012

(inter)National Weekend of The Imp Club U.K.

Location: Cromford Meadows, Matlock (DE4 3RQ) Derbyshire, Mid England
Dates: Thursday 2nd - Monday 6th August 2012
Organisation:   John Hall (Lead organiser)
Nigel Stringer (marshal; interviewer and ...)
Mark Williamson (marshal and ...)
Keith & Mary Robbins (Rally Control and ...)
Darren Boden (marshal and ...)


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Sponsor
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
  The Most Standard Imp (new in 2012)
perpetual award -
Claydon Management Consultancy
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp10 and Imp11   perpetual award - ImpSpeed
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968)   Merlin Motors
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards)   Rodwell Motor Sports
C Hillman Californian   Speedy Spares Ltd.
D Singer Chamois saloons & coupés   Maynard Ltd.
E Sunbeam Imp Sport   Competition Classics
F Sunbeam Stiletto   TransImp
G Husky & van   Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts
H Personalised Imp (new for 2009)   Henry's C.A.T.
J Modified Imp   Intelligent Metals
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road)   Corley Conversions
L Clan   The Clan Owners Club
M Imp based vehicles   Higham Auto Services
N Best visitors car   Footman James
P Most used & abused Imp   Cliveyboy
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp11   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member   Rosemary Smith Driving Academy


Programme of Imp 12

Rally Control opens at 12:00
evening: Karting at Harpur Hill
Scenic run to Castleton
Bill McGovern - interview in the marquee
Scenic run to the Crich tramway museum
Fancy Dress (theme: Harry Potter) party night. Live music by The Tetleys (with Gerry Richards)
Show & Shine - Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
EGM (Extra General Meeting) The Imp Club ltd. on club policy
AGM Clan Owners Club
Awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; lead organisers
Quiz with Tim Morgan
Goodbyes and see you agains


queue at Rally Control on Thursday
On the Thursday - a queue before Rally Control - everyone wants to come to the party!



(work in progress. These are Imps that I took pictures of. Likely I missed some. Do let me know if you can add anything !
The descriptions are there, so I have a chance at recognising a car from the side, without the registration number. )
reg.    colour badges award exterior interior stripe wheels seen
175 CIK   dark redHillman 3rd Chrysler Imp
1st most standard
     Fr. 3 Aug.
40-26-SM  orangeSunbeam      Sun. 5 Aug.
4181 MP  MaroonSunbeam Sport 2nd Sport     
6002 PW  ice blueHillman 998      thin chrome stripe  Th. 2 Aug.
66-76-GX  greenSunbeam Stiletto      twin white stripes Sport hub capsTh. 2 Aug.
700 DRM  greenSprite        Sun. 5 Aug.
71-48-RA  whiteSunbeam Stiletto        Fr. 3 Aug.
71 MH 513  redSunbeam Stiletto      noneSupaslots?Fr. 3 Aug.
72-85-MS white Sunbeam Imp   black boot lid    MinilitesTh. 2 Aug.
76-10-PN  light blue metallic Sunbeam       Supaslots 
AJH 272F  whiteSunbeam Stiletto         
APB 229H  green Hillman        Th. 2 Aug.
APF 162H  dark blueHillman Imp Super       minilitesSat. 4 Aug
AWB 273M  greenGinetta 1st Imp-based      Th. 2 Aug.
BEA 606J   orangeGinetta G15 2nd Imp-based     CosmicSat. 4 Aug
BHP 789K  purple-ish blue        thin chrome stripe   
BLD 704H  bright blueHillman 2nd Husky or van     RevolutionsSat. 4 Aug.
BPE 194H  redHillman Imp Super   sunroof  black in chrome alloyTh. 2 Aug.
BRU 434B  greenHillman    thin chrome stripe on top fold Th. 2 Aug.
BTC 481E white  1st most abused     Sun. 5 Aug.
BWP 810M  brown metallic         noneMinilites Th. 2 Aug.
CAB 683B   black Hillman Imp 2nd Rootes Imp      Th. 2 Aug.
CSF 156B whiteNymph      nonedon't know theseTh. 2 Aug.
CUH 252B  whiteSinger Chamois        Sat. 4 Aug.
CVX 450G  redHillman      black in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
DAA 450K  redSunbeam Imp Sport 1000     twin white stripes MinilitesTh. 2 Aug.
DCF 234L  yellowGinetta 3rd Imp-based   alloyTh. 2 Aug.
DDY 408J  whiteHillman Imp Super      Th. 2 Aug.
DMA 19F  green metallic Sunbeam Stiletto       Th. 2 Aug.
DOU 489D    3rd Husky or van     
DR-37-33  greenSinger Chamois       Singer hub capsTh. 2 Aug.
DRE 33E  green no badges        Th. 2 Aug.
DRU 596L  blue        
DSO 34C  green Singer Chamois    Sun. 5 Aug.
DSU 353G  bluenone   St. Andrew's cross on the roof   CosmicSat. 4 Aug.
EAP 146C   red Singer        Th. 2 Aug.
EAR 305B  redHillman        Th. 2 Aug.
EBP 706H  beige metallic Singer Chamois Sport       red in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
EBX 945D  light greenHillman 2nd most standard      Fr. 3 Aug.
EGC 268H  blauw metallic Sunbeam Stiletto     twin white stripes alloyTh. 2 Aug.
EGJ 846J  bright blueSunbeam Stiletto        Fr. 3 Aug.
ENL 322L  pale yellowGinetta        Sat. 4 Aug.
EUC 485J  bright blueSunbeam Stiletto   lowered   very wide alloys Fr. 3 Aug.
EUJ 537V  blackClan Crusader      Sun. 5 Aug.
EYU 897J redSunbeam Imp Sport 1st Sport     
FFR 924D  gold metallic Singer Chamois        Th. 2 Aug.
FNT 481D  redHillman Mk2 3rd Rootes Imp      Th. 2 Aug.
FOG 47D  BRGPhilip Robinson - one-of        Sat. 4 Aug.
FPP 154G  redHillman Imp Super        Sun. 5 Aug.
FRW 306C    1st competition     
FUR 535K  redImp Super        Fr. 3 Aug.
FYL 900J  whiteHillman       black minilitesSat. 4 Aug.
GBC 662D  greenCommer 3rd most standard      Fr. 3 Aug.
GCH 551J  bright blueHillman        Sat. 4 Aug.
GDL 273D  dark green Hillman        Sat. 4 Aug.
GHL 109N  silver Clan        Th. 2 Aug.
GLU 521J   orange car, white topnone 3rd modified   stripped bare  Sat. 4 Aug.
GRH 913D   greenHillman Mk2         Th. 2 Aug.
GZU 876  whiteSunbeam Stiletto        Fr. 3 Aug.
HAY 603L  light blue Ginetta G15       Th. 2 Aug.
HBU 15D   blue green metallicSunbeam        Sun. 5 Aug.
HDF 932N  orangeHillman       
HDJ 766K  orangeHillman      Fr. 3 Aug.
HET 62N  blueClan        Fr. 3 Aug.
HHK 748H  light blueSinger Chamois   wings a greyer blue   white in chrome alloy 14" Th. 2 Aug.
HVX 459H  brownno badges     thin chrome stripe  Th. 2 Aug.
HWC 371H  dark blue         Sat. 4 Aug.
JAC 366N  blue metallic Sunbeam      red in chrome minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
JAI 791   blue / whiteHillman Imp   extra lights    Th. 2 Aug.
JAY 516L  red (faded)Clan       miniltesFr. 3 Aug.
JCO 141F  dark green     yellow accents  black in chrome white pentastar Th. 2 Aug.
JHR 264E  blue Imp Mk2   black bonnet    Th. 2 Aug.
JHR 859E   green metallic Singer Chamois coupé     minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
JKE 887N  orangeSunbeam Imp Sport 3rd Sport     
JKL 281E  blue-green & silver Bond        Th. 2 Aug.
JKO 15N  beigeHillman Imp Super       Th. 2 Aug.
JKU 9F  dark redSunbeam Stiletto 1st Stiletto    Fr. 3 Aug.
JSL 772  black Hillman Imp Super   extra lights  black in chrome   
JUE 463L  green         Th. 2 Aug.
JUM 628L   blue Sunbeam Sport       minilites Th. 2 Aug.
JYD 410N  red     white accents    Th. 2 Aug.
KER 392F  whiteSunbeam Stiletto       minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
KHN 664D  green & yellowCommer Imp van        Th. 2 Aug.
KVW 292J  red (faded) Hillman Husky         
LFP 681P  red Hillman   blue sun 'spoiler'   Caledonian stripes minilites Th. 2 Aug.
LKM 956F  brown metallic Singer Chamois coupé      Th. 2 Aug.
LKV 55F whiteSinger Chamois coupé 2nd Chamois     
LLE 743K  brownHillman Imp Super        Fr. 3 Aug.
LLJ 827F  brown metallic Hillman Husky 1st personalised special bumper  thin chrome stripe  Th. 2 Aug.
LPV 433G  antraciteSinger        Fr. 3 Aug.
LUP 62J  brownClan        r. 3 Aug.
LUV 921K  light green metallicHillman Super Imp      Fr. 3 Aug.
LWK 593F  brown metallicSunbeam Stiletto      Fr. 3 Aug.
LYT 917D  beige metallicSinger Chamois      Sun. 5 Aug.
MAL 962K  whiteSunbeam Stiletto      Th. 2 Aug.
MCY 223M  yellow + terraHillman      Sun. 5 Aug.
MBH 62H  dark red metallic Singer Chamois coupé       Th. 2 Aug.
MFX 928P  bright redHillman      Caledonian stripesminilitesSat. 4 Aug.
MGO 613D  dark greenHillman Super Imp        Fr. 3 Aug.
MHM 30L  redClan        Fr. 3 Aug.
MJB 667E  black-ish Hillman Imp   pick-up   twin yellow stripes alloyTh. 2 Aug.
MKT 248F  blue metallic Sunbeam Stiletto   no vinyl roof    Th. 2 Aug.
MPM 791F  whiteHillman Californian        Sun. 5 Aug.
MPO 487J  orange metallic Hillman Super Imp      black in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
MMV 558P  orange-brown metallic Hillman Imp      thin chrome stripe  Th. 2 Aug.
MNU 139J  purpletone blackHillman Super Imp         
MSM 27F  light green metallic Sunbeam Stiletto coupe      Th. 2 Aug.
MVN 524F  redSunbeam Imp Sport      Sun. 5 Aug.
MYY 765L  redClan        Sat. 4 Aug.
NGC 160K  dark grey  3rd personalised      Th. 2 Aug.
NPN 712F  dark redSinger Chamois        Fr. 3 Aug.
NTT 186F   green metallic Sunbeam Stiletto      thin chrome stripe alloy 
NUT 325F   redSunbeam Stiletto 3rd Stiletto      Th. 2 Aug.
NVP 200R  bright blueHillman Imp Super 1st Chrysler Imp      Fr. 3 Aug.
NVX 664P  redHillman 2nd personalised white wall tyres    Th. 2 Aug.
NWR 677A  light greenHillman Imp De Luxe 1st Rootes Imp     Th. 2 Aug.
NYD 104F  greenHillman Imp Mk2        Sat. 4 Aug.
NYL 7L  yellow Clan Crusader        Sat. 4 Aug.
OAP 760F  whiteSinger Chamois 1st Chamois      Fr. 3 Aug.
OGE 304M  bright greenClan        Fr. 3 Aug.
OGH 463E  dark blueSinger Chamois        Fr. 3 Aug.
OME 939R  dark redHillman Imp        Sat. 4 Aug.
OMU 668K  blue Hillman Super Imp       chromeSat. 4 Aug.
OHM 937K  whiteHillman      thin chrome stripe   
ONB 499H  beige grey Hillman Super Imp      black in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
ONP 985E  metallic green Hillman Californian 2nd Californian      Th. 2 Aug.
OOY 635L  blue metallic Hillman Imp; The Imp Club   yellow accents   yellow minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
OPT 438J  redClan Crusader        Sun. 5 Aug.
OUC 915L  whiteGinetta      Fr. 3 Aug.
OVB 995F    1st Californian      
OWD 993M  blueClan Crusader        Sun. 5 Aug.
OXJ 665H  blueSinger Chamois      light blue in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
OYK 842L  beige         Th. 2 Aug.
PAH 923M    3rd competition      
PAR 752D  green Hillman Super Imp   chrome strips on engine lid  black in chrome  Th. 2 Aug.
PNX 2F  orangeSinger Chamois Coupé      black paint on the top fold minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
PYA 241P  redHillman 2nd Chrysler Imp    Caledonian stripes   
Q133 CPF  greenClan        Sun. 5 Aug.
Q316 XUX  blackClan 2nd Clan    Sun. 5 Aug.
RFD 493F  light grey-blue Hillman Husky        Th. 2 Aug.
RGO 783E  LavenderCommer        Sun. 5 Aug.
RLR 816E  whiteHillman Imp Sport        Th. 2 Aug.
ROD 218H  blue-greenSunbeam Stiletto      golden minilites Th. 2 Aug.
RPJ 517F  whiteHillman Super Imp        Sat. 4 Aug.
Q316 XUX  Black Clan        Sat. 4 Aug.
SBP 49E  dark blue, purple hueHillman Imp   yellow accents     
SBL 676G  blue metallicSunbeam        Sun. 5 Aug.
SFM 913F  blueSunbeam Stiletto       grey paint  Sat. 4 Aug.
SJR 113N  whiteGinetta      black in chromeMinilitesTh. 2 Aug.
SKJ 662G  yellowHillman Imp Super      black in chrome Th. 2 Aug.
SPA 257F  light blueSinger Chamois coupé  3rd Chamois    white in chrome strange onesTh. 2 Aug.
SPE 50F  whiteSunbeam Stiletto 2nd Stiletto    Fr. 3 Aug.
SPE 51F  dark red Singer Chamois Coupé      white in chrome  Th. 2 Aug.
SPF 804M  bright blueHillman Imp      black in chromealloyFr. 3 Aug.
SPJ 141F   green Hillman Husky       Th. 2 Aug.
SVO 105G  blackSinger Chamois        Th. 2 Aug.
SYC 727G   blackHillman Imp   convertible    Th. 2 Aug.
TIJ 7144  yellow Clan        Th. 2 Aug.
TKH 712H  dark blueSinger Chamois        Th. 2 Aug.
TLG 489L  light greenClan Crusader        Sun. 5 Aug.
TTK 649L  green Sunbeam   bib spoiler   white in chrome minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
TYK 507F  redSunbeam Stiletto 1st modified convertible     Th. 2 Aug.
UBC 329H  yellowSunbeam Stiletto       RevolutionsFr. 3 Aug.
UNW 362M  redHillman        Fr. 3 Aug.
UPB 240M  blueHillman        Fr. 3 Aug.
UUE 282G  blue top, white car Hillman Imp Super 2nd modified     Sun. 5 Aug.
UVF 987H   blue-greenHillman Californian 3rd Californian    black in chrome  Th. 2 Aug.
VFE 21  whiteClan        Fr. 3 Aug.
VNW 366M    4th Chrysler Imp      
VPL 814G  blue metallicSunbeam Stiletto        Th. 2 Aug.
VPO 445F  orange-brownCalifornian  vinyl roof  black in chrome alloyTh. 2 Aug.
WGU 2nd competition          
WKX 210E  two-tone green-grey Singer Chamois coupe       special dunnoSat. 4 Aug.
WPT 5L  redClan 1st Clan    Sun. 5 Aug.
WYB 513M   bronze metallic Hillman Imp Super   overriders  black in chrome bronze Revolutions Th. 2 Aug.
WYH 915N  beigeHillman Imp Super        Sat. 4 Aug.
WYU 913H  red Singer Chamois        Th. 2 Aug.
WHU 976H  blue metallicHillman        Sun. 5 Aug.
XKP 773J  blueHillman      Mon. 6 Aug.
XNP 811M  yellow Clan        Sun. 5 Aug.
XPD 999G  orangeGinetta        Sat. 4 Aug.
XPE 542G  blueHillman Husky      black in chrome alloyTh. 2 Aug.
XWG 720  redHillman Imp   white roof    Th. 2 Aug.
YAB 697G  red Sunbeam Sport         Sat. 4 Aug.
YNP 128M  dark redHillman Super Imp   black sill    Fr. 3 Aug.
YRA 461G  blueHillman Husky 1st Husky or van   black in chrome alloyTh. 2 Aug.
ZV 4488  beigeHillman      black in chrome minilitesTh. 2 Aug.
ZV 88421  dark greenSinger Chamois        Fr. 3 Aug.
none   blackboard black Davrian       RevolutionsTh. 2 Aug.
none  white, blue accents Chamois       blue RevolutionsSat. 4 Aug.
none  metallic blue Sunbeam Imp Sport; Bevan Imp        Sat. 4 Aug.
none   pale green Zach King - 4-wheel sidecar-ish           Sun. 5 Aug.

2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - we're going to do the scenic tour
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - scenic run to Castleton
 a specially arranged car park for Imp 2012 near the bottom of Winnats Pass
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - scenic run to Castleton
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - scenic run to Castleton
 A detail of the next photo
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - scenic run to Castleton
 Pieter & I walked up to the castle of Castleton
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - we're going to do the scenic tour
  Looking back up towards the castle's ruin.
Winnats pass; Imp12
2012, Aug. 3 (Friday) - leaving Castleton
 Winnats pass - vertical land. I had to keep it in 1st gear after we stopped to take this photo
glass fibre Imp panels
2012, Aug. 2 (Thursday); late afternoon - most of the traders had set up shop
Imp thingamajigs    
Rosemary Smith and Bill McGovern; Imp12 - Friday August 3, 2012
Friday evening, August 3

Rosemary Smith and Bill McGovern before Bill got interviewed.

Pieter had problems taking a photo of the two of them, as there was always a gentleman in front of him (in this photo as a white shoulder). Rosemary noticed and helped Pieter out by sidestepping. Both Rosemary and Bill are very aware of their surroundings and kind.

Bill McGovern; Imp12 - Friday August 3, 2012    
Bill McGovern; Imp12 - Friday August 3, 2012  

Squinting into history

Due to elec-trick-ity (twice !), the interview lasted until longer than expected. But while lights and sound were up, Bill had no problem keeping us entertained. He could tell his stories like they happened yesterday, in stead of 30-40 years ago. He seemed to be easily able to relive his many anecdotes and tell it like it was.
Imp 12, Sunday display field   Mine was on the display field of the Sunday. Amongst its brethern, mine is the one that makes me smile.
Imp 12, Sunday display field   Holes in the Sunday display after one o'clock.
Some left to do some more site-seeing, others have gone home.
Imp Racing; Belgian trader   There was a Belgian trader, new to me, who races or used to race Imps.
Imp 12; Monday morning   Monday morning.
Can't tow a Clan with an A-frame or can you?

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