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Imp 11: Imp 2011 (Imp Cymru)

(inter)National Weekend of The Imp Club U.K.

Location: Bangor, North Wales
Dates: Thursday 4 - Monday 8 August 2011
Organisation: Richard Rowland and ...



Programme of Imp 11

Rally Control opens at 12:30
An evening with Gordon Jarvis, ARCC Archive Centre
Run to Llanberis; tour Slate museum
Fancy Dress party night. Live music by 'The Selection Box' from Liverpool
Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; Graham Anderson, chairman; some of the invited guests
Quiz with ...


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Owner Sponsor
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award NTT 186F Chris & Sue Depledge perpetual award - ImpSpeed
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award Andy Jones
recognition for his various
successes in the HSCC and
long term involvement with Imps
  perpetual award - ImpSpeed
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp09 and Imp10 DAA 450K Nigel Stringer perpetual award - ImpSpeed
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968)
and the Bob Saward Memorial Award
ENP 653B
Glenalmond green Mk 1
Keith Lennox Merlin Motors
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards) HDF 932N Paul Le Blique Rodwell Motor Sports
C Hillman Californian MPM 791F Gareth Davies Speedy Spares Ltd.
D Singer Chamois saloons & coupés BCA 379B Vince Frost Maynard Ltd.
E Sunbeam Imp Sport OFN 140F Vhris Malbutt Competition Classics
F Sunbeam Stiletto NTT 186F Chris Depledge TransImp
G Husky & van WYU 976H Ray Organ Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts
H Personalised Imp (new for 2009) 6002 PW Paul Whittington Henry's C.A.T.
J Modified Imp RLH 131E Paul Hughes Intelligent Metals
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road) 40-26-SM Jaap ten Hoeve Corley Conversions
L Clan OGE 304M Watson Brown The Clan Owners Club
M Imp based vehicles 700 DRM Clark Dawson Higham Auto Services
N Best visitors car     Footman James
P Most used & abused Imp     Cliveyboy
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp11 AW 211 VT (F)
white Sunbeam Stiletto
Marie Céline Tyssier
630 miles / 1014 km)
Rosemary Smith Driving Academy
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member     Rosemary Smith Driving Academy


Friday morning, getting ready for a tour



(work in progress. These are Imps that I took pictures of. Likely I missed some. Do let me know if you can add anything !
The descriptions are there, so I have a chance at recognising a car from the side, without the registration number. )
reg.   colour badges exterior interior stripe wheels seen
J   yellow       4-Aug-2011
NTT 186F   dark blue-green Sunbeam Stiletto         6-Aug-2011
AFY 666N   white           6-Aug-2011
JHY 291E   white   lifeline   none   6-Aug-2011
JKL 281E   blue wide grey band Bond 875         6-Aug-2011
RAY 450C   dark blue green Californian         6-Aug-2011
WNF 438L   orange car, white top Hillman Imp Super Vredestein   black   6-Aug-2011
HVX 459H   brown, grey nose Hillman     thin chrome strip   6-Aug-2011
MUL 931D   white Super Imp     black   6-Aug-2011
LYK 206P   red, blue bonnet           6-Aug-2011
VKB 953H   white Singer Chamois coupé double headlamps   red   6-Aug-2011
GCH 551J   blue           6-Aug-2011
XGF 246G   metallic grey-pale blue           6-Aug-2011
TMF 104F   metallic blue Sunbeam Stiletto         6-Aug-2011
GBC 662D   pea green Commer Imp van         6-Aug-2011
GPR 135E               6-Aug-2011
OFN 140F   metallic blue Sunbeam Imp Sport     red   6-Aug-2011
KRU 824F   blue-green Hillman Husky         6-Aug-2011
LPV 433G   dark grey?           6-Aug-2011
EWO 822L   white Hillman         6-Aug-2011
KHW 498P   blue-green Hillman         6-Aug-2011
MJB 667E   black Hillman pick-up   yellow   6-Aug-2011
OME 939R   dark red Hillman         6-Aug-2011
HWC 371H   dark blue Singer Chamois Mk2     white   6-Aug-2011
MSM 27F   pale metallic blue Sunbeam Sport 930         7-Aug-2011
none   yellow car, blue top, yellow roof   14       7-Aug-2011
RAI 997   metallic blue Sunbeam Sport     red   7-Aug-2011
WYU 976H   metallic blue Hillman Husky     white   7-Aug-2011
BRU 434B   green Hillman     thin chrome line   7-Aug-2011
none   dark blue       7-Aug-2011
BHP 789K   purple-blue Hillman         7-Aug-2011
VTB 996M   green code 165 Hillman     twin white stripes   7-Aug-2011
JSL 772   black Hillman Super Imp         7-Aug-2011
NPN 712F   dark red Singer Chamois Sport         7-Aug-2011
CWE 776N   white Hillman         7-Aug-2011
CVX 450G   red Hillman Imp         7-Aug-2011
EYU 897J   red Sunbeam Sport         7-Aug-2011
FTB 625F   blue Singer Chamois         7-Aug-2011
SEL 450H   white           7-Aug-2011
AMW 568B   green Hillman Imp         7-Aug-2011
MMG 703C   red Hillman         7-Aug-2011
ENP 653B   green Hillman Imp     thin chrome stripe   7-Aug-2011
LLE 743K   brown Hillman         7-Aug-2011
PYA 241P   red Hillman         7-Aug-2011
OHM 937K   white Hillman         7-Aug-2011
VLJ 920J   light blue Hillman Imp Super         7-Aug-2011
NJT 559J   yellow Imp Super     red broad stripe   7-Aug-2011
OMV 907K   blue metallic, code 150 Hillman     black   7-Aug-2011
VTW 307L   red Hillman         7-Aug-2011
HDF 932N   yellow Hillman     black   7-Aug-2011
DPO 946L   gold metallic Hillman     black   7-Aug-2011
UVF 987H   green-blue Hillman Californian     black   7-Aug-2011
OYD 683F   green Singer Chamois Sport         7-Aug-2011
SPE 51F   dark red Singer Chamois coupé     white   7-Aug-2011
WYU 913H   red Singer Chamois     white   7-Aug-2011
FNV 619C   grey Singer Chamois indicator on the side   black   7-Aug-2011
EBP 706H   beige metallic Singer Chamois     red   7-Aug-2011
LYT 917D   strange green Singer Chamois mk2     black   7-Aug-2011
JKU 9F   dark red Sunbeam Stiletto     white pin stripe?   7-Aug-2011
EGJ 846J   blue metallic Sunbeam Stiletto     twin white pin stripe   7-Aug-2011
AW 211 VT   white Sunbeam Stiletto     none   7-Aug-2011
ROD 218H   light bright blue Sunbeam Stiletto     twin white pin stripe   7-Aug-2011
NFL 45F   light blue, white band around windows Hillman Husky     black   7-Aug-2011
FAB 1   pink, white band around windows Hillman Husky     white   7-Aug-2011
KHN 664D   Dan Air Green and yellow Commer Imp van     none   7-Aug-2011
UOA 380H   green Hillman Husky     black   7-Aug-2011
HBU 15D   bright blue metallic none         7-Aug-2011
LMV 335K   blue Hillman     black   7-Aug-2011
PKA 501M   brown metallic Sunbeam     black   7-Aug-2011
SVO 105G   black Sunbeam Stiletto     black   7-Aug-2011
YAB 697G   red, white roof (English flag) Sunbeam Sport   thin chrome stripe   7-Aug-2011
BEY 957C   grey, black bonnet Singer Chamois     black   7-Aug-2011
6002 PW   pale blue metallic Hillman     thin chrome stripe   7-Aug-2011
SYC 727G   black Hillman Imp Mk 2 convertable   none   7-Aug-2011
DSU 353G   blue, black engine lid and bonnet   S. Fanning; H. Liddle   twin white pin stripe   7-Aug-2011
FOC 380D   light blue, orange none     none   7-Aug-2011
XNP 811M   yellow Clan Crusader         7-Aug-2011
OGE 304M   bright green Clan Crusader         7-Aug-2011
MHM 30L   red, orange and yello band across over car Clan Crusader         7-Aug-2011
OPT 438J   yellow Clan Crusader         7-Aug-2011
GHL 109N   silver Clan Crusader     twin black pin stripe   7-Aug-2011
Q320 OBP   black and white Clan         7-Aug-2011
JBY 144J   yellow Davrian         7-Aug-2011
NGC 160K   dark grey none     none   7-Aug-2011
NVX 664P   red           7-Aug-2011
E549 HPL   dark blue Hillman Husky         7-Aug-2011
none   very light green all fibre glass    6-Aug-2011
26-08-GS     white car, blue top           5-Aug-2011
40-26-SM     orange Sunbeam Imp         4-Aug-2011
525 KR   yellow (greenish) Ginetta G15         5-Aug-2011
700 DRM   green Austin Healey Sprite Mk 1 (Frogeye) imp engined         5-Aug-2011
71 MH 315   red Sunbeam Stiletto     none   7-Aug-2011
71-48-RA     White Sunbeam Stiletto     twin red pin stripes   5-Aug-2011
72-85-MS     white, black engine lid Sunbeam     black   4-Aug-2011
85-01-DE     red, black bonnet Dutch Imp Rally Team         4-Aug-2011
96-61-HT   green Sunbeam         4-Aug-2011
AAK 677L   blackClan Crusader      6-Aug-2011
BCA 379B  greySinger Chamois   red  6-Aug-2011
BCC 259C  blue car, silver top Singer Sport      6-Aug-2011
BKS 974C   white none different engine lid set-up   none   5-Aug-2011
BWP 810M     brown Hillman roofrack       4-Aug-2011
CLU 459H  grey/ green      6-Aug-2011
CMT 772A   apple green car, yellow top ImpHoliday in Ireland    6-Aug-2011
CSF 156B     whiteNymph     4-Aug-2011
CYX 123H     whiteSingerMike Marsh; Martin Bristow  dark red  7-Aug-2011
DAA 450K   red Sunbeam Imp Sport 1000         5-Aug-2011
DCF 243L     yellow Ginette G15         5-Aug-2011
DDY 408D     white Hillman Super Imp         5-Aug-2011
EAP 146C   red Singer Chamois         5-Aug-2011
EPA 642B     light blue Hillman Imp         4-Aug-2011
EUJ 537V     black Clan Crusader         4-Aug-2011
FDH 44H     blue metallic Sunbeam Stiletto         4-Aug-2011
FEA 130C   dark blue           5-Aug-2011
FFR 924D     greenish Singer Chamois Mk 2         5-Aug-2011
FRW 308C   dark blue Hillman Imp         5-Aug-2011
FTH 302E     green Hillman Super Imp     black   4-Aug-2011
FTW 934H   green-blue Hillman Californian     black   7-Aug-2011
GCK 819N    red, white roof Hillman     4-Aug-2011
GDL 273D  greenHillman     6-Aug-2011
GFK 994H     beige metallic Hillman Super         4-Aug-2011
GHU 611B  black Hillman Imp         5-Aug-2011
GRH 913D     green Hillman Imp         4-Aug-2011
HAY 603L     ice blue Ginetta G15         5-Aug-2011
HDJ 766K     orange Hillman         5-Aug-2011
JAC 366N     blue metallic Sunbeam Sport         4-Aug-2011
JAI 791    blue Hillman Imp         4-Aug-2011
JAY 516L    red Clan         5-Aug-2011
JDU 46E  blue, black bonnet  David Walters     6-Aug-2011
JHR 264E  blue, black bonnet Imp, Mk 2 Historic Rally Car Register    6-Aug-2011
JOJ 490N    red Clan Little Devil       5-Aug-2011
JUE 463L    green none         5-Aug-2011
KEL 565E    blue Hillman Husky Stiletto hub caps   black   8-Aug-2011
KER 392F    white Sunbeam Stiletto (no vinyl roof)         5-Aug-2011
KOR 382 F    blue Hillman Husky     black   4-Aug-2011
KPP 354C    blue, white bonnet and engine lid Singer         4-Aug-2011
LAC 369E   dark blue Sunbeam Stiletto / Californian? (no vinyl roof) Run Baby Run
Nick Mullen; Jim Hacking
LCW 293N   metallic blue Hillman sport hub caps       5-Aug-2011
LFP 681P    red Hillman         5-Aug-2011
LKV 55F   metallic blue Singer Chamois coupé         5-Aug-2011
LNK 635L   whiteSunbeam Sport      5-Aug-2011
LUE 695L   dark red Ginetta G15 Amber racing    6-Aug-2011
LUP 62J  black, brown, orange nose Clan Crusader      6-Aug-2011
LVF 285E    white Hillman Husky         5-Aug-2011
LWK 593F   brown metallic Sunbeam Stiletto     5-Aug-2011
LYD 525L  blueHillman   yellow 6-Aug-2011
MAL 962K   whiteSunbeam Stiletto   twin red pin stripes  5-Aug-2011
MAR 421L   light blue-greenHillmanwith folding caravan    6-Aug-2011
MBH 62H   dark red Singer Chamois coupé     white   6-Aug-2011
MER 855H  greenSunbeam Sport J. Waters; R. Dickson  red 6-Aug-2011
MGO 613D    green           5-Aug-2011
MKC 188F  green-blueSunbeam Stiletto   twin white pin stripe  6-Aug-2011
MPM 791F   white Hillman Californian     black   6-Aug-2011
NJH 754L    grasshopper metallic           5-Aug-2011
NJR 449M   blue Ginetta G15         7-Aug-2011
NUT 325F    red Sunbeam Stiletto         5-Aug-2011
NVP 200R    blue Hillman Imp Super     black   4-Aug-2011
NVX 664P    red Hillman       dice 4-Aug-2011
NYD 104F    pea green Hillman Imp Mk 2         5-Aug-2011
NYH 10L   light yellow Clan         5-Aug-2011
ONB 499H   grey Hillman Imp Super         5-Aug-2011
ONP 985E   green-blue metallic Hillman Californian         4-Aug-2011
OOY 635L   blue metallic           5-Aug-2011
OUC 915L  whiteGinetta G15     4-Aug-2011
OWD 993M  blueClan Crusader      6-Aug-2011
OXJ 665H  dark blue Singer Chamois sunroof   light blue   5-Aug-2011
OYK 842L  beige Hillman Imp Super     4-Aug-2011
PAR 752D  greenHillman Super Imp     6-Aug-2011
PLV 410G  red, bare metal engine lid Singer Chamois coupé gele verstralers  twin white pin stripe  6-Aug-2011
PNU 510E   metallic purple Hillman gull wings       4-Aug-2011
PNX 2F   orange Singer Chamois coupé 998     black broad stripe   5-Aug-2011
RGO 783E   lavender Imp van         5-Aug-2011
RVP 530G   red van ImpWerks       4-Aug-2011
SBL 676G   blueSunbeam Stiletto (no vinyl roof)    none 6-Aug-2011
SKH 866G   light yellow, black vinyl roof Imp Super very low   none   4-Aug-2011
SPA 257F  bright blue Singer Chamois coupé         5-Aug-2011
SPJ 141F   green Hillman Husky         5-Aug-2011
SVO 105G   black Singer Chamois coupé         6-Aug-2011
TIJ 7144  yellowClan      6-Aug-2011
TKH 712H   blue           5-Aug-2011
TYK 507F   redSunbeam Stiletto convertable     6-Aug-2011
UFC 950 K   brown Hillman         4-Aug-2011
UNW 362M   red, black vinyl roof Hillman Imp     black   4-Aug-2011
UPB 240M   blue Hillman Imp Super         5-Aug-2011
VFE 21   whiteClan     6-Aug-2011
VHN 220G   dark blue Sunbeam Stiletto         4-Aug-2011
VPL 814G   blue metallic Sunbeam Stiletto         4-Aug-2011
WAB 436G   blue / turquoise Hillman Imp Super         5-Aug-2011
WGH 679G  bright blue Hillman Husky     black   5-Aug-2011
WGU 678G   white   Ron Aspinwall; Alan Kitson
WMT 726G   white Hillman van         4-Aug-2011
XFC 276K   red Hillman 930     black   5-Aug-2011
XJW 848M   brown Hillman         5-Aug-2011
XKP 773J   blueHillman     6-Aug-2011
XPD 999G   orangeGinetta G15     6-Aug-2011
XPE 542G  blueHillman Husky   black 5-Aug-2011
XWG 720   red, white roof Hillman     thin chrome stripe   4-Aug-2011
YAU 159K   black bat mobile Impaler         6-Aug-2011
YNP 128M   red Hillman Imp Super         5-Aug-2011
YYE 775H   dark blue Hillman Husky     blue?   7-Aug-2011
ZV 33772   red Clan         4-Aug-2011
ZV 88421   green Singer Chamois Sport         5-Aug-2011

4 August 2011, Bangor Imp 11, 201
2011, Aug. 4 (Thursday) - on the way to the National
  They travel in packs
4 August 2011, Bangor Imp 11, 2011
2011, Aug. 4 (Thursday); late afternoon
Imp Cymru; Imp 2011    
petrol station   Across from the railway station with the longest name is a petrol station of which the name isn't short either.
Anglesey   Just crossed the bridge to Anglesey, looking at the other bridge that will get us back on the main land, again.

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