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Imp 09: IMPulse09

Location: Reading
Dates: Thursday 6 - Monday 10 August 2009
Organisation: Graham Anderson and ...


While many Imps at Imp 09 were very smart, some were thick
as a brick. No, not you, Trevor. Thanks again for helping!

Programme of Imp 09

Rally Control opens at 12:30
An evening with Gordon Jarvis, ARCC Archive Centre
'Back to my Rootes' Scenic Run to ARCC Archive Centre at Westcott. Org.: Mick Ockwell, Swindon AC
Saturday (videos of Imps leaving for the tour)
'Red Kite, Cider & Steam' Scenic Run to Berkshire Downs. Org.: David Oakes, Oxford AC
Fancy Dress party night. Live music by 'The Selection Box' from Liverpool
Imps on display; voting until 13:00h.
Reading Scottish Pipe Band
awards presentation ceremony with Rosemary Smith, president; Jim Fraser, chairman; some of the invited guests
Quiz with Tim Morgan

These sheets were given to me:

Plaque Make Model Colour  
7 Hillman Husky Forest Green  
8 Hillman Imp deLuxe Mk1 Balmoral Grey  
19 Clan Crusader Red ovcer yellow  
42 Sunbeam Imp Sport Rover Trophy Blue  
67 Hillman Super Imp Polar White DDY 408D
75 Hillman Imp Californian Ming Blue (123)  
D81 Singer Chamois Blue 'Blossom'; sun roof
114 Hillman Imp Black topless
116 Hillman Imp deLuxe Embassy Black owner: Trish Norman
  Sunbeam Stiletto Tahiti Blue owner: Roy Norman
117 Hillman Imp deLuxe Mood Indigo owner: Rob Norman
144 Hillman Imp deLuxe Loch Blue  
148 Hillman Imp Super Grasshopper Green  
158 Hillman Imp Super Forest Green  
160 BS Nymph Anchusa Blue  
181 Hillman Imp deLuxe mostly orange  
182 Hillman Imp Tahiti (?) Blue J reg (1971)
224 Singer Chamois Spring Gold  
233   Imp Californian red  
258   Imp Californian red  
269 Hillman Imp van red Impwerks; Martin Dingle


Class Award / Display Classes Winner Sponsor Presented by
- The Rosemary Smith Annual Award Sunbeam Sport 600 EYG perpetual award - ImpSpeed  
- The Peter Harper Memorial Award Rosemary Smith for her rallying achivements in an Imp perpetual award - ImpSpeed Bill McGovern
Z Masterclass - winners from Imp07 and Imp08 SEL 450H of Stephen Roberts perpetual award - ImpSpeed  
A Rootes Hillman Imp saloon (1963-1968) Hillman Imp 65 BRK of Colin Rooney Merlin Motors  
B Chrysler Hillman Imp (1968 onwards) LRM 131P of Hugh Liddle Rodwell Motor Sports  
C Hillman Californian OVB 995F of Ben le Marquand Speedy Spares Ltd.  
D Singer Chamois saloons & coupés LKV 55F of Andy Greenshields Maynard Ltd.  
E Sunbeam Imp Sport NPR 270J of Mike Goodwin Competition Classics  
F Sunbeam Stiletto ORB 506K of John Hall TransImp  
G Husky & van RVP 530G of Norman Dingle Malcolm Anderson Imp Parts  
H Personalised Imp (new for 2009) Hillman Imp OOY 635L of Andy Gill Andy Gill (Sussex AC)  
J Modified Imp Sunbeam Imp Sport 600 EYG of John Deveraux ZeroNine  
K Competition Imp (race; rally; off-road) Hillman Imp Super JRM 998B of James McKenzie Corley Conversions  
L Clan TLE 489L of Robrt Russell The Clan Owners Club  
M Imp based vehicles Zagato Zimp CUD 180B of Mike Hanna Higham Auto Services  
N Best visitors car   tba  
P Most used & abused Imp Hillman Imp Deluxe HYU 820N of Graham Miller tba  
  Furthest driven Imp to Imp09 Gerry Marsden, Thurso, Scotland - 666 miles Rosemary Smith Driving Academy  
  Furthest travelled Imp Club member John Howell, Melbourne, Australia Rosemary Smith Driving Academy  



(work in progress - I haven't even seen 40% of my photos yet
The descriptions are there, so I have a chance at recognising a car from the side, without the registration number. )
reg. colour badges exterior interior stripe wheels plaq seen
0320 OBP white, black lower 1/3rd Clan white engine cover     alloy L
253 ELC 91 red Singer extra lights; leather boot straps; no bumper
2697 KV yellow; green roof; black bootlid Imp Sport thin chrome stripe in valley; across the back silencer cage   minilites
399 EHS 77 Kingfisher Blue Sunbeam Stiletto     none alloy
40-YB-94 orange Sunbeam Sport overriders     Sport   sat.noon
600 EYG green Sunbeam Sport     red minilites J145  
65 BRK Loch Blue Hillman Imp     slim chrome strip on ridge minilites 13" A144 all weekend
66-76-GX green Sunbeam Stiletto standard standard standard standard F128 8/8
7111 KV royal blue Hillman alloy bumper with holes   yellow paint minilites K173
72-85-MS white; black boot lid Sunbeam extra lights; no bumper; construction for an A-frame rally seats black paint with thin chrome strip on top minilites B26? sat.noon
728 RBX 75 dark green Ginetta G15       minilites M  
7322 KV beige, black bonnet   Moss Motors   black minilites K172
76-45-BS green; white roof Sunbeam; Mk 2 extra light     minilites   sat.noon
7742 KV red   2 sets of extra lights   slim chrome strip on ridge minilites K60
7992 KV beige; black bootlid Imp Sport Moss Motors; across the back silencer   black minilites 170?
9464 FN Polar White Hillman overriders   slim chrome strip on ridge standard
96-61-HT Green Sunbeam Californian            
AAK 677L black Clan Crusader       revolutions L106
BBL 585J Midnight Blue Hillman Husky no grill, Husky badge on the side   black standard 311
BEY 957C white; black bonnet Singer Chamois Sport overriders; extra lights; door protection/ refelction   black Ally Cat 39?
BHP 789K bright lavender Hillman sharp-looking bib-type spoiler; white indicator reflectors at the front rally seats; cage   minilites    
BJN 941K Polar White none     none alloy B188
BPE 194H red Hillman Imp Super overriders; tow bar head rests black Cobra Supaslots? H6
BSD 747C foam white/ grey, depending on light Singer Chamois overriders; 5 holes each side reg.plate; chrome strips on engine lid RX-7 rally seats; red Almex alloys D246
BTC 481E Polar White Hillman Imp Mk2 overriders; rusty          
BWP 810M Sandalwood Brown met. Hillman Imp deLuxe yellow grid; no bumper; rally seats none alloy H48
CAD 662K                
CCC 450D blue car, white top   across the back silencer rally seats; cage none minilites J161?
CGV 940L orange Ginetta G15 
CLG 358C green Commer Imp van       alloy G74 8/8
CLU 459H green   
CUD 180B white-ish Zagato Zimp         234
CUH 252B Polar White Singer Chamois Cibie lights head rests red standard K243
CVX 450G red Hillman         B33 8/8
DJT 927C Polar White Singer Chamois mud flaps   red standard hub cap with black
DMA 19F Lincoln Green met. Sunbeam Stiletto 
DON 988K very light blue Imp 1120? (black sticker below rear side window) bib-type spoiler rally seats none minilites J324?
DRE 33E green + black + brown none BTRDA competition; sun roof   none (holes) black K57
EAP 146C red Singer Chamois Sport engine lid; overriders   single chrome strip in valley minilites 209
ECC 713E dark blue Singer Chamois       alloy    
EVR 151D dark blue Singer 2 sets of extra lights; white grill   white paint minilites K87
FDD 554C         white paint alloy? K131  
FFR 924D green gold met. Singer Chamois Mk.2 overriders; mud flaps   black standard Z84
FTK 617E red Commer   beige none standard G102
FTW 934H blue green Hillman Californian            
FUR 535K red, black bonnet Hillman Imp (Super?) Batman ;-) no bumper; no mirrors; capped headlights; black engine lid; across the back silencer; roof rack rally seats none white H99
GCH 551J bright blue   sport engine lid   black
GCK 819N orange red Hillman overriders; non-sport engine lid     Sport
GET 420N brown Clan Crusader sunroof     alloy L E.03?
GHL 109N silver Clan Crusader     black pin stripes alloy L40
GHU 100B dark Hillman Imp extra lights; boot lid mirrors     standard A
GHU 541K dark green Hillman Imp Super           8/8
GHU 611B EMbassy Black Hillman Imp Mk.1 deLuxe 2 exta sets headlamps; overriders; 4 red rear lights red; Forza rally seats   Ally Cat 174
GNK 849G silver Californian     black minilites
GPR 135E silver 'Steve'; Super Imp? chrome strips on engine lid; overriders; no mirrors - plastic plugs where the boot lid mirrors used to be head rests black alloy; non-period A101
GZU 876 Polar White Sunbeam Stiletto mud flaps   red pin stripes Sport
HAY 603L White? Ginetta G15 
HHJ 772N Polar White   
HHK 748H bright blue Singer       minilites    
HYU 820N   Hillman Imp Deluxe            
JAC 366N blue Sunbeam Sport     red minilites E110
JCD 839E gold Hillman Super Imp overriders; super Imp badge on rh third post black chrome strip with black standard A9 8/8
JSL 772 dark black?           A13  
JVX 301N yellow   towing half an Imp; overriders   black standard   fri
JXJ 157F red   double headlights; no bumper   none white alloy H276?
JHR 264E Bermuda Blue Hillman Imp Mk.2 black boot lid; no bumper; 2 sets extra headlights; across the back silencer rally seats chrome on top ridge minilites K35
JHR 859E Lincoln Green met. Singer Chamois coupé overriders     minilites D175 fri
JO 172 FR (Austria) white Sunbeam Stiletto sun roof;     alloy
JRM 998B white car, blue top, blue front; Saltire on roof Imp       minilites K309
JSL 772 black Hillman Super Imp Sport engine lid with chrome strips on top; tow bar; overriders   chrome strip with black standard A13 8/8
JUM 628L royal blue Sunbeam; 998; Saltire across the back silencer   white paint minilites Z
JYB 717D light green Singer Chamois black roof; overriders cage; head rests black minilites D119 sat.noon
JYD 410N red Hillman Imp Super white roof, white rally seats white paint, broad stripe white alloy    
KEL 565E blue Hillman Husky white windowframe   black Sport G135  
KHN 664D green/ yellow - Dan-Air livery Commer Imp     none standard, black edge    
KHW 488P light blue? bluegreen? Hillman black roof; door mirrors
KJK 788K gold met. Hillman no bumper;   black alloy B
KHN 664D   van            
KOR 382F midblue Husky white around the side windows; overriders head rests black black minilites H12
KPP 354C dark blue, white bonnet Chamois overriders   white revolutions H185
KVG 665A light green BS Nymph       alloy M54?
KVJ 4P red Hillman overriders   4 painted white stripes Sport hub caps B225 8/8
LKV 55F Turquoise metallic Singer Chamois coupé     chrome stripe, white inside   68 8/8
LNK 635L Polar White Sunbeam Imp Sport rear lights all white   black black E
LPV 433G brown   extra headlamps; roof rack       H fri
LRM 131P Rover Tahiti Blue met. Hillman Imp Deluxe (Chrysler) extra headlamps     Cosmics  B 247?   
LYK 206P red              
LPV 433G brown? purple? Chamois? roof rack; Cobra rally seat; extra Lucas lights (black cover)   white or silver paint black revolutions H25
LRM 131P                
LTU 378C Glenalmond Green Hillman Imp deLuxe black spoiler; 2 sets of extra headlights head rests none minilites P93
LUP 62J orange, brown, black Clan Crusader       revolutions L213
LVF 285E white Hillman Husky     blue paint black chrome Sport G140
MDX 140G                
MJB 677E blue?; red where damaged Hillman Imp pick up; spoiler; extra lights; petrol intake moved to above left rear wheel   yellow pinstripes alloy P
MGO 613C green Hillman     black
MGO 613D green Hillman super Imp     black minilites A16 8/8
MGW 815D Marina Green Hillman Imp Super chrome strips on engine lid; overriders          
MLP 820P gold       white supaslots
MPO 487J                
MSM 27F light blue? Sunbeam Stiletto; 930 antenna head rests   minilites    
MTW 777P red Hillman Imp overriders   white stripes minilites 255
MVN 524F red Sunbeam Imp Sport Mk.2   thick wooden steering wheel red alloy    
NDL 518G green Singer Sport engine lid   white pinstripes      
NHX 491L Mood Indigo Hillman Imp deLuxe overriders; rear window heater; boot lid mirrors; extra lights   thin chrome strip in valley revolutions H117
NJW 677E green Singer Chamois Mk 2 overriders; extra bar on rear bumper with reverse light; tiny mirror high on quarter light sill beige; wood white white alloy
NPG 450D dark blue Hillman; Saltire behind rear side window     white minilites
NPN 712F brown? Maroon? Singer Chamois Sport Mk2 overriders   white alloy    
NPR 270J dark blue Sunbeam Sport overriders; chrome fond of headlamps   red Sport E24 8/8
NUT 325F Signal Red Sunbeam Stiletto overriders; extra lights     alloy Z126 8/8
NVX 664P red none wheelarches; bib-type spoiler   3 stripes between wheels 'IMP76' minilites, rears wider
NWR 677A                
NYD 104F pale green Hillman Imp Mk.2 extra lights   slim chrome strip on ridge standard

NYL 7L yellow Clan Crusader       Cosmics L255
OFN 140F Rover Trophy Blue met. Sunbeam Imp Sport; badges on doors & engine lid     red minilites 42 8/8
OFN 446M green gold met. Hillman     black minilites 167
ONB 499H grey Hillman Imp Sport   head rests black alloy
ONP 985E turquoise Hillman Californian         C65? thu.
OOA 229G midblue Hillman Husky     black standard
OOY 635L Aquarius Blue met. Hillman Imp deLuxe yellow grid; no bumper; extra headlight, Wipac cover; 'Stan'; white indicators at front       H49
ORB 506K                
OUC 915L white Ginetta G15 sunroof; small union jack on engine lid     alloy
OVB 995F                
OVC 566P black (sort-of) Centaur Mk2         55
OXJ 665H blue Chamois sunroof   chrome with light blue standard D81 8/8
OYO 494F white Hillman Imp Californian     black standard
PAR 752D green Hillman Super Imp boot lid mirrors head rest black minilites A96
PHF 201M gold Hillman 2 door mirrors; door protection + reflection head rests black standard B219
PGH 640L blue Hillman Imp Super       standard B229
PLF 827E red Imp overriders; 2 sets of extra headlamps   slim chrome strip on ridge Supaslots P43
PLV 410G red Singer Chamois coupé no bumper; double headlights Cobra seats none minilites H304
PNU 510E purple Hillman Californian modified extensively          
PNX 2F orange Singer Chamois coupé       minilites D  
PTU 23C Maroon; white between headlamps   sponsor stickers; mud flaps rally seats; cage white paint minilites K261 sat.noon-
RAY 450G dark green coupé white grid, no bumper rally seats wide white stripe white minilites Z 259 8/8
RDU 551H bright blue, black bonnet   2 extra sets of Cibie lights head rests none alloys; rear minilites J221
RGO 783E Loch Blue Commer Imp van Higham Auto Services          
RLH 131E yellow Singer Chamois John Sleath Chevy 6 ltr. engine in front, air intake on top of bonnet; bib spoiler   black stripes minilites, 13" J147
RLR 816E Polar White Hillman Super Imp overriders; boot lid mirrors   black minilites H90  
ROD 218H bright blue? bluegreen? Sunbeam Stiletto overriders; shieldrack on bumper; boot lid mirrors   white pinstripes minilites 115
RPK 133F bare metal   Rootesville Speed Shop; battleship rearlights; orange dash; white steeringwheel   orange    
RVP 530G red Hillman Imp van ImpWerks van; double headlights plus extra set   none minilites, rears wider 269
RYF 118E bright blue   two white stripes lengthwise over the car   none black revolutions K59
SBL 676G Kingfisher? Blue Sunbeam Stiletto no black roof; sunroof; no bumper; bib-type spoiler   none revolutions H275
SCT 706 J bronze green met. Hillman Imp (Sport? Super?) boot lid mirrors       207
SEL 450H Polar White Californian no bumper red     Z C241  
SPJ 141F Forest Green Hillman Husky overriders rally seat black standard G7
SYA 61R light green met.       slim chrome strip in valley standard
TAB 599L red Clan Crusader     - Cosmics L19
TIJ 7144 pale yellow Clan     - alloy L46
TLE 489L   Clan            
TLG 489L light green Clan Crusader         L16?
TTK 649L bright green Sunbeam     white minilites
UAB 567F Polar White Sunbeam Stiletto       standard F30 8/8
UBH 79E red   round holes in engine lid rally seats   alloy (gold)
UFC 950K brown met. Hillman         10
UNW 362M red Hillman; Imp badge behind rear side window black roof; sport engine lid; overriders; 2 door mirrors; extra litghs red? black alloy B37
UOA 380H dark green? Hillman Husky headlamps with caps   black standard G120
UOG 716G dark blue Hillman Imp van JRW; J. Webb & Son - motor engineers; double headlamps; sun roof   none standard G315?
UOG 716H   van            
UPB 240M? Aquarius Blue?   
UPF 705F dark. Green? Singer overriders   white standard
URE 783C Anchusa Blue BS Nymph         M160
UVF 987H Marina Green code 74 Hillman Californian round boot lid mirrors   black alloy   sat.noon
UYD 580M green Sunbeam double headlamps + extra lights; overriders rally seats
VHN 220G blue Sunbeam Stiletto     white pinstripe alloy F124
VKB 953H Polar White Chrysler double headlamps   red minilites

VTU 9J black Ginetta G15       revolutions
VTW 307L red Hillman Imp (Super? Sport?) overriders rally seats black   B16?
VTX 789G blue Davrian         M???
VUY 68G Turquois Blue met. Singer Chamois coupé 2 sets of extra lights     alloy P205
VVP 972J green van thin chrome strip between headlamps   none standard; black edge G111
VVV 623L bright blue Hillman       alloy
WGH 679G bright blue Hillman Husky overriders   black standard G22
WKV 811K grey Hillman; Chrysler; Imp Super   grey? black minilites 197
WNF 438L orange car, white top Hillman Super Imp overriders; extra lights          
WYU 913H red Hillman double headlights cage white alloy D
WYU 976H Kingfisher blue Hillman Husky         143
XGF 246G silver? Light blue met.? Hillman no bumper rally seat black golden minilites K320
XKP 773J bright blue Hillman     none standard P182
YAB 697G red Hillman English cross on the roof; extra headlights head rests chrome strip in the valley red alloy H73
YEL 199K orange Sunbeam Stiletto black headlight surrounds; white indicators; wheel arches cage?     F250 8/8
YHR 283K dark blue none black door; round holes in engine lid cage; rally seats none white alloys    
YKE 512J white Davrian non-Imp       revolutions    
YYE 775H dark blue Hillman Husky     black alloy G
none yellow, green roof   air intake up front   thin chrome strip in valley minilites 171
none hard green none terrain tyres; double headlights plus extra set;   black minilites J179
none Phoenix Red Clan Crusader Pete Richards cage; rally seat   alloy L249
none white, black wheelarches Clan aluminium pop-up light-covers bare; cage; red rally seat   alloy
none bright blue, two white stripes all over car   across-the-back silencer; competiton no. 87   none Revolutions   8/8
none baby blue   no engine lid; no brake light, just reflectors gauges on top of dashboard       8/8
none blue car, silver top Shrigleyengine HSCC sticker rally seat; cage none bue revolutions D247?

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