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Imp 08

Malton Rugby Club, Yorkshire, Thursday 31 July to Monday 4 August

Imp08 Organising Team: Colin Valentine; Dave Cull, Graham Anderson Event Co-ordinator, Keith Robbins, Mark & Dale (signage), Malcolm Cross, ..., more than 50 people were involved with a variety of large and small tasks.
The Dutch AC took care of rally control, assisted by Keith & Mary Robbins, but not Pieter & me - we did not go.
Rally Control opened at midday on Thursday 31 July.


There were 130 recorded Pre Bookings for IMP 08. A peek of over 300 cars on Sat/Sun was expected.

The registry number will link to a web page on that car.

Arrival Registration Car Owner
no. 015??
no. 015??

1971 bright blue Imp Basic with minor mods called Celyn (after Terry Pratchett's Imp y Celyn in Soul Music), Fran
KLW - JamesImp
Dave (Prometheus) - Embassy Black Mk1
LLP - bright red Imp, timmchugh11 and his dad
Husky - traco from Derby
LYK - scruffy P-reg caledonian, James, south east
Dean and red Imp ?
Pat (Pat_imp_man) in the yellow thing and then trackdaying in friday hopefully in the blue thing
Dave & Lynda, Chamois Coupe, our 18th National but only the 15th for the Chamois
Gerry M - old series 2 legacy with no interior
Rob Machin - Imp Club IT Officer - scooby (light blue metallic saloon?)
Tim Morgan - bright blue 1976 Hillman Imp Basic? or 1964 Hillman Imp DeLuxe (Vickie's car) ?
Pete - 1967 Imp Californian
Jon (greenbeast) - 1972 Sunbeam Imp rally

Friday's Track Day

Concours d'Elegance

the red stiletto did win

Pete - 1967 Imp Californian - another second in the cali class, beaten by a few votes by my mate in the cali with the stripe. (colin rooney: i built that from a ball of rust took a year to do and i built the 2nd place cali and the 1st place husky) Kimberley took a third.
Van/husky was won by the electric blue one.

James Henderson: My Chamois Coupe got first in class. Well it was the only one in its class


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YouTube links:
- Imps racing at Lydden, Kent, a movieclip from Bonnyisabear

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