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The Imp Club National weekend 2005

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Imp05 Organising Team:

as shown on my photos

Register Colour   Make Type Owner note
JBY 144J yellow   Davrian      
OVC 566P undecided   Concept Centaur Mk.2 Roger Swift  
71-48-RA white with red pinstripes   Sunbeam Stiletto Henk & Tineke Hol  
DR-50-83 orange-brown metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto Robert Immers alloy wheels
ABL 384J orange-brown metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto   alloy wheels; bootlid mirrors;
LWK 593F Golden Bronze metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto   Sport hub caps
DSK 65G Turquoise metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto   alloy wheels
TMF 104F Turquoise metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto   alloy wheels
MAL 962K white   Sunbeam Stiletto    
MMR 439G blue   Sunbeam Stiletto   alloy wheels
VIJ 8674 pale yellow   Sunbeam Stiletto   in black & yellow; no bumper; black alloys; white indicator in stead of orange; black front grid; no chrome in windscreen rubber;
TVC 73J dark gray metallic   Sunbeam Stiletto    
PYV 500F red   Sunbeam Stiletto   alloy wheels
LEL 942F green? gray?   Sunbeam Californian   small grille, with Californian crown badge in the lock
GNK 849K silver, black chrome sidestrip   Sunbeam Californian   alloy wheels; small fake grille, with Californian crown badge in the lock
Had a Tulip Rally shield behind a window - must have been to the Going Dutch weekend.
TDG 139H red   Singer Chamois coupé   vinyl roof; double headlights; small fake grille; chrome sidestrip with the coloured bit removed;
OYO 494F red   Sunbeam Californian   small grille, Californian badge in the lock; one extra light below the bumper; alloy wheels; round bootlid mirrors;
KVO 774E dark blue   Sunbeam Californian   single headlights, antenna, in the middle above windscreen, overriders, standard hubcaps, small grille with lock in the middle; Californian badge behind the front wheels
  dark green, white chrome sidestrip   Singer Chamois coupé   single headlights, overriders, alloy wheels, large fake grille with Chamois-badge lock in the middle; wooden steering wheel, different seats with head-rests
  orange, chrome strip     saloon   dark underside in front
  orange, white top half, black chrome sidestrip     saloon   minilights
  pinkish brown metallic     saloon    
85-01-DE red, black bootlid     saloon Harm & Jeannette van Dijk single headlights, two sets of extra headlights added, minilights, rally closing system of bootlid, sunstrip Dutch Imp Rally Team
76-45-BS green, white roof     saloon Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve minilites, towing a puck
  white, black engine- and bootlid     saloon    
XYD 877H white, blue top half     saloon   St. Andrews cross on roof; single headlights, taped; special closing system for bootlid; no bumper; front grid (white) replaced by wire mesh - therefore front radiator?; Minilite-alike alloys; front seats with head rests; reflectors on doors; side mirror high up on window frame
NWR 677A Pea green   Hillman Imp de luxe   1963; Hillman lettering on bootlid-lip; mirrors on bootlid;
FHW 572D Pea green, chrome strip with black inlay   Hillman     Hillman lettering on bootlid-lip; mirrors on bootlid; extra set of headlights
RAY 450G dark metallic (green?), entire fold painted white   Hillman Californian  

single headlights; white grid with less spokes - therefore front radiator?; red tow-eye;
ventilation in the bootlid; alloy wheels, white?; across the back silencer;

JGO 212K orange     coupé   double headlamps, silver surrounds; no fake grille, just the lock, Sunbeam badge; no bumper; bootlid closes with rally locks; lowered
'arry Monk Motorsport - written in white letters on rear side windows
KVW 292J red   Hillman Husky   double headlamps; black chrome sidestrip
  middle blue   Hillman Husky    
SPJ 141F dark green   Hillman Husky   round boorlid mirrors, green sunstrip; black chrome sidestrip
PTR 601G bright blue, white top half   Hillman Husky   alloy wheels; overriders; no sliding side windows, no side strip
DOU 489D light blue   Hillman Husky   double headlamps; fake grille, lock in the middle; mirrors on bootlid; alloy wheels; front indicators white in stead of orange; register number placed to the right, therefore front radiator?
FTK 617E red   Hillman van   black mirrors on both doors
WMT 726G white, blue painted fold   Hillman van   bootlid mirrors
KHN 664D Dark green, Dan-Air London livery   Commer Imp van Nick Webb orange roof light; bootlid mirrors
GBC 662D Pea green   Commer Imp van    
GRM 486D bright blue   Commer Imp van   round bootlid mirrors
APP 520F dark green   Commer? Hillman? van I.M. & V.M. Coleman, Marlow, Bucks it carries both Commer and Hillman badges up front; Minilite lookalikes; round door mirrors
NPR 270J dark blue metallic, red chrome side strip   Sunbeam Sport Mike Goodwin? double head lamps; sport hub caps; Chrysler pentastar behind front wheels; chrome engine lid protector strips; mist light; standard hub caps; overriders
XNP 980M dark green metallic, red chrome side strip   Sunbeam Sport   single bootlid mirror
CSF 156B white   BS Nymph Jim Fraser  
?G 665A green   BS Nymph    
URE 783C blue   BS Nymph Gillian Hill  


Arrival Registration Car Owner
no. 015??
no. 015??


Other classics there:

Volvo 144S, green, 97-49-HG
Langrover, green, white roof, 68-YA-54
Bedford, yellow-orange, FH-08-XY

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