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Going Dutch 2007

Uitdam [on the map], Thursday 24 to Monday 28 May 2007, (bank holiday) Whitsun

Harm van Dijk; Jaap ten Hoeve; Henk Hol; Ernst-Paul Keizer; Piet Tromp

Social photos / Group photos


The registry number links to a web page on that car with photos by Pieter Posthuma and me, unless a photographer is mentioned.

71-48-RA Sunbeam Stiletto
Polar White
Henk & Tineke Hol
Woudenberg, The Netherlands
76-45-BS Sunbeam Chamois Mk. 2
Green with white roof, pulling a Puck along
Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve
Barneveld, The Netherlands
96-61-HT Sunbeam Californian
Piet & Judith Tromp
Hoogwoud, The Netherlands
85-01-DE Sunbeam Imp Sport
red with non-glossy boot and engine lid - to rally
Harm & Jeanette van Dijk
Schelluinen, The Netherlands
72-85-MS Sunbeam Imp
white with non-glossy boot and engine lid - to rally
Ernst-Paul Keizer & Martine
Fluitenberg, The Netherlands
VVV 623L bright blue Ed Nikel
Northampton, United Kingdom
GHL 109N Clan Crusader
Dick Nikel
Northampton, United Kingdom
26-08-GS Sunbeam Imp de Luxe Mk 2
two-tone: blue top, white car
Pieter Posthuma
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
76-10-PN Sunbeam Stiletto
blue metallic
Franka Steenhuis
The Hague, The Netherlands
FPM 8C Hillman Imp
Polar white Imp (Not the two-tone: blue top, white car with the St. Andrew's cross on the roof)
Robin & Lynnette Human
Lower Morden (Surrey), United Kingdom
NWR 677A Hillman Imp
light green
Ann & Les Human (Robin's parents)
AL-65-42?? Hillman Imp
Hans Slenders
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Singer Chamois
Steve 'Mayo' Gray and Neil Gray
Bognor Regis, (West Sussex), United Kingdom
Sunbeam Stiletto
Christopher Whitworth
Wirral, United Kingdom
PNE 773J Sunbeam Imp Sport
two-tone: yellow top, red car
Wouter Hol
Flintshire, United Kingdom
ENV 273K imp
Not in his two-tone Imp (white top, orange car) as promised, but in a bright yellow one.
Richard Tompkins
Northampton, United Kingdom
UML 264M imp
two-tone: white top, red car
Lee Fisher
Ashton-Under-Lyne (Lancshire), United Kingdom
MGW 815D Hillman Imp
Gillian Hill & John
Crawley (West Sussex), United Kingdom
RGO 783E Commer van
Richard LeMarquand and Ben
Northans, United Kingdom
SMC 286M Hillman Imp
, light blue metallic (blue; brown?)
Paul Whittington, Ian Toone
Northans, United Kingdom
DPW 356K imp
Mark Boyd
Ballynure (Antrim), Northern Ireland
ONB 499H imp
Keith & Mary Robbins
Retford (Nottinghamshire), United Kingdom
NJH 754L imp
luminous green metallic
Ken & Jill Dunkley
Letchworth Garden City (Hertfordshire), United Kingdom
77-19-ZS Sunbeam Imp convertible
dark red metallic
Cor (J.C.) & Yolanda van den Berg
Bussum, The Netherlands
GCH 551J imp
bright blue
Bryan Lomas
Willington, United Kingdom
Hillman Husky
Polar White
Graham Traxson
Willington, United Kingdom
YNP 128W Hillman Imp
dark red
Tony Dowler
Stroud, United Kingdom
YAB 697G Hillman Imp DeLuxe
Andy Smith
Kings Stanley (Gloucestershire), England
Andy Smith: /
52-59-DT Sunbeam Chamois
Fam. Herman van Muijlwijk
Schelluinen, The Netherlands
UVF 987H (not LWK 593F as intended) Sunbeam Stiletto
bronze metallic
Simon Benoy
Stevenage, United Kingdom
Ed and Jane Rhys
Wotton-under-Edge (Glos), United Kingdom
RHK 339K Ginetta G15
Colin Valentine
Wetherby, Rufforth (York), United Kingdom
OVC 566P Concept Centaur
black, kind-of
Roger Swift
Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted (Hertfordshire), United Kingdom
DSK 65G Sunbeam Stiletto
turkois metallic
Andrew Harker
Sauchie, Scotland
NJT 559J bright yellow Hillman Imp Super with a spoiler. Mark Harker
Sauchie, Scotland
OOY 635L imp
metallic (electric ?) blue with nice alloys
Andy Gill
Crawley (West Sussex), United Kingdom
CWL 81C imp
Maroon (?) with a white roof
Adrian & Pauline Oliver
Alveston, Bristol, United Kingdon
web site
UAB 576F Sunbeam Stiletto
Polar White
Chantal & Ben Stride
Shoreham by Sea, United Kingdom
FGK 26J Sunbeam Imp Sport
pinkish brown metallic
Philip & Nadene Mountain
Norton, Doncaster, United Kingdom
JCA 766E Hillman Husky
Vince & Dot Frost
Caerwys near Mold (Flintshire), United Kingdom
PGH 640L Hillman Imp Super
blue (not their two-tone: green car, yellow top; red car with non-glossy black bootlid and engine cover)
Martin Bramwell & Bethan Frost
Caerwys near Mold (Flintshire), United Kingdom
DR-50-83 Sunbeam Stiletto
goldenbronze metallic
Rob Immers
Nuenen, The Netherlands
461 JIK Hillman Imp
John & Cepta Sheppard
Oristown, Kells (Meath), Ireland
WMT 726G Hillman Imp van
Polar White, blue streak
Keith Evans
Cheltenham, Gloucester, United Kingdom
78-95-DD Sunbeam Chamois, 1966 (not their green Commer Imp van)
Dark blue
Johan Arends & family
Vries, The Netherlands
WVS 192 Sunbeam Stiletto, which they didn't bring...
Polar White
Alan C. Ramsay & Christelle (Alexandra, Callum
Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
CSF 156B B&S Nymph
Jim Fraser
Rosyth (Five), Scotland
DSU 353G imp
bright blue with white St. Andrew's cross on the roof
Scott Fanning
Clydebank, Scotland
DPO 946L metallic golden brown Hillman
Steve & Sylvia Armitage
Fletching common, Newick, England
NGC 160K imp
Chris Boakes
Crawley (West Sussex), UK
GBC 662D Commer van
pale green
David Andrews
Harborne, Birmingham, England
LVS 718F Singer Chamois
Susan & Andy Ellis
Edingburgh, Scotland
VVP 972J Commer van
pale green
Gordon & Isobel Ritchie
Stonhaven (Kincardineshire), Scotland
66-76-GX Sunbeam Stiletto
Glade Green metallic
Frank & Marianne Schram
Hazerswoude Rijndijk, The Netherlands
GHO 430D imp
light blue saloon
Andy Jones
without any of his Imps Jimmy Crampton
  Eleanor Miller, Wingham, Canterbury
  Eric Kuiper, The Hague
no show

JCO 141F, green Singer Chamois coupé
FTW 934H, blue Hillman Californian with a vinyl roof


96-98-HU Sunbeam Chamois
Paul Vink

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