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Going Dutch 2005

Polleur [on the map], Thursday 26 to Monday 30 May 2005, (bank holiday) Whitsun

Harm en Jeanette van Dijk; Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve; Henk & Tineke Hol


(as known from photos I have)

Register Colour Make Type Owner note
ONB 499H       Keith & Mary Robins  
        Colin Valentine  
GBC 662D       Dave Andrews  
461 JIK       John & Cepta Sheppard  
`71-48-RA       Henk & Tineke Hol  
76-45-BS       Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve  
OFN 140F Kingfisher Blue metallic       chrome protector strips on engine lid; sport engine lid
JKP 91N orange Hillman Imp    
FPM 8C white       sport engine lid, overriders; fake grill
LJC 806K mid blue Hillman     alloy wheels; bootlid mirrors; sun visor
461 JIK orange      

alloy wheels; sport engine lid; overriders; red rear number plate

  golden brown Sunbeam Stiletto    
76-10-PN light blue metallic Sunbeam Stiletto Franka Steenhuis & Pieter Posthuma cross-the-back silencer
00-YB-48 orange Hillman Imp Murray Mitchell 'Prince of Orange'
  pinkish-brown       alloy wheels; black antenna; no chrome strip in the rear window rubber
DPO 946L light brown        
  grey-green Hillman Husky    
        Wouter Hol  
MGW 815D green Hillman   Gillian Hill fake grill
85-01-DE red with black bootlid Sunbeam   Harm van Dijk towed behind a camper with an A-frame
        Robin Human & Lynnette  
NWR 677A grey-green   Imp    
  silver   Californian   minilites


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