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Going Dutch 2012

Location: in the centre of The Netherlands
Camping 'De Lucht', Renswoude, De Veluwe
Date: 31st May until Monday 4th June 2012
Organisation: Going-Dutch TEAM:
  • Harm & Jeannette van Dijk
  • Henk & Tineke Hol
  • Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve
  • Piet & Judith Tromp
  • Pieter Posthuma

Always lots of Imps and lots of fun.

Thursday 31st May   arrival
Friday 1st June   Kröller-Müller park and art museum
Military Aircraft Museum, Soesterberg
Saturday 2nd June   Brummen and Posbank (90m above NAP)
Sunday, 3rd June   Airborne Museum - Battle of Arnhem - newspaper articles 'De Gelderlander', 31st May; Hoog en Laag, 1 June 2012
Monday 4th June   Goodbyes


In the order found at the 'Who's coming' page on, presumably the order in which people let it be known they would attend.

  white Stiletto 71-48-RA Henk & Tineke HolSunbeam Stiletto
 orange Imp 40-26-SM Jaap & Annette ten Hoeve Sunbeam Imp
 b&w Imp 72-85-MS Ernst-Paul Keizer & Marg Smit & Gerben Sunbeam Imp
 red & black Imp 85-01-DE Harm & Jeanette van Dijk & kidsSunbeam Imp Sport
 BRG Imp DR-37-33 Wouter HolSinger Chamois
 white Imp LNK 635L Barry BlackmoreSunbeam Imp Sport
  red G15 AM-84-17 Edwin Hofstee & Anet Blanke Ginetta G15
  peagreen Imp 45-45-RZ Marianne Hol Sunbeam Imp (Kermit)
  black Imp JSL 772 Bob Hawes Hillman Imp Super
  white Stiletto KEC 658J Keith & Mary Robbins Sunbeam Stiletto
  red Imp EAP 146C John & Kathy Hall Singer Chamois
  white & blue Imp 26-08-GS Pieter Posthuma / Franka Steenhuis Sunbeam Imp
  mint green saloon 13-39-DZ Sunbeam Chamois
  brown Stiletto LWK 593F Simon & Karen Benoy Sunbeam Stiletto
      Richard & Karen Claydon  
 BRG Californian 96-61-HT Piet & Judith Tromp
Bart Koopman & Marijke tromp
Sunbeam Imp Californian
  metallic blue Stiletto 82-90-NS Fam. Ger Kloosterhof Sunbeam Stiletto
  metallic blue Imp with yellow bits OOY 635L Andy & Lauren Gill Hillman Imp (Stan)
  red Imp, English flag on roof YAB 697G Andy Smith & Domenick Hillman Imp deLuxe
      John & Cepta Sheppard  
 red Imp YNP 128M Tony DowlerHillman Imp Super
  Caledonian LPF 681P James Crampton Hillman Imp Caledonian
 tangerine Imp MPO 487J John Fenton & Gillian HillHillman Super Imp
 yellow G15 DCF 243L George Ritchie & AlisonGinetta G15
 orange Imp JKE 887N Ken & Gill Dunkley Sunbeam Sport
  metallic green sport UYD 580M Colin WellsSunbeam Sport
      Michael Hearne  
 green+ black coupe JCO 141F Steve 'Mayo' GrayHillman Imp Californian
 Marina Green Californian UVF 987H Kimberley Benoy & Robin StarkieHillman Imp Californian
  brown-beige Imp HZ Gijs van Asselt  
 brown-pink Imp FGK 26J Philip & Nadine MountainSunbeam Imp Sport
  Caledonian PYA 241P Ed & Jane Rhys Hillman Imp Caledonian
  metallic blue Imp RAI 997 Ian and June Miller Sunbeam Imp Sport
  yellow Imp ENV 273K Richard & Janet Tompkins Hillman Imp Super (1.2)
      Richard Lemarquand, Ben Lemarquand;  
      Ian Toon, Paul Whittington  
  light blue Imp XLH 725G Richard & Ed Nikel Hillman Super Imp
  The Van GBC 662D Dave - The Van - Andrews Commer Imp van
  no Imp   Colin Valentine  
  metallic blue Stiletto OTE 425G Gordon & Isobel Ritchie Sunbeam Stiletto
  metallic blue Imp JAC 366N Vince & Dot Frost Sunbeam Sport
      Martin Bramwell  
  bright blue Imp NVP 200R Sue & Andy Ellis Hillman Imp Super
  Loch Blue Imp 65 BRK Colin Rooney Hillman Imp de Luxe
  electric blue Husky WYU 976H Ray OrganHillman Husky
  charcoal grey Imp NGC 160K Chris & Holly BoakesHillman
      Steve, Sylvia & Mandy Armitage 
 dark red Imp CWL 81C Fam. Adrian OliverHillman Imp
  dark blue Imp;
white Imp 24-28-FU
  Fam. Johan Arends & kids
Sunbeam Imp
 Turquoise metallic Stiletto 97-00-HT Fam. Frank Schram Sunbeam Stiletto
  blue Imp UPB 240M Fam. Graham Anderson  
 metallic brown coupé LKM 956F Robin & Lynette HumanSinger Chamois Coupé
      Fam Slenders  
  red convertible 77-19-ZS Fam. Van den Berg Sunbeam Imp Convertible
  pea green Imp NWR 677A Les & Ann HumanHillman Imp
  beige metallic Imp 80-03-NK Christian van der Veen Sunbeam Chamois
  beige metallic Imp EBP 706H Trevor Singer Chamois Sport (Mandy)
  red Stiletto 71 MH 513 John & Cepta? Sunbeam Stiletto
  light blue Husky RFD 493F ? Hillman Husky
  dark blue Imp APF 162H ? Hillman Super Imp

Social photos

Aeroplane museum - Friday
Military Aircraft Museum, Soesterberg

Soesterberg, June 1, 2012, Going Dutch, Renswoude

Soesterberg, June 1, 2012, Going Dutch, Renswoude

The long run on Saturday

The long run with the Posbank in it on Saturday, at The Gallery

Going Dutch 2012, Saturday
Back at the camping site after the long tour. Parked like they meant to make it pretty ;-)

Going Dutch 2012, Saturday, frying pan
The very enormous frying pan

Sunday, Airborne Museum

Going Dutch 2012, Sunday - rain all day
Watercolours - through a wet window, bump in the road

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

At the Airborne Museum, Going Dutch 2012, Sunday

Sunday, Camping site

Back at the campsite, Sunday 6 o'clock in the evening


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