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Going Dutch 2011

Location: Camping 'De Vogel', at Hengstdijk, Zeeuws Vlaanderen [on the map]
Date: Thursday 24 to Monday 30 May 2011
Organisation: none, this being an unofficial weekend. Officially the 2011 Going Dutch was transplanted into 2012.

Social photos / Group photos


The registry number links to a web page on that car with photos by Pieter Posthuma and me, unless a photographer is mentioned.

reg. colour wheels side stripe other featuresmark / typeowner
MPO 487J Tangerine standard + rim chrome + black  Hillman Imp SuperJohn Fenton
40-26-SM Orange-redwhitenone rally car Imp Jaap ten Hoeve
72-85-MS white / black(minilites) Performance AS 1638 13x6JJ
Falken 186/60R13 80H
   Sunbeam Imp E-P. Keizer
85-01-DE red / black (minilites)    Imp Sport Harm & Jeannette
DR-37-33 green standard + rim    Singer Chamois Mk 2 Marianne Hol
OOY 635L metallic blue (minilites) White / yellow   Stan
sport engine lid
Hillman Imp  
NPN 712F Maroon? Cosmic? chrome + white sport engine lid Singer Sport australian hat
NWR 677Apea green standard chrome strip   Hillman Imp de Luxe Les & Anne Human
OYD 683F green standard + rim chrome + white sport engine lid Singer Chamois Sport  
JCO 141F green / black white    Californian  
EBP 706H Golden Sand metallic 129 sport chrome + red  Singer Chamois Sport Trevor
THM 499F dark blue ?? chrome + white   Singer Chamois Mk 2  
DPO 946L Golden Glory 161   chrome + black   Hillman Imp Super Steve
RDU 551H bright blue steel none round holes   


Forum name Location      
ganderson888 High Wycombe Graham Anderson
  IMPulse09 Lead Organiser
pure~hillman~imp peterborough   Harwich to Hook  
andy Kings Stanley andy Harwich to Hook; camper towing the imp

65 Commer Van (otr), 65 Singer Chamoix Saloon (project), 69 Deluxe (otr), 69 Stiletto (almost there)


heaps_uk Swanley, Kent Colin Harwich - Hook  
Impduivel Netherlands Robert    
SuperSport Crawley West Sussex     Crawley West Sussex



(the first 15 seconds are corrupt.)


Sunday 24th May 2009 - line-up
reg. make & type headlamps   mirrors colour owner
MFO 487J         Tangerine metallic John Fenton
26-86-GS         white and blue Pieter
OVD 885F         white  
LFP 681P         signal red  
71-48-RA Stiletto       white Henk Hol
GNK 849G Stiletto       silver Kimberly Benoy
ECC 713E         dark blue saloon, white slash  
JAC 366N
Sunbeam       Kingfisher Blue, red sash Vince Frost
40-YB-94 Sunbeam       rood-oranje, zwart vouwdak  
DR-37-33 Singer Chamois       dark green, white slash  
13-33-DZ Singer Chamois       mint green  
LNK 635L Sunbeam       white, black slash Barry Blackmore
76-45-BS         donkergroen, white roof, white slash Jaap ten Hoeve
YAB 697G         red, white roof with english flag  
KJH 25L Ginetta G15       blue with orange band Simon Benoy
72-85-MS         white with black bonnet EP Keizer
76-10-PN Stiletto       Moonstone blue Franka
818M         brown metallic  
OOY         blue metallic, yellow grid  
RGO 783E van       blue  
THM 499F Singer Chamois       dark blue  
NGC 160K         dark (middle?) blue Chris
JCO 141F Californian       antraciet, yellow grid  
SMC 256M         Haze blue  
DR-50-83 Stiletto       Tangerine Robert Immers
ENV 273K Hillman       yellow  
SEL 450H Californian       white, broad lightblue slash  
GHL Clan Crusader       silver Richard Nikel
53? 32?K Hillman Imp single 13"   Loch Blue Colin Rooney
LNH 184G   double std wing red, white slash  
461 JIK Hillman       orange John Sheppard
JAI 791 Hillman Sport, 998cc       dark blue, which slash, white front Rosemary Smith

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